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Top 15 Best ButtonBass Alternative In 2022

Best and most demanding ButtonBass alternative will be discussed in this article. ButtonBass is a fun and interactive online music development toolbox that enables you to explore with virtual instruments and effects. You may jam with your buddies and broadcast your music worldwide. With ButtonBass, you can quickly and effortlessly create music with audio-based effects like echo, reverb, distortion, filter, phaser, delay, and many more, wherever you are.

A collection of instruments, including a guitar, drums, piano, organ, synth, and more, are also included with the classic game. It’s not just a game; it’s also a simple tool that enables you to enter the world of music without having to read any instructions. For video games, films, TV series, and other media projects, you can compose and produce the soundtracks.

Top 15 Best ButtonBass alternative in 2022

Top 15 Best ButtonBass alternative are explained here.

1. GoatTracker


GoatTracker is a music editor, player, and library for the Commodore 64 that lets you combine several songs to make a melody. All the elements required to produce top-notch chiptunes are provided while maintaining as basic and user-friendly an interface as feasible. You can use the built-in pattern editor to create music step-by-step or in real-time by selecting notes from an on-screen scale. There are several pre-defined patterns supplied for quick use. The music can be played back in a number of different ways thanks to the four playback modes. While playing your tunes, you can make changes as you go and save them.



With the help of the user-friendly music-making programme 1BITDRAGON, anyone may create music without needing special skills or expensive equipment. The melody, harmony, and rhythm can all be separately recorded. The tool includes the ability to record hardware sounds using an audio capture feature while playing back the resulting composition. A synthesiser, sound module, or sound effect device can all be controlled using MIDI data output.

Because 1BITDRAGON has no restrictions on the quantity of musical pieces, measures, or sections, it may produce high-quality music with a straightforward procedure. Additionally, it has the ability to export data to MIDI format so that it can be used with older games or other hardware that does not support WAV/MP3 format. It has been designed to be simple to use, but it is also a powerhouse that can meet the needs of the multiple discerning users. This is another ButtonBass alternative. Also check Soda Player alternative 

From warm and silky analog-like sounds to crunchy digital ones, and from deep basses to soaring leads, you may produce a wide variety of rich sounds. You may play your own keyboard, additional hardware instruments, or even plug-in VSTi instruments from within 1BITDRAGON thanks to full MIDI compatibility.

3. Jummbox


Jummbox is a web application that offers a unique GUI for fast producing electronic music. You can swiftly cycle through musical concepts with visual instrument GUIs instead of becoming mired down in the specifics of conventional code-based languages. It includes a special frequency-based vocabulary that converts note pitches and durations to frequencies and durations, which may then be readily changed by effects, frequency envelopes, etc.

Jummbox is considerably simpler to use than conventional instruments once you understand how to map your ideas to them. It’s like having an endless number of midi controllers at your disposal. By altering the notes’ pitches, loudness, lengths, and the instruments to which they belong, you can adjust the melody that is now loaded. Additionally, you can delete old notes and add fresh ones. Simply click “save” after you are finished creating your masterpiece, and your song will download to a local drive.

4. PulseBoy


This is another ButtonBass alternative. Using the online musical sequencer PulseBoy, you may produce 8bit samples and sounds. You may create your own remixes of your favourite songs by learning how to compose and arrange loops. You might imagine this as a miniature synthesiser and sampler because it is small, musical, and enjoyable to use. Each pixel in the 88 pixel grid serving as the interface’s foundation represents a sample. The samples can be altered by hardware and software effects just like digital image pixels.

The main purpose of PulseBoy is to design patterns that can be merged and looped during live improvisation. With this tool, you arrange samples on the grid in a pattern. Every pattern has an arpeggiator, and PulseBoy offers one of the greatest ones online. This lets you make intricate rhythms and melodies or keep things straightforward. It is based on a vintage hardware sequencer and lets you create rhythms, sequence samples, and perform live with various musicians.


Users can produce beats and audio tracks using, an online music sequencer. Users can utilise the online turntable to make music and add beats, effects, and loops to their track or upload.WAV files to do so. Users do not require to register in order to access the website, which is free. To add even more sounds to your song, you can use it as a standalone sequencer or with your own VST plug-ins.

This allows you to create music everywhere there is an internet connection, including at home, at work, in class, on a plane, and even on a boat. You are guided step-by-step through the entire procedure, from starting the song to sharing it with others, via clear directions. Because of its simplicity, is appropriate for all age groups, from children to adults.

