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Top 15 Best Aptean Distribution ERP In 2022

Best and most Popular Aptean distribution ERP alternative will be discussed in this article. The software Aptean Distribution ERP is made specifically for managing and streamlining your distribution company’s operations.

Additionally, by accelerating the growth of your imports of consumer items, this programme aids in growing the revenues of your company. Easy installation and deployment are made possible by its versatile design and distinctive characteristics.

It aids in process streamlining and helps you identify your business’s obstacles.

The customised statistics form makes it simple to obtain all the data and reports and distribute them to the team members.

It gives you the choice of imposing guidelines and limitations on each team member as well as limiting the hierarchy as the procedure develops.

This ERP software is appropriate for many different types of enterprises, including those in the home furnishings, giftware, sports goods, beauty and health, electronics, garment, and textile industries, among others.

With the help of its cloud module, you may access and oversee all the operations from a distance.

Top 15 Best Aptean Distribution ERP alternative in 2022

Top 15 Best Aptean Distribution ERP alternative are explained here.

1. JTL-Wawi


An ERP programme designed for handling online merchandise trading is called JTL-Wawi, which is free to use. Also check Microsoft songsmith alternative

Any organisation, from small to large, can utilise this software because of its adaptability. The design and interface of the software can be simply customised by choosing a theme that fits your industry.

You may quickly upload and download any of the several extensions it offers, including polls and modules. Other e-commerce sites like eBay and Amazon are simply integrated into this software. Additionally, you can choose your country’s language and currency.

It completely supports well-known transaction systems including PayPal Plus and PayPal Express. You can simply access all the features because the layout is straightforward and user-friendly. The search engine, which is straightforward and fully tuned, is this software’s key feature.

It interacts seamlessly with all active payment methods and is suitable for both B2B and B2C enterprises.

2. QAD 


QAD is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool for manufacturing businesses that is hosted in the cloud.

This is another Aptean Distribution ERP. Resource management, analytical and reporting, formula management, quality control, customer relationship management, supply chain management, process management, supplier management, quote management, product configurator, compliance management, enterprise asset management, forecasting, financial management, and document management are just a few of the features and modules that this software offers to cover all aspects of the organisation.

Since it is a lightweight programme, it is simple to modify to meet the needs of different businesses. A variety of integrations, including Q-Xtend, QAD Cloud EDI, QAD Boomi AtomSphere, and QAD EDI eCommerce, are offered by QAD.

Mobile devices and online working are supported, and it is compatible with iOS, Android, web browsers, and desktops. You may always contact customer care, and software maintenance is pretty easy and straightforward. The dashboard is extremely extensive and is easily adaptable to your needs.

3. Aspel SAE

Aspel SAE

Designed for small to medium-sized businesses, Aspel SAE is software that helps them manage their operations more effectively.

The software works with a variety of industries, including those in the food industry, plastics industry, steel industry, wholesale businesses, printing, services sectors, transportation, grocery stores, stationery stores, auto parts stores, government organisations, and the furniture, stationery, and furniture market.

It offers you the choice to create invoices, delivery challans, and purchase orders, then send them immediately to the appropriate party. The CFDI, which lacks agendas, can be readily created.

To secure your critical data, you may simply define the appropriate rights, permissions, and roles. For launching the issue and receiving the free consultation, it includes a free SAE smartphone app.

To share with all the stakeholders, you can also build a pre-purchase document. You may manage every item in your warehouse using the CRM module’s statistical data collection capabilities.

4. erpflex


A company management tool called Paid 0 erpflex was created to efficiently manage all business operations. Small to medium sized organisations can use this adaptable software. This is another Aptean Distribution ERP.

You can access its financial module to manage a number of tasks, including bills to pay, bills to receive, CNAB, cash flow, ticket issuance, and invoice issuance.

Product structure, Ops, order of service, batching, and FCI creation are all tasks that the production modules assist you with.

In its shopping module, you may also create import invoices, import bids, import orders, standard charges, and reimbursement.

The sophisticated user interface of this programme allows you to customise the dashboard’s features to your needs.

Revenues, Stock and Costs, Accounting, and Supervisor are some of the other crucial modules of this software. With these modules, you may manage accounts, tax assessments, create tax statements, manage balance sheets, etc.

This software also stands out for its cloud-based, low cost, custom indication, agility, simple deployment, and e-commerce integration characteristics.



