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Top 8 Best Disboard Alternative In 2022

Best and most Popular disboard alternative will be discussed in this article.

You can search for Discord servers based on your interests, such as gaming, anime, music, etc., on Disboard, a public Discord server listing community.

On this site, you may locate and join great servers where you can have real-time chats with friends and other gamers.

There are categories like “gaming,” “community,” “anime,” “relax,” “roleplay,” “social,” “fun,” “minecraft,” and “friends.”

The total number of live servers that are currently accessible is also displayed, and it is updated in real-time.

Every server has a description, bio, and category so you can learn about their personality and area of expertise.

Disboard is a community project that lists and indexes every Discord server.

If your Discord server isn’t currently mentioned on the site, feel free to submit it.

Overall, Disboard is a fantastic tool that you might look into as an option.

Top 8 best Disboard Alternative in 2022

Top 8 best Disboard Alternative are explained here.

1. Discord Bots Catalog

Discord Bots Catalog

You can find the greatest bots across the entire Discord community with the aid of the Discord Bots Catalog.

The most recent and well-liked bots are gathered, together with their descriptions, evaluations, and ratings.

To assist you in finding excellent bots for your server, a committed group of bot developers, editors, and users has created the Discord Bots Catalog.

All information is supported by screenshot evidence of bot functionality or design, allowing users to quickly locate what they’re looking for.

Browse through the tens of thousands of listings in the Catalog to find the ideal Bot for your server.

This Discord Bots Catalog website is being used by thousands of live servers.

When you have this list of discord bots, you won’t ever need another.

In conclusion, the Discord Bots Catalog is a fantastic product that you may take into account as one of your options.

2. DiscordServers.me


A fantastic resource for locating public Discord servers to join, chat in, or list your own Discord server is DiscordServers.me, currently known as Discords.com.

For all your Discord requirements, you can explore interesting and practical materials.

Find useful materials here if you’re new to discord servers.

This website might be for you if you’re looking for alternative voice/text chat rooms with the most people each hour.

The website offers details on where to locate public Discord servers with the highest hourly user counts.

Additionally, it contains helpful resources including webpages, tools, and listings of open servers.

For gamers who like to bring part in voice chats, musical ensembles, or even public forums, Discord servers are ideal.

In the prototyping phases of projects, they can also be useful for private communities without the requirement for a server to be hosted by the project administrator.

Overall, Discords.com is a fantastic tool that you may take into account as one of its substitutes.

3. Top.gg


On the website Top.gg, you can search through countless Discord servers and bots.

Gaming, social, fun, anime, music, roleplay, Minecraft, moderation, and a lot more categories may be found on the home page.

There are further categories for New Bots and Top Bots.

Additionally, you can advertise your own Bot by supporting it.

The categories, descriptions, active users, and ratings of the bots are also displayed to help you select the one that is best for you.

Overall, Top.gg is a fantastic programme that you may take into account as one of its substitutes.

4. Discord.me


A website called Discord.me connects users with servers that are meant to be a pleasant, enjoyable community for gamers all over the world.

The primary highlights are bots and public servers. Also check kinect sports rival alternatives

While bots might offer you useful information or amusement in the form of games, music, or much more, public servers let you speak in real time with other users of that particular server.

Discord.me offers a simple approach to locate servers that are well-liked globally and enables you to create your own server for the benefit of others.

Additionally, you can create your own Bot for your server.

Whatever type of gamer you are, our website has something to offer you.

Overall, Discord.me is a fantastic programme that you may take into account as one of its substitutes.

5. Find a Discord

Find a Discord

Find a Discord is a list of uncatered Discord servers that receives daily server addition requests from thousands of communities.

Along with search settings like sort by bumped time, topic, and language, you also have the choice of 18+ servers.

On each server, you can also view the current number of users online.

In conclusion, Find a Discord is a fantastic service that you may take into account as one of your options.

6. Disforge


One of the finest locations to look for new servers to join is Disforge.

It provides a wide range of categories where you may look up various server types, including your interests.

Disforge can assist you in finding anything—music, anime, gaming, or even just people who have the same sense of humour as you.

Additionally, it can inform you of any events taking place on the server that day so you can gauge the atmosphere before joining.

Overall, Disforge is a fantastic platform that you can take into account as one of its substitutes.

7. DiscordList.me


You may discuss about anything from Fruits Basket to Cowboy Bebop on the discord servers listed on DiscordList.me. Also check Webtor alternative

You may find others who share your interests and nature here, and membership is free.

Some of them are owned by the website’s owner, while others were made by site moderators, and yet others were made by people all over the world.

Overall, DiscordList.me is a fantastic platform that you may take into account as one of its substitutes.

8. Cosmic List

Cosmic List

One of the greatest sources to hunt for discord servers and bots that meet all your needs is Cosmic List.

You can download a wide variety of bots to your computer or phone, and then use the Discord software to communicate with them through channels that they have created on Discord servers.

Overall, Cosmic List is a fantastic tool that you may take into account as one of your options.


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