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Top 15 Best Fandom Alternatives In 2022

Best and most Popular Fandom alternative will be discussed in this article. You may access the most recent wikis about entertainment and fun on FANDOM, an open-source platform that serves as a wiki hosting service. It enables you to make entertaining feeds on a range of entertainment-related topics, including games, films, TV shows, videos, Netflix, Amazon, eBay, etc. You receive notifications from the platform when new wikis connected to your interests are added, so you never miss out. It enables you to send your friends links to your favourite articles via email, WhatsApp, Messages, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking platforms.

You can read the information about well-known video games like Lara Croft, Link, Nathan Drake, Pikachu, Mileena, etc. in its individual area on wiki games. You can also read the entertaining and original game-related stories that fans have written. By selecting the “Start a Wiki” option, you can make your own wikis. A wiki platform called FANDOM enables you to read and write wikis.

Top 15 best Fandom Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 best Fandom Alternatives are explained here.

1. Editthis


A web-based platform called Editthis gives you access to wikis about television and entertainment. You may construct a wiki on this open-source platform, and it makes it simple to remove the page cache. You can request new features & report bugs or any other problems through the site. By logging into the control panel included in the “.info tools” area, you may also manage all of your actions.

You can find all kinds of material there, including adult stories, high school drama, family stories, challenges, metagames, and quizzes. Accessible links include those for general conversation, a to-do list, a lesson, a sandbox, ideas, pitches, etc. With Editthis, a free wiki-based platform, you may access the newest wikis and choose to write your own stories.

2. Miraheze


Wiki services for entertainment and media are hosted on the open-source, web-based Miraheze platform. You can upload photographs, videos, blog posts, and article writings in addition to being able to develop amusing and imaginative wikis. The platform offers fifteen personalised skins and numerous types of extensions that you can choose from based on your hobbies. Since it is a non profit association, you can access all the information without paying a dime.

You may easily collaborate with other users of the site and become a part of their community. The platform’s user interface is designed with mobile users in mind, but you can easily turn off this feature for desktop view. It gives you access to a special part of blogs, where you may read the most recent posts and share them with your loved ones. Because it offers free information, Miraheze is the greatest wiki hosting platform.

3. Wikiful


The web-based entertainment platform Wikiful enables you to build, modify, and distribute wikis pertaining to the entertainment industries from any location. The nicest aspect of this platform is how effortlessly it makes it possible for lecturers to organise, save, and share all of their courses, notes, and syllabus. It offers its services to business owners, who can use this platform hassle-free. Also check AnimeDLR Alternative

People are able to structure and hone their skills, which they can then easily impart to the relevant company. The platform is incredibly simple to find for tourists, and it has all the information they need. The platform offers the best features in a variety of bundles, and the free plan includes five contributors, an unlimited number of pages, and one wiki. You can browse the FAQ on Wikiful at the bottom of the page to get all your questions answered.

4. BookStack


An open-source web-based platform called BookStack enables you to read, arrange, produce, and preserve information on the topics you are interested in. You can access all the information for free thanks to the platform’s MIT licence. The platform is simple to use, and the BookStack interface is quite straightforward and user-friendly. Any topic can be searched, and the results are returned in a short time. You can search through every book, down to the level of chapters and topics.

The platform may simply have its name, logo, registration, theme, and layouts changed because it is totally customizable. It includes the Diagrams.net editor, which enables you to edit any page and add diagrams to any topic. The platform offers a number of languages, and you may use the optional markdown editor function. You may simply access the material thanks to BookStack, the wiki hosting platform.

5. EditMe


With the help of the user-friendly wiki hosting service EditMe, you can plan, run, and develop a wiki for your team, business, or class. Through diverse sociable media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., it enables you to share all of your developed knowledge and information with your team members, workers, friends, and pupils. You do not need to install or configure any software or plug-ins because it is a web-based solution. This is another FANDOM alternative. Also check soulworker 

You may add pictures, graphics, and videos to it as well as generate intriguing content. The software’s main feature is that it gives you access to an environment that is SSL encrypted and makes it simple for you to store all of your documents safely. By leaving comments on the postings, you may express your ideas, feelings, and opinions while also keeping track of all your activities. Manage documents, restrict access, add module extensions, and other incredible capabilities of EditMe.

6. MyWikis


A web-based wiki hosting platform called MyWikis enables you to develop and publish a wiki in under five minutes, and you can do so for any subject or interest. All users are verified before passing via HTTP authentication, and the MediaWiki image system supports it so that you may also validate the images you use. By placing restrictions on your intranet, it safeguards your information. The platform includes built-in MediaWiki permissions of its own and offers protection on all fronts.

It gives you access to the VisualEditor, which makes it simple for you to modify your wikis. Using various social media networks, you may quickly share all of your content with your friends and family. Your wiki pages are not clustered by the platform’s wide and profusion of adverts. As a result, MyWikis is a strong and secure platform that enables you to create and read engaging wikis.

7. Everipedia


With the knowledge-based platform Everipedia, you can simply share any type of information on any subject with all of your friends, coworkers, and team members on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. The site, which is backed by a fintech company, enables you to make proposals to other platforms that use blockchain technology. By just creating an account, you can join its community and contribute your knowledge.

This is another FANDOM alternative. You can write an article about any subject, but you must have an interesting caption. The platform gives you access to the IQ token, which enables you to vote and make decisions on the articles with ease. As a result, Everipedia is a wiki platform that offers you knowledge on-chain and is built on the foundation of blockchain technology.