6. Midi City

Midi City

With the help of the online synthesiser device Midi.City, you can express yourself in ways that are impractical with conventional musical instruments. Regardless of musical skill or experience, the platform offers players quick feedback and new opportunities. The web app interface offers a distinctive and group musical experience. It is possible to manipulate the synthesiser in real-time using a variety of input devices, such as a MIDI keyboard, drum pads, or even simply your computer mouse. Also check  first row sports alternatives

This is another ButtonBass alternative. Using an interface that simulates the use of real synthesisers, drum machines, and mixers, you may compose, arrange, and remix songs. You can use a smartphone or a web browser to play music. In order to construct an online synthesiser instrument, it makes use of HTML5, WebGL, and contemporary JavaScript technology. The website offers a collection of interactive tools for musicians and producers. Through a shared online notation that can be recorded and exported as MIDI files, musicians can jam in real-time. A MIDI controller is also available online on the website.

 7. AudioSauna


A strong collection of real-time virtual instruments, a comprehensive DAW, and a modular, multi-track sequencer are all included in the web-based audio production tool AudioSauna. It can sample and synthesise, and thanks to proprietary technology, your soundcard can also serve as a mixer or synthesiser. This provides a low-cost software-based option for professional sound processing.

The fact that AudioSauna can fully handle surround sound audio makes it ideal for both home theatre users and musicians who want to incorporate audio for theatres. With AudioSauna, you can combine all of these distinct plug-ins into a single virtual instrument without actually loading them into your DAW. The fact that you can save all presets within the tool and aren’t even need to make them each time you open a new instrument or effect chain is the nicest part.

8. Sequel 3

Sequel 3

This is another ButtonBass alternative. A premier MIDI sequencing and timeline-based programme, Sequel 3, combines a variety of sequencer instruments for seamless musical blending. With the software’s countless loops and noises, you can create music using your imagination. Sequel 3 is a multi-dimensional platform that allows you to customise the studio; here, you can easily alter and reorganise your vocals and instruments.

The programme has every contemporary tool you could possibly need to create flawless music, including all of the MIDI tools. One window layout, high-quality loops & sounds, one-click cadence detection, high-performance manner, multi-take recording, & other features are among the aspects that the software emphasises. Numerous options are offered to help with tempo, sound pitch, onboard effects, sound combination, and other adjustments.

Software called Sequel 3 is virtual technology-based, allowing you to edit or produce music without any restrictions and giving you countless options for manipulating audio with a MIDI keyboard. The software provides hidden instructions and resources to help you learn how to use it and install it. It is also very compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS.

9. Jeskola Buzz

Jeskola Buzz

Using cutting-edge equipment and technology, Jeskola Buzz is an all-in-one digital audio workstation that enables you to edit music with the ideal blending. The programme is made up of different plug-ins that allow audio to be routed from one plug-in to another. You may learn about active machine learning by using the software’s thorough documentation and resources. A freeware modular programme called Jeskola is very compatible with Linux, Windows, and macOS.

This is another ButtonBass alternative. The software distinguishes itself with a multi-pattern sequencer tracker and a modular plugin-based perspective. Full VST compatibility, customizability themes, MIDI support, multi-threading support, a horizontal and vertical sequencer, and plug-in delay compensation are just a few of the features available. Real-time down pitch functionality, hundreds of instruments, template compatibility, and more are among Jeskola’s other standout features.

10. Seq24


Seq24 is a programme for editing music that is built on a minimum loop MIDI sequencer and features an easy-to-use interface that enables the creation and playback of MIDI loops. This software includes every sequencer tool based on the new feature that makes it easy to combine the music perfectly. A better comprehension of the running and installation process is made possible by the thorough documentation.

Numerous aspects of the software are being highlighted, including chord and MIDI tracks, a frequency adjuster, ideal control, spectra layers, and others. The software offers you the instrument required for a live performance and enables professional music editing. The software is consistent with Windows, Linux, & macOS, and Seq24 is building a name for itself by improving song editors to support odd lengths, flexible loop placement, view on MIDI data, and high integration with loop editors.

11. Magix Samplitude

Magix Samplitude

Magix Samplitude is a top platform for making high-quality music, allowing you to edit, produce, mix, and compress music using tools built on cutting-edge technology. The software promotes your music to the world with high-class music creation and features an intuitive interface that is simple to use. Magix works with Windows, Linux, and macOS, and there is comprehensive documentation that makes it possible to use the programme effectively. This is another ButtonBass alternative.

