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Top 15 Best Free To Try Alternative In 2022

Best and most Popular Free to Try alternative will be discussed in this article. A helpful resource website for Windows software is Free-To-Try. Furthermore, you can download it for free. Software, apps, games, themes, and movies are all available for free download.

It compiles a list of the top free software options, including task management, screen capture software, and more. Finding what you’re looking for is made easier. Its goal is to serve as a tool for you to locate the applications you require. Torrents, limitless bandwidth, direct download, and other features are among its main advantages.

It provides download security and doesn’t bog down your PC. It provides a search box so you can locate the exact file you want to download. You can quickly check how long the download will take and how much hard drive space it will require.

In other words, if you’re seeking for a platform that’s not only cost-free but also the best, this is your best choice.

Top 15 best Free-To-Try Alternative in 2022

Top 15 best Free-To-Try Alternative are explained here.

1. JoyDownload


JoyDownload is a website that compiles free and authorised software downloads for Android, Mac OS, and Microsoft Windows.

Active members of the Something Awful community who recognised the need for a location where others could download the programme without having to pay for it or risk malware infection built the website.

Not only is it user-friendly, but it is also simple to browse.

Both software buyers and sellers can rely on it as a reliable source of information.

For Windows, MAC OS, and mobile platforms, it offers thousands of software utility, shareware, and freeware products.

Millions of people search there every year for things like encryption, password recovery, and adware removal.

It is the ideal location to enjoy quick, secure downloads.

It aids in the discovery of the best software for internet enterprises.

Overall, it’s the ideal website for downloading free software.

2. Downzen


A website for downloading stuff and reviewing websites is Downzen.

It is a brand-new website that provides downloads and reviews for any software you might require.

You may buy reviews and download things using it.

It allows you the chance to create affiliate and customer systems.

You can upload products in bulk using it.

You have the option to automatically accept or delete reviews.

It has the best support staff, who will precisely and promptly address your issue.

It charges fairly while offering the greatest services.

It has an intuitive search bar. Also check  kinect sports rival alternatives

The UI of Downzen is really simple to use and understand.

You can use the search bar to look for an app or game by name or category.

The user interface has a title and explanation that appear in the sidebar, as well as a cover image and its description.

The download button and additional user reviews are both located at the bottom and are both very user-friendly.

It’s the best website overall for downloading information and reviewing websites.

3. DownloadWasp


For thousands of online buyers seeking for a means to try new software before they buy, DownloadWasp is the go-to site for software downloads.

Additionally, it serves as a platform for software companies to advertise their newest and best offerings.

For consumers and sellers who wish to try the programme before buying, it is a reliable source of information.

The best, most reliable, & multiple secure software for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android operating systems may be downloaded for free from this website.

Millions of individuals search there every month for software titles such as encryption, password recovery, adware removal, and anything else they can think of.

For Windows, MAC OS, and mobile platforms, it offers thousands of software utility, freeware, and shareware products.

You can download free trial versions of purchased software from the website by using the download links.

Overall, it’s the finest website to buy software from.

4. FreeFilescr


FreeFilescr is a website that provides evaluations, education, and tech solutions. It offers premium and free software, as well as technical tips to enable Windows, Mac, and server users use it.

You can use it to convert videos to mp3 files and pdf files to word files.

It is completely free software that enables you to download any programme you desire.

It is the best resource for finding and downloading free software, games, music, movies, and books.

It is the ideal location to enjoy quick, secure downloads.

It aids in the discovery of the best software for internet enterprises. This is another Free To Try alternative.

Customers as well as company owners can use the service for free.

Its goal is to assist consumers and small to medium-sized enterprises in finding high-quality, cost-effective products, solutions, and services.

The user interface is user- and student-friendly.

It also emphasises reliable information, which is why it verifies the accuracy of every review posted on the website.

It’s the best website overall for downloading free software.

5. IceWalkers


A website called IceWalkers provides tutorials and information about Linux software, including articles on Linux device compatibility and how to install Linux software for different distributions.

It is among the oldest Linux directories in existence.

It has been thoughtfully created as a publication and website to offer its users information that is helpful. Also check  MTV Sports skateboarding alternatives

It is focused on spreading awareness of Linux and other open source software.

It offers more than 2,500 news items as well as additional articles on a range of subjects that cover the most recent and best software launches.

It is the ideal location to get free software, music, movies, and books.

It is the ideal location to enjoy quick, secure downloads.

In conclusion, this platform is your greatest choice if you’re looking for the best software that is both free and effective.

6. Fileion


There is no necessity to log in or register at Fileion, a user-friendly site where you can download malware-free software.

All of the newest software is available for free download.

Its main objective is to give users the most recent software version.

You can create your own software directory with it, and distribution is now even simpler than before.

It facilitates finding the desired software.

You can converse with other software users to exchange thoughts and opinions or ask for assistance.

The hassle of finding websites and downloading the correct version is another drawback.

You can simply filter its website, where all the most recent versions are available and ready to download with just a single click, instead of doing all the dirty work.

It enables you to discuss any issues with other users and exchange knowledge about the software. This is another Free To Try alternative.

It’s the best website overall for downloading the most recent software.

7. FileCrocs


The best and most recent software for Windows and Mac can be downloaded from FileCrocs.

It allows you to retrieve your software more effectively.

You will also get a new feature that will improve how you use the website on a daily basis.

You can download your preferred software from the website to your device even if you are not online.

It allows you to download some of the top internet software for free.

It offers all of the free software downloads in one location.

It has a well-established archive of different programmes, tools, antivirus software, and system utilities.

It offers 100% malware- and virus-free software downloads and verified freeware downloads.