8. Referata


Referata is a website that serves as a wiki hosting server and allows you to browse information on any topic that you choose. You can also communicate this knowledge with your friends. It gives you access to semantic wikis that let you save all of your data, which you can then manage, view, share, and analyse as needed. The site gives you access to five different languages, including English, Russian, Dutch, and Spanish.

The platform enables you to comment on other postings and like them in order to express your thoughts, feelings, and ideas. You can view as many wiki pages as you like on this free platform. The platform publishes simple and common wikis and is simple to use. Referata is a straightforward platform that makes it simple to construct and read wikis.

9. HandWiki


A web-based wiki hosting platform called HandWiki gives you access to the most recent information and knowledge in a variety of scientific and technological domains. The platform is designed in a way that enables the participation of multiple users in the creation of a single article. You can fast search the articles because it gives you separate namespaces for each topic. These platform’s well-known subject areas include biology, chemistry, computer science, physics, astronomy, etc. This is another FANDOM alternative. Also check Recommend Anime Alternative

This platform’s great features include its real-time collaboration and knowledge sharing capabilities, as well as its ability to handle big topics at once. You can share the article with others once it is published because it does not expose the topic or information while it is still in the writing stage. Thus, HandWiki is a wiki platform that covers scientific and technology-related topics and is research-based.

10. WikiExplorer


An intuitive programme called WikiExplorer gives you the tools you need to view Wikipedia articles with ease. The app’s user interface is really easy & gives you a reading-friendly display. You have the option to store articles for offline reading. You have the option to pick up reading where you left off using the app. The app’s biggest feature is its TTS function, which enables you to listen to the articles.

Utilizing the app’s night mode will make it easier for you to read articles at night. You can arrange all of your books and articles according to your needs. All of the topics that are available on Wikipedia are easily searchable. You may read the themes in full screen and it is available in many different languages. The greatest app for reading Wikipedia articles is WikiExplorer.

11. Leftypedia


A website called Leftypedia was created to offer knowledge and articles on leftist politics. It enables you to gain access to information on all ideas and comprehend any one ideology from a variety of viewpoints. You can contribute your knowledge and start a constructive debate on any political subject using the platform. It is an open-source encyclopaedia that gives you the opportunity to clarify any unclear ideologies in your mind.

This is another FANDOM alternative. You can use the platform to share the content with your friends, coworkers, and team members on diverse sociable media sites, like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, & so on. By completing an invoice, you can fast join their community. Thus, Leftypedia is a platform that offers you in-depth knowledge about a variety of political problems and is free and open-source.

12. Wikidot


Wikidot is a web-based platform that gives you the tools to create a wiki-based website where you may post your content, collaborate with friends on a particular topic, and share documents. It offers you reliable, secure hosting and safeguards all of your data against loss. The platform has no bandwidth transfer restrictions and does not impose any on your website. The platform can accommodate a huge number of users and gives you a lot of storage.

The platform enables you to establish five sites, each of which has a storage capacity of 300MB. You may also upgrade the storage for a minimal fee. It gives you endless pages that you may utilise for different topics. The power over ads, domains, avatars, wiki syntax, engines, gravatar integration, tags, private messaging, themes, SSL login, backups, site cloning, etc. are just a few of Wikidot’s great features.

13. Google Knol

Google Knol

A free online encyclopaedia called Google Knol was introduced by Google as a rival to Wikipedia. It gained a lot of notoriety among internet users, but Google chose to permanently shut it down after five years of existence. The general public was welcome to participate and share their knowledge. This is another FANDOM alternative.

Google Knol’s operation resembled Wikipedia in many ways, but it also differed from it in a few important ways. Even though it was allowing for this, willing contributors had to provide identification proof before changing or sharing an article.

Additionally, users had the option to develop their own web pages. Additionally, Google Knol offered its authors a free Google AdSense account. Authors were also using it as a source of income. Even though Google Knol is no longer active, there are still plenty of excellent alternatives.

14. Pantheon


This is another FANDOM alternative. An online dictionary with a focus on mythology, religion, and folklore is called Pantheon. It is frequently referred to as the best encyclopaedia in each of these fields. The fundamental benefit of using Pantheon’s informational database is that it gives users access to a wide range of information, from Aa-gskw to Zveda Vechanyaya and everything in between.

Pantheon has arranged its portion into several categories for the convenience of the visitors. Consider the mythology part, which is split into six major geographic divisions. There are numerous well defined subdivisions inside each of the six zones, which again streamlines the search procedure.

To expand and improve the research, Pantheon also includes particular interest sections. Imagine perusing the sections on legendary figures, the Bestiary, a photo gallery, and extremely detailed genealogical tables of numerous pantheons and illustrious households. The Pantheon included an image gallery where visitors could find hundreds of pictures of heroes, goddesses, and strange animals of all kinds in order to provide them with top-notch information.

15. EOL.org


EOL.org, also known as Encyclopedia for Life, is a website that provides access to information about everything going on in the world. It seeks to provide free information on any topic to everyone. This is another FANDOM alternative.

It focuses on disseminating knowledge about the various creatures, plants, microbes, and other living types that can be found on this fungus that resembles Earth. Information about these topics is freely accessible through journals, books, websites, databases, specimen collections, and many other sources.

The fact that EOL.org compiled information from various sources onto a single platform is among its most important benefits, which is why the majority of internet users prefer to utilise it.


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