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Top 13 Best Anime Trakr Alternatives In 2022

Best and most demanding anime trakr alternatives will be described in this article. To watch an attack of an anime series with only one swipe, use the Anime Trakr app, which manages the entire list of your favourite anime series. Users can make a countdown timer to get information about when an anime series will start showing.

You can view the title, cover art, trailer, studio name, broadcast channels, ratings, PG rating, genre, overview, total episodes, average episode length, and total episodes in each season using the Anime Trakr – Anime Episodes app. You can also add an anime sequel to the list straight from the info section.

The Anime Trakr app has features that let you share information about an anime series with other anime lovers to encourage them to watch it. Users can visit the statistics area to track their viewing history, including the number of hours, days, episodes watched overall, seasons watched overall, etc.

Top 13 Best Anime Trakr Alternatives In 2022

Top 13 Best Anime Trakr Alternatives are explained here.

1. iShows – Because We Love TV Shows

iShows – Because We Love TV Shows

In order to ensure that you never miss an episode of your favourite show, Luis Recuenco created the entertainment software iShows – Because We Love TV Series, which offers features to assist you in making a tracking list and adding your favourite TV shows to the list. This is another Anime Trakr alternative. Also check AnimeDLR Alternative

You may transmit the whole airing schedule of all the future episodes of a TV programme to your friends using a variety of social media apps by using the iShows – Because We Love TV Shows app. According to their needs, users can adjust the notification alert settings to get more or less notifications.

The iShows – Because We Love TV Shows app has features that allow you to view all the viewed and unwatched episodes as well as visit the home screen to look at all the forthcoming shows.

2. Next Episode

Next Episode

An entertainment app by Nikbits called Next Episode – Track TV Shows, Movies & TV Series helps users easily track their favourite TV shows and other content so they can view it directly on their smartphone screen. To quickly view the show times, add a widget to your home screen.

Users of the Next Episode – Track TV Series app can share their collection of movies with their connections through a variety of social media accounts and add shows and movies to a favourite area to track them later.

next episode – TV shows and films The Tracker app enables users to create a countdown timer for their favourite TV show and access a mini-calendar to watch episodes and movies based on dates. You can tap on the title of the selected movie to read information such as the genre, length, rating, reviews, director, cast, channel, trailer, photos, description, details for each episode, the number of seasons, the air dates, etc.

3. TeeVee 3

TeeVee 3

Users of the TeeVee 3 app can distribute links to other users and keep track of all the new movies and TV shows so they don’t miss the premiere. You can adjust your time zone and select the time for notification alerts in the options section to improve your show tracking experience.

The user-friendly interface of the TeeVee 3 – Your TV Shows Guru app enables users to quickly access the sections for forthcoming films, information, cast, and episodes from the home screen. The list of available movies can be sorted by length, air date, cast, and rating.

This is another Anime Trakr alternative. The TeeVee 3 app has features that allow users to see the whole cast of the film and tap on an actor’s name to see more films starring that actor. In the cast section, each actor’s true name and movie name are displayed.

4. SeriesGuide


Uwe Trottmann’s entertainment software SeriesGuide helps you find your favourite films and television programmes by letting you search by actors, genre, duration, and other factors. Users can design widgets that can be customised to quickly display upcoming movie times.

The discover section of the SeriesGuide – Show & Movie Manager app allows you to access the most recent episodes of all the popular TV shows. Users can purchase TV programmes to download to their devices and ask experts questions on movies and TV shows.

The SeriesGuide app assists you in backing up your entertainment information on a cloud server so that you may browse all of your TV lists on other devices and recover them in the event of data loss. Users can view their viewing history per episode, which displays both the total and watched episodes of each show.

5. Series Addict

Series Addict

Using the Series Addict app, you can get a schedule of forthcoming episodes directly on your smartphone screen while also learning more about all the upcoming episodes of your favourite TV show. The series, calendar, search, settings, and episodes sections are located on the side panel. This is another Anime Trakr alternative. Also check soulworker 

In the calendar part of the Series Addict – TV Show Tracker & Episode Notifier app, you may tap on the chosen day or day of the month to view the episode. You can also type a title in the search bar to locate the ideal show for your needs.

With the help of the Series Addict app, you can enable notification alerts to receive information about a show’s airtime and create reminders to watch the premiere. To display tracking information about TV programmes on the home screen, users can develop home screen widgets.

6. SeenIt


Users of the SeenIt app can access a large database of details on popular TV shows, films, and cartoons in order to compile a watch list of all their favourite stuff. To examine the certification type, network, and overall runtime of a show, tap on any season.

Users can add new series to their watch list or remove some current ones with the help of the SeenIt – TV Show Tracker app. Users can also designate shows as viewed, unwatched, or favourites based on individual episodes, seasons, or shows.

Users of the SeenIt app can tap on a show to read information on the premiere date, cast, trailers, teasers, air dates, and times for each episode. You can also read a brief synopsis to acquire a better understanding of the basic idea and plot of a show.



