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Top 15 Best Asda Story Alternatives In 2022

Best and most popular Aad story alternatives will be described in this article. Maxon Soft Corp. created the single-player, anime, fantasy, MMORPG, action-adventure game Asda Story. Your role in this version is to develop the character, partake in treasure seeking, and move forward with the other partner while enjoying the best play ever. The key themes of the story include building relationships with your soul mate, learning new skills, gathering various resources, and acting as the online partner.

There are dozens of levels that let you perform the digging anywhere in the town, interact with thousands of characters, and explore the open world. Take advantage of the chance to complete the mission, select one of three clans, and play all the different roles. The characters such as warriors, magicians, and archers that each side has will aid in completing the objectives and challenges due to their specific powers.

Top 15 Best Asda Story Alternatives In 2022

Top 15 Best Asda Story Alternatives are explained here.

1. Ancients Reborn: 3D MMORPG

Ancients Reborn: 3D MMORPG

Only Android users can access the role-playing and fantasy-themed video game Ancients Reborn: 3D MMORPG. The game offers an open-world setting where you can engage in the standard MMORPG gameplay with difficult objectives and priceless stuff. During the game, your goal is to move through the ancient world while completing objectives to get points. To enter the world and face dangerous monsters, you must select one of the playable heroes that are accessible.

You can create and embellish your avatar with a limitless variety of items thanks to the customisation function. There are other gamers accessible with the same task as you from all over the world. When you first begin playing, you can decide whether you want to explore difficult dungeons alone, in a pair, or with buddies. Take part in large-scale guild fights and earn glory by taking down bosses and their minions. This game’s interesting features include Master Your Skills, Exciting PvP, and Online Leaderboards.

2. Dragon Revolt: Classic MMORPG

Dragon Revolt: Classic MMORPG

The fantasy-themed world of Dragon Revolt: Classic MMORPG is filled of dangerous monsters and renowned warriors. You can engage with other players who are there from all over the world and prepared to work with you to restore peace to their hometown thanks to the addition of the MMO genre. Also check PDF Giant

Dark forces are encroaching on the globe and threatening to steal peoples’ treasured possessions. Choose your hero from the various options, enter the game, and use your daring arrows to explore the world while engaging in empire versus alliance conflict. The game is won by those who have the best strategy.

There are various playable factions, and each one will give you command of a group of heroes to lead and approach the win. Each playable faction has a variety of special manoeuvres, talents, and powers. There are six races and three playable classes available for usage in the game. This is another Asda Story alternatives.

3. Celtic Heroes: 3D MMORPG

Celtic Heroes: 3D MMORPG

You and other players from across the world are involved in a gigantic war in Celtic Heroes: 3D MMORPG where terrible enemies are waiting for you. The MMORPG title by One Thumb Mobile Ltd is set in a fantasy-themed universe where you can pick your favourite character, alter their look, and engage in combat with foes to advance.

The game transports you to a sizable magical, Warcraft-based, and epic adventure world that exists on your mobile device. Joining forces with other players from around the world in a dynamic, ever-evolving world full with adventures and valiant deeds is your first task.

Become a Celtic Legend by taking charge of your clan and guiding it to victory. You can talk with teammates to come up with better plans using the real-time chat system. You compete against other players in real-time PvP fights to win awards and get legendary goods.

4. Era Oright

Era Oright

Your journey through Era Origin places you in a world of fantasy where every choice counts. The game is playable on mobile devices & combines elements of role-playing and action games. The main focus of the game is on your character’s development, and in order to elevate your hero to the rank of champion, you must unlock new characters.

Explore the enormous maps to find out where bad forces are in control and causing havoc. Prepare to participate in the compelling plot and exciting battles in the realistic environment with next-generation graphics. The game has breath-taking action with many battle arenas.

Explore the fantastical world from a third-person vantage point while taking in the movie-like graphics. Each character has a distinct personality, and you can work together with other players to take down the enormous bosses that are waiting for you. The game’s key elements include innovative battles, revolutionary graphics, customization, etc.

5. Perfect World Mobile

Perfect World Mobile

The conventional role-playing and mixed action gameplay of Perfect World Mobile was created by Perfect World Games for mobile platforms like Android and iOS. Create the home of your dreams to begin playing the game. This is another Asda Story alternatives.