In other words, it’s the best platform for you if you’re looking for the best software that is both free and the best it can be.

8. FilesMint


Users can easily and quickly download the newest versions of the best software using the FilesMint platform.

It offers a fix for existing non-cloud storage based servers as well as files that cannot be stored in cloud storage.

Users can store, access, and transfer files using it as well.

This is another Free To Try alternative. Both iOS and Android are supported.

It is the simplest, fastest, and most convenient way to download software.

The fastest way to look for, download, set up, and manage software for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS is through this method.

It facilitates the download of the most recent software version.

Unlimited bandwidth, torrents, direct download, efficient and secure file storage, and more are some of its key features.

It has a quest bar so you can quickly find the exact file you want to download. You can also see how long the download will take and how much hard drive space it will consume.

9. GetDeb


The most recent tech news, apps, cryptocurrencies, decentralised applications, software, hardware, and games can all be found at GetDeb.

It offers the most recent information on a variety of products, including technology and video games.

It provides you with the most recent and cutting-edge information on apps, games, and other online resources.

In order to keep you one step ahead of the competition in your software research, it makes an effort to give you the best and most reliable news.

Therefore, it is the ultimate one-stop-shop for everything if you’re looking for a new futuristic gadget from the best brands or have a craving to learn about the next cryptocurrency market. Also check kinect sports alternatives

It is dedicated to giving you only the best information on apps, hardware, cryptocurrencies, software, and other topics.

You can use, test, and configure apps on any device with the help of over 10 million users and millions of packages.

10. Osalt


Osalt is a platform that aids in suggesting an open source software substitute or alternative for a proprietary product.

This is another Free To Try alternative. Users can use it to look for alternatives to any open source software they may be currently using.

Additionally, it provides a list of the most well-liked alternatives among users.

It has direct links to the official and reliable sources of each alternative, such as Github, SourceForge, or Softpedia, and is connected to a database containing details about all of them.

Tag clouds are another feature of the database that make it simple to browse and group similar programmes.

It offers a form for each commercial product that anyone can use to submit updates, additions, bug fixes, or translations for the alternate version of the software.

It enables staff to work in a familiar, comfortable environment while lowering costs and boosting productivity.

It’s the best open source software substitute or alternative to commercial goods overall.

11. LemonFiles


A library of freeware programmes are free for download and use at LemonFiles, a free software download website.

Visitors can use thousands of programmes there for free.

It is a free file hosting service with searchable categories for all types of files.

It is the best and simplest way to obtain the required software.

It allows you to search within one site for all the software you want in a clear and user-friendly interface rather than having to search throughout the internet for what you need.

LemonFiles was created entirely from scratch in Python and only makes use of cutting-edge hardware.

It provides comprehensive details about the applications, including rating (four or five stars), name, size, and description, number of downloads, and many more.

In conclusion, this platform is ideal for you if you’re looking for some free software.

12. Five Star Shareware

Five Star Shareware

This is another Free To Try alternative. Free software for Windows and Mac can be downloaded from the website Five Star Shareware.

It provides you with the top shareware programmes.

The most important aspect of this website is that it offers the world’s most essential software.

Office software (such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook), security software (such as antivirus), compression software (such as WinRAR), music software (such as a video to audio converter), web design software (such as FrontPage), and utility software are a few of them (Windows 10 uninstaller).

Additionally, it includes various kinds of software for every need.

Numerous news articles, including those on dot com, CNET, and ZDNet, mention it.

It enables you to view some application-related data, including rating (four or five stars), number of downloads, name, size, and description, among other things.

Visit the website for more details.

It is, in a nutshell, the best website for software downloads.

13. Megaleechers


A news-based software platform called Megaleechers offers daily new content about popular and high-quality programmes that are available for free download.

This software is available for free download and includes numerous windows tools and PC games.

It includes a fantastic team of professionals who produce high-quality content that users all over the world can use and enjoy.

You can choose from a variety of categories, including games, applications, and emulators.

Megaleechers was developed to act as a database for high-quality software and the data associated with it.

Additionally, Megaleechers includes an application updater for Windows systems and a web-based software updater that can be installed on any Linux system.

Numerous programmes, including Microsoft Office, products from Adobe, Skype, Acrobat Reader, and others are available here.

14. Winwares


You can find the best software on the Winwares platform and instantly download it to your operating system.

This is another Free To Try alternative. All the software and utilities for different platforms, including iOS, Mac, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and more, are available here.

It includes a community of ardent users and enthusiasts who seek out and distribute the top products for everyday use.

Winwares is your one-stop shop whether you want to access the best native software or want to update your Windows operating system to the newest version.

The platform was developed to link users with hardware and software solutions.

You can find all of your favourite apps, games, and other related programmes and utilities right here.

Searches can be filtered based on programme and operating system types.

Additionally, you can rate the programmes you use most frequently or are installing to aid others in their decisions.

Even better, you can control your downloads and keep tabs on their progress in real time.

While downloading and following everything that interests you, this will help you stay organised.

 15. Softexia

A software publishing website called Softexia offers top-notch updates and software that can be purchased with discounts and coupons. This is another Free To Try alternative.

The platform’s main goal is to provide users with dependable and high-quality software by gathering data and user reviews from actual users.

Software can be purchased for a bargain at

Internet browsers, home & office design software, audio/video converters, and many other items are among the goods offered on Softexia.

There are various categories for various devices, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, and more to be added.

From a variety of categories, including games, antivirus, backup and recovery, photo editing, antivirus, drivers, MAC software, and more, you can find any software you’re looking for right here.

Check in the section software or in the sidebar to see the latest discount codes, coupons, and other prices reductions.


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