Users of the SERIST TV Show Tracker app can watch any missed episodes by browsing the episodes in matched or unmatched folders and can receive notification notifications about when their favourite TV show will be released. The list of new shows can be arranged based on genres, airing networks, recently released shows, etc.

Unwatched episodes, history, search, and the calendar area can all be accessed from the home screen using the SERIST app’s simple layout. You may tap on a show to see the voting %, comments, the next episode’s air date, and the length of each episode. It also highlights the most recently watched episode to save you time.

Trakt is what powers SERIST.

This is another Anime Trakr alternative. The information part of the TV app allows users to check the total number of programmes watched each day and each week, which they can then review and suggest to their friends and family.

8. Simkl Lists

Simkl Lists

TV, Anime, and Movie Simkl Lists The TV Show Tracker app has features that let users make completely customisable watch lists for movies and TV shows so they may view their favourite material according to their daily schedule. To mark a movie as watched, tap on it in the library.

Users of the Simkl Lists: TV, Anime, Movies app can sort the list alphabetically, by airing time, viewed or unwatched status, or by any other criteria they want. With the total number of episodes seen, you may check the total number of seasons and episodes in each season.

Get the Simkl Lists new episode notification app, which offers features that let users examine movie ratings on different movie information websites together with the overall number of votes and ranking. In order to share your opinions with other users, you can also rate a movie and write about your experience in the reviews.

9. Ripple For Trakt

Ripple For Trakt

You may save time and read comments and reviews about your favourite TV series and movies from top entertainment content critics with the Ripple For Trakt app. Users can also see the overall rating % from other viewers, which displays the total number of votes cast for each film.

With the help of the Ripple For Trakt – TV Shows, Movies, and Comments app, you can exchange reviews with your loved ones and add your own reviews to express your opinions. The cast & crew of a TV show, together with the total number of episodes and seasons of each celebrity, are also available to users.

The Ripple For Trakt app has features that let you respond to user comments and like comments to share them on your account. Users can set a movie’s cover art and pictures as their lock screen background by downloading them.

10. Hobi Time

Hobi Time

Those who enjoy TV series can make countdown timers for the start of their favourite TV show using the Hobi Time – TV Shows Tracker app, which offers tools to let users do this so they don’t miss the premiere. Episodes, seasons, and programmes from other entertainment networks and channels can also be added. This is another Anime Trakr alternative.

The Hobi Time – Track TV shows & Episode Guide app has features that let users add episodes to a tracking list and displays both the episode’s overall length and the amount of time that has been spent watching it. To make a timetable, add up the total number of episodes that have been viewed and unwatched.

Users can synchronise their movie data on a cloud server and with other movie tracking apps to view the data on other smart devices with the help of the Hobi Time: TV Series Tracker, Trakt Client For TV Shows app. The amount of time an episode has left to air can be tracked in minutes, seconds, days, hours, weeks, and months. Also check Recommend Anime Alternative

11. CineTrak


You can use the tools in CineTrak: Your Movie and TV Show Diary to enter your interests and favourite genres to find new movies and add them to your watch list after reading in-depth descriptions of each one. Users can sort the list of latest movies according on the video’s quality.

The user-friendly interface of the CineTrak – Movie and TV Guide app makes it easy for you to check each movie’s rating from well-known movie rating websites as well as the overall number of views. Users can email information on movies to their friends and mark them as watched or unwatched or mark them as watched or unwatched themselves.

You can browse the movie library to view the total number of movies on your watch list, the total number of movies you’ve already seen, and the total number of movies you haven’t seen yet with the CineTrak – Manage your Movies & TV Shows app. Additionally, users may arrange their movie collection by making as many folders as they desire and customising the names of each folder.

12. MovieTracker | Movie Lists

MovieTracker | Movie Lists

By searching for movies based on actor, director, genre, rating, and other criteria, users of Vincent D’amour’s entertainment programme MovieTracker | Movie Lists can compile their own collection of favourite films. All recently seen films are included in the history section along with their respective prices.

This is another Anime Trakr alternative. The capabilities of the programme MovieTracker | Manage Movie Lists enable users to arrange movies by adding them to watched, unwatched, or purchased lists to be viewed at a later time. You can sort the list of movies according to the video quality and get exact statistics about any movie on your list.

Before adding a movie to their library, users can touch on it to view its full runtime, release date, rating, details, cast, budget, revenue, language, and name of the production company and crew. They can also read a brief synopsis.

13. Episoder



In order to watch your favourite TV show without disrupting your schedule, the Episoder – TV Show Tracking Tool app offers features that help you examine the whole schedule of airing times for all the episodes. This is another Anime Trakr alternative.

The Episoder app has features that let you view new series based on their title and release date, as well as quickly browse a list of popular shows. Users can also view the show’s teaser videos and trailer to watch it on their schedule.

You can use the Episoder – TV Show Tracking Tool app to check your progress through your favourite TV shows and to set calendar reminders for when they air. Users have the option to watch a show right away or touch on a show to read the description before adding it to their library.


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