While playing in the Cube of Destiny Mode, your objective is to defeat destiny by strategic planning. You get access to many notable aspects in the game, including the Ascension System, New Monster Maps, and Dungeons. It provides you with cutting-edge visuals and a big environment where you can explore wide-open spaces and plunge into the enormous ocean. Also check Hadouken

You want to establish your homestead by creating and furnishing your home before you begin playing. Invite your friends over so you can socialise while showing them what you’ve made. Fantasy World, Build Your Home, Next-Gen Graphics, New Adventure, and other essential features are available in Perfect World Mobile.

6. Dragonborn Knight

Dragonborn Knight

The role-playing and multiplayer video game Dragonborn Knight, which was produced by Perfect World Games, is set in a fantasy-themed universe. There are various playable classes in the game, and you can select your preferred one to advance.

You can walk about freely in the expansive open-world setting as you attempt to fulfil a number of difficult objectives. It has brand-new tales and adventures, and each one has difficulties to overcome. Select a character, then begin engaging in battle alongside your allies and a dragon.

Due to the role-playing genre, character development is important, thus you must work to strengthen your character by achieving the set goals. You will receive legendary weapons and armour for use in battle after completing assignments. Important features like New Dungeons, Unlockable Stories, Rank Up Outfits and Mounts, Power-Up Your Characters, and more are included in Dragonborn Knight.

7. Realm of Chaos: Battle Angels

Realm of Chaos: Battle Angels

You are invited to play the role-playing and fantasy video game Realm of Chaos: Battle Angels, which places a focus on the MMORPG genre. You’ll enter the game in a gorgeous setting full of other gamers from across the globe and ferocious monsters waiting for you to start a violent battle.

This is another Asda Story alternatives. Many heroes are present to aid you in the massive conflict, and many legendary weapons won’t leave you alone. Join forces with other players, begin destroying anything in your path, and then collect rewards.

The game debuts 3D visuals and fantastic animation. You can alter your chosen character’s appearance and test on various clothing by using the customisation function. There are many ferocious boss hunts available, and you get the chance to demonstrate your strength by taking on more than sixty difficult monsters who never show pity to their foes.

8. Shadowblood


In Shadowblood, a cast of playable characters is introduced, and you can pick one of your favourites to participate in the difficult world. Dark forces are encroaching on the planet and battling to wreak havoc everywhere.

The defenceless people are looking on you for assistance, and you are their final line of defence against destruction. Get involved in some entertaining gameplay where you can play an unending action-RPG with lightning-fast skills. Players can fight against one another in real-time 1v1 bouts in the game to win a range of rewards.

Utilize in-game coins to upgrade your abilities as you go through a succession of levels and battle waves of foes. You can accumulate more than 30,000 armour pieces and stones while playing the game, which you will need to combat the monsters. The game’s main characteristics are a large world, an interesting plot, a wide range of skills, several weapons, etc.

9. 4Force Online

4Force Online

MMORPG gameplay and gorgeous graphics are features of 4Force Online. The game, which was created by 1Games, has a multiplayer feature and is playable on mobile devices. The story claims that the enormous monsters are in charge of the world and wreaking havoc everywhere.

There are only a few of mythical figures who could defeat them and bring peace back to their homeland. As a legendary hero, you don’t have to be frightened to engage in combat with other players or band together with friends to face off against dangerous creatures like the Evil Watcher, Golem, and others. This is another Asda Story alternatives.

The game features a thorough Player vs. Player conflict between dwarfs and other races as they pursue evil bosses in search of enormous rewards. The game allows you to select the best camp for you before to a raid and immerse yourself in a variety of gameplay with four distinct groups that each have unique qualities. The main features include boss raids, pet training, combat and hunting, PvP battles, and others.

10. Era of Celestials

Era of Celestials

You can start on a brand-new journey in Era of Celestials with your legendary character and other online players. The game is situated in a fantasy environment that you explore from a third-person perspective. Your main objective is to battle vile creatures, complete all chores, and earn in-game gold to unlock new content. Also check BCE Premium TV

The game offers you to take part in the fight between gods and humans, which has erupted on a grand scale, and compete to become the best conqueror in the entire planet. Utilizing the responsive touch controls, you must hunt down bosses for amazing rewards during gameplay. There are numerous playable characters, and each one has a different personality and playstyle.