A cloud-based programme called CAFLOU is used to manage the numerous tasks carried out by your teams, projects, and organisations.

This programme is helpful for managing cash flow, dealing with customers, suppliers, project and task completion, timesheets, and the creation of several documents.

It supports remote management and working, and it offers round-the-clock client service. You have access to the software’s many solutions, including IT services, marketing firms, business consultants, expert services, building and construction, designs by architects, legal services, accounts, and specialised manufacturing.

You may customise the dashboard it offers you, and it secures your data by giving you access to many layers of permissions and limits.

Additionally, you can develop reports for procurement, warehousing, accounting, finance, customer management, etc. using historical data that has been compiled statistically. The programme offers you seamless maintenance and is compatible with small to medium-sized businesses.

6. Kechie ERP

Kechie ERP

This is another Aptean Distribution ERP. Kechie ERP is an enterprise resource planning programme that automates and streamlines your company’s resources.

You have access to real-time data that supports your ability to make critical business decisions. By clicking the link, you may access the browser-based module from any machine, and the cloud-based module lets you access and administer it from any remote location.

Software that is adaptable and simple to customise to your business needs. The information is easy to retrieve thanks to its user-friendly design. It has a number of modules that can combine all of your company’s essential operations, including accounting, customer relationship management, sales, purchasing, manufacturing, and warehouse management.

Additionally, you can choose the various levels of roles and safeguard your company’s data. The CRM, customer support, ease of maintenance, logistics, order administration, VMI, analysis, reporting, etc. are some of the other crucial characteristics of this programme.



Enterprise resource planning software called ALERE is used to simplify all of your company’s operations and boost growth by getting rid of any roadblocks.

It enables you to view every business process, which helps you reduce bottlenecks. ALERE has a number of modules, including ones for document management, accounting, and customer relationship management.

You may handle the sales, accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory auditing, balance sheet, income statement, etc. by gaining access to its many financial capabilities.

The manufacturer module gives you access to capabilities that let you manage every aspect of the manufacturing process and boost output. Other mobile gadgets that allow it enable you to track all of your actions and tasks before reporting them.

With the use of a single link, you can access this software from any device, including a mobile phone, laptop, or desktop. By establishing constraints and designating roles, you can safeguard the data.

8. Aquilon ERP

Aquilon ERP

The comprehensive software called Aquilon ERP is utilised to provide your company a competitive edge by deftly linking all the processes and reducing the barriers. It assists you in lowering relevant company expenses and hazards. This is another Aptean Distribution ERP. Also check Final Kick Best online football penalty game

Real-time information is available, allowing you to quickly and wisely make decisions that will benefit your company.

The programme helps you comprehend business procedures and enables you to save operating expenses as much as feasible.

This programme can help you develop and increase your customer service, sales, and profit-generating efforts.

It includes a number of modules that seamlessly integrate with all the activities, including wholesale distribution, manufacturing, import and export, warehouse, inventory management, etc.

By increasing operational productivity, reducing operational costs, streamlining the current process, and offering real-time data analysis and visibility, it enables you to estimate your cost of ownership.

9. AccountMate


AccountMate is an enterprise resource planning programme that aids in managing all inventory requirements as well as other corporate operations.

The software’s functionality can be altered to meet your specific business needs. If you have any issues with its installation or upkeep, it offers you top-notch customer assistance.

If there are any upgrades or new features released, you are also notified. It gives you the ability to control all of your accounting and financial operations, including the creation of the balance sheet, income statement, account ledgers, accounts receivable, accounts payable, etc.

You may make a crucial decision for your company and receive all the facts instantly. Additionally, it gives you advice on how to reduce all business obstacles and increase business efficiency.

The software’s interface may be customised, and you can easily define the crucial parameters you want to see right away.

The software is easy to install and maintain, and neither process calls for any additional plugins or software.

10. QuickBook


The accounting software package QuickBooks was created and is sold by Intuit. Intuit has incorporated several web based features into QuickBooks, such as possibility for remote access, remote payroll support and outsourcing, electronic payment features, online banking and dispute resolution, and mapping features through integration with Google Maps.

This is another Aptean Distribution ERP. Additionally, it provides enhanced email capabilities through Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express as well as marketing opportunities through Google. With QuickBooks, you can manage every aspect of your business, not just the finances.