The software provides the way for music composition to reach a new level by allowing you to edit and master your music in a single DAW and deal with individual sound visually. High audio quality for audio chores, automation lanes for best control, a plug browser, new MIDI editing features, spectra layers, and more to add are some of the software’s standout features.

The programme gives you the simple drag-and-drop option and enables you to work on challenging tasks with top-notch mastering effects. Professional and extremely accurate studio recording is made possible by the clear sound, neutrality, and ideal latency management. You can edit advanced sound editing and master at a high level thanks to the 22 new instruments.

12. Bosca Ceoil

Bosca Ceoil

Bosca Ceoil is a platform for editing music that relies on cutting-edge technology to produce engaging music with fewer obstacles. The programme encourages music editing by offering a variety of features, including filters, effects, different scales, melody, and much more. The programme is fully equipped with all the tools required to let you edit music effectively.

The programme is free, simple to use, and intuitive. It also provides a beginner’s guide library. Bosca offers you a variety of instruments, including hundreds of presets, MIDI routing, and chip-tone instruments, and supports a wide range of chords and scales with good voice quality. Piano bells, reed, lead, guitar, synth, pads, & other instruments are among the many sorts of musical instruments that can be used to bring variety to your song.

13. Tracktion 7

Tracktion 7

Tracktion 7 is a digital audio workshop that enables you to completely alter your music with powerful tools and features. The entire piece of software, which is designed in C++, makes it simple for you to mix, record, and work with MIDI recordings. The software is very compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems, and it comes with comprehensive documentation on how to download and use it effectively.

This is another ButtonBass alternative. The software’s well-known plug-ins and in-depth features enable you to elevate your ideas to a professional level. The programme is freeware but not open-source or cost nothing to download and run. Unlimited Audio and MIDI tracks, composition and sharing, virtual effects and instruments, automation patterns, clip layer effects, step sequencer, LFO generators, and many other services are included with the goods.

Custom layouts for Tracktion 7 include arranger track, presets, a vibrant action bar, and more. Numerous modifiers that include breakpoint, envelope follower, random, and many to add are highlighted by the software. There is now a simple method for tracking chords and loops, enabling composition mixing and modular mixing with limitless potential. The waveform’s chord track can be followed by audio clips, ensuring that the audio blends seamlessly with the chord arrangement.

14. Studio one 4

Studio one 4

An audio editing service called Studio One 4 offers a platform that enables you to make beautiful music using cutting-edge technologies. The programme uses contemporary instruments for producing beats and groove-oriented sounds and gives you access to an intuitive single-window interface that is simple to use and can be customised using a drag-and-drop capability and multi-touch capabilities.

The software provides you with crystal-clear audio in native 64-bit resolution and with support for a range of audio frequencies. The chord track helps you with altered audio and keeps track of all the track information for song prototyping. Melodyne basics, cloud services, and mastering suite are a few examples of integrated services. Impact XT, loop-based composition, live sampling, and agile sample editing are just a few of the amazing new virtual instruments available in Studio One 4.

Numerous important features are offered by the platform, including endless audio and instrument tracks, sophisticated automation tools, buses, FX channels, easy drum and melody composition, and additional functions. In addition to being highly interoperable with Windows, Linux, and macOS, Studio One 4 offers comprehensive documentation and installation instructions.

15. Cakewalk by Bandlab (Sonar)

Cakewalk by Bandlab (Sonar)

Cakewalk is a cutting-edge recording studio platform that establishes high standards for music editing and is built on reliable technology that opens the way for the creation of flawless music. The software has all the capabilities necessary to fully mix and compress music, and it gives musicians the tools they need to use technology and their skills to showcase their creativity. This is another ButtonBass alternative.

The software is emphasising a number of capabilities, including composition, recording, mixing, sharing, mastering, and tacking. Cakewalk excels at delivering high-quality sound through FX that range from necessary to distinctive. The programme enables you to build and enhance the channel strip with pro-channel modules that include reverb, resonant filtering, dynamic compression, power EQ, tube saturation, and more. It also allows you to imitate the layout of an analogue console.

Cakewalk offers a user-friendly interface, simple-to-use tools, an industry-based engine, the ability to resample audio, and compatibility for VRA/VST3. The software comes with comprehensive documentation that enables you to grasp the fundamentals of how it works and how to install it. It is also compatible with the Linux, Windows, and macOS operating systems.


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