Make sure your character has the best statistics, then enter the fantasy setting to demonstrate your prowess and rise to the top. Real-time Player vs Player conflicts, focused on 1v1 matches to multiplayer brawls, are featured in the game, along with amazing outfits.

11. Black Desert Mobile

Black Desert Mobile

Your ultimate goal in Black Desert Mobile’s role-playing and fantasy gaming is to assemble your team and take part in difficult missions to combat evil forces. The game takes place in a fantasy-themed universe where numerous other online gamers are vying for dominance.

There are five classes of playable characters, each of which has special abilities. Get ready to enjoy the fast-paced combat action you can only find in Black Desert Mobile. You have complete character creation freedom in the immersive universe thanks to its stunning graphics and straightforward tools.

This is another Asda Story alternatives. Use the third-person perspective to explore the world, battle creatures, and collect in-game money to open up new content. You must carefully select your character if you are a new player to this game since savage enemies won’t give you another chance. Exciting features offered by Black Desert Mobile include the Best Graphics, Character Customization, Breathtaking World, and more.

12. Rangers of Oblivion

Rangers of Oblivion

Legendary Monsters and the standard MMORPG gameplay provided by GTarcade for Mobile Devices are included in the Rangers of Oblivion release. It takes dwelling in a fantastical world where you take up the third-person control of a legendary character and fight for humanity. Your goal is to protect the paradise from evil forces in a place where monsters are free to roam. There are difficult levels, and each one has difficult tasks to do as well as incentives that let you access more information.

Hunt down the evil creatures that terrorise the tranquil area while playing the game to rid it of corruption. Before the game begins, you must either assemble a group of warriors controlled by other players or set off on your own into a dangerous area filled with dangerous beasts and monsters. Whether you’re an experienced player or a beginner, the globe has a variety of regions with obstacles in each one.

13. Armored God

Armored God

Armored God is a single-player, free-to-play role-playing video game that transports you to a stunning world filled with dangerous animals. The last participant or team standing will win in a battle of fifty players vs. fifty players. This is another Asda Story alternatives.

Being merciful to other groups would be your final error. The game demands you to improve your character and acquire new moves before you can raid other players. There are many playable heroes there, and to enter the lovely world for dominance, you must select either a warrior or an assassin.

After training your hero, enter the chaotic world and guide your team through difficult levels to bring about peace. The game allows you to study the globe while using a variety of monsters and epic summons to vanquish the dark realm. Epic dungeons and violent raids are waiting for you in the game.

14. AxE: Alliance vs Empire

AxE: Alliance vs Empire

This is another Asda Story alternatives. AxE: Alliance vs Empire introduces the MMORPG subgenre while delivering entertaining gameplay. You can play the game by joining a group of other gamers, engaging in difficult battles, and defeating adversarial forces to earn enormous rewards.

You will see the largest fights you have never seen before in a planet that is richly detailed. You can roam about freely in a fantasy open-world environment to experience the epic battle between two factions.

Prior to beginning, your goal is to select one of two teams, assemble your team of players, and begin competing against other players for in-game currency. There are various playable characters accessible, and each character has a unique appearance, level of strength, and set of talents.

15. Novoland: The Castle in the Sky

Novoland: The Castle in the Sky

Novoland: The Castle in the Sky offers you the chance to triumph over all bad forces and become a hero. You can select from one of six playable character classes, each of which having a variety of skills and powers, and it combines action and role-playing game features. This is another Asda Story alternatives.

To earn experience points in PvP battles before the game even starts, you must band together with other players and take on the boss. The game has next-generation graphics and a raiding system where you may assemble a squad to take on bosses while also levelling up and collecting loot.

You can participate in fierce, real-time Player against Player combat across servers to become the king. Players will be able to make new acquaintances from all over the world thanks to the sophisticated social system. You have countless options when using the character customisation function, and you can design and make the character of your dreams.


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