QuickBooks is primarily made for small to medium-sized enterprises to keep track of and manage every aspect of their financial operations.

The most recent version of QuickBooks includes cloud synchronisation features that enable customers to keep track of their financial information on the cloud and access it from anywhere at any time.

The ability to use QuickBooks online from any location, track spending, have data automatically backed up, track sales and income, and create and send invoices are some of its main benefits.

11. Sage 50

Sage 50

Sage 50 is a small business accounting system that combines the capabilities of desktop and cloud accounting software.

For a one-time cost of $369 for one user, Sage 50 is a viable option if you have been using it or if you prefer an on-premises solution—which you may do if you occasionally work without a reliable Internet connection.

Using this convenient programme, you can manage customers, suppliers, and everything else you need to handle along with your goods and services all in one place. By tracking incoming payments, pursuing debts, and much more with Sage50, you can manage your finances and stay on top of your cash flow.

After utilising Sage 50, you won’t need to continue using the standard spreadsheet programme. Utilizing this will give you the three major benefits of simple accounting: managing the complete firm financial life, staying on budget, and maintaining constant organisation.

The majority of financial software focuses mostly on accounting, however Sage 50 is an accounting tool that will enable you to constantly plan your budget.

12. FreshBooks


FreshBooks is the answer for small business financial issues since it combines general accounting concepts, management of the business’s daily financial records, and integration of the invoicing system.

It is typically regarded as QuickBooks Online’s top-ranked web rival. You can use this programme for free if you’re the only user and have just one client to bill each month.

However, if you have numerous consumers, you will be required to pay monthly fees starting at $30. When it comes to billing for small service-based firms, the software is incredibly sensitive. This is another Aptean Distribution ERP.

In addition to these, FreshBooks integrates easily with Basecamp Classic, Zendesk, Salesforce, MailChimp, Constant Contact, and many other programmes. You can take charge of the billing, expenses, time tracking, payments, and reporting by using this.

With the aid of FreshBooks, you can quickly produce trustworthy invoices with a professional appearance.

13. LessAccounting


Small businesses can use Paid 0 LessAccounting as a professional accounting solution.

It provides you with a simple accounting system that automates contact management, invoicing, expenditure monitoring, and bookkeeping.

The solution integrates with Shopify, Basecamp, Zencash, and many more products.

In addition, LessAccounting’s website option for “Mail us a present” instead of “Contact Us” uses humour.

This solution differs in that it only includes the accounting tools and capabilities that you will actually use.

LessAccounting will only be a huge benefit to you if your company has twenty employees or more because you will be able to manage every financial record of the company with this accounting programme.

The foundation of LessAccounting is a double-entry accounting system, in which an entry made in one head of accounts transfers to the corresponding head of accounts.

14. Xero


This is another Aptean Distribution ERP. The name of the online bookkeeping and accounting programme created to arrange the financial information for your company is Xero.

To manage invoicing, bank reconciliations, spending management, bookkeeping, record monitoring, and much more, it is primarily made for small businesses.

When it comes to accounting issues, particularly when it comes to regularly importing bank transactions, Xero tries to offer a simple answer.

Additionally, it combines third-party applications like payroll, CRM, and other essential software tools.

Although Xero offers a starting monthly fee of $19, it only covers five invoices, and it costs $29 if you want to boost billing to cover unlimited invoices.

The best thing about Xero is its online accessibility, which means there is absolutely no need to download any installation package or third-party software in order to access the accounting system of Xero. The cloud will house everything. You can access the features of the most recent financial records by simply creating an account from any desktop or mobile operating system.

Since Xero is designed for small firms, it will work best for organisations with less than 20 employees.

15. Outright


Outright is a free online bookkeeping and accounting tool that you may upgrade to a $10 per month plan if you need to track sales taxes. It may be the cheapest bookkeeping tool on the market. This is another Aptean Distribution ERP.

That it’s only for bookkeeping is the catch. There is no time tracking or invoicing, but it integrates with FreshBooks, which does both.

For the first time, accounting software is providing the answer for issues with taxes as well. The nicest thing about Outright is that it is founded on commonly recognised accounting and financial concepts, ensuring that you can always obtain an accurate and trustworthy record of your company’s financial activities.

The finest thing about Outright is that its double-entry accounting system will automatically change an entry from one head of account to the associated head of account after it has been made.

You’ll save time and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the report-keeping procedure.


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