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Top 15 Best Happy Sports Alternatives In 2022

Best and most demanding Happy Sports Alternatives will be discuss in this article. Shenzhen Hoinnnet Technology Co.Happy Ltd’s Sports software enables you to conveniently track your daily activities by pairing your Bluetooth wristband with a smartphone. You may measure your sleep duration, minute movements while you sleep, and deep sleep duration using the app to better understand the quality of your sleep. Without making any preparations, you can view the specifics of your heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen level, and body mass index.

You can create daily goals with the help of this app, which also motivates you to keep up your level of fitness and health. A few amazing functional features of Happy Sports include data analysis and display, synchronous application message to hand loop, and rings shaking app to capture pictures. A weekly report on your fitness metrics is also provided by the App, which also tracks your heart rate, exercise duration, calories burned, and distance travelled during the day.

Top 15 Best Happy Sports Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best Happy Sports Alternatives are explained here.

1. HealthU +

HealthU +

Yu Hua Yun’s interactive mobile app, HealthU Plus, lets you pair your smartphone with a Bluetooth-enabled wearable smart bracelet to track your everyday activities. Setting daily objectives to maintain your level of fitness and health is encouraged by the health companion app. Your daily, weekly, and monthly health advancements are all trackable. Also check Sports Connect Alternative

Users can get feedback and advice from health trainers as well as share their health statistics with friends and other people who share similar interests. With the help of this app, you may assess how your health is doing in comparison to that of your friends. You can measure your daily activities, calories burnt, sleep duration and quality, travel distance, weight increase or loss, body mass index, and frequency of heartbeats using the HealthU + App. In addition, the App offers a clear, basic, and easy-to-use health guidance. This is another Happy Sports alternative.

2. Lefun Health

Lefun Health

One of the greatest health companion apps is Lefun Health, which includes a pedometer and heart monitor to track your daily steps and heart rate. You may monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen level, sleep duration, and calories burned while exercising with the app. To receive text messages and calls on the smart sports bracelet, simply pair it via Bluetooth with your smartphone.

Users can set daily and preset health challenges to maintain their level of fitness. You can join communities and groups to take on tasks with your friends and other people. You may sync your daily activity stats and health progress with the Lefun Health app to protect your health information. You can also let your friends and personal trainers know how your health is improving. This app offers daily tasks to assist you in relaxing your body and mind.



PICOOC is a fantastic mobile app that allows you to monitor your physical changes and evaluates body measures in-depth. You may easily learn more than thirteen body measurements or facts thanks to the software. It has a PICOOC fat scale feature that allows you to calculate your body fat percentage, visceral fat index, and weight. To track changes in your body, you can examine the history of all measurement information.

On the line diagrams/trending records, users can keep track of their body weight, muscle %, body fat percentage, and body circumference. Excellent features of the PICOOC App include a smart body fat scale, body measurement interpretation, historical measurement data, trend records, in-depth analysis, and body circumference records. Additionally, the app offers thorough analysis and suggestions regarding the measurements that need to be paid attention to in order to keep your body in shape.

4. Swift Watch Face & Clock Widget

Swift Watch Face & Clock Widget

Swift Watch Face & Clock Widget is a superb mobile application made available by the theme that gives you lovely swift watch faces for worn OS as well as wonderful clock widgets for your handsets. You can select the watch faces’ design colours via the app. You can effortlessly keep tabs on your daily walks and heartbeat frequency using it. By clicking the gear icon in the Wear OS app, users can simply connect their wearable smartwatches to their smartphones and access the settings.

This is another Happy Sports alternative. With the help of this programme, you can use the watch faces on your wrists as mobile clock widgets to show the time, date, daily steps, battery life, burned calories, travelled distance, and weather forecast. Excellent features offered by Swift Watch Face & Clock Widget App include clock widgets, battery level, weather forecast, heartbeat frequency, unread Gmail email, presets, missed calls, unread SMS, ambient mode, lovely themes, and daily step counter.

5. VeryFitPro


One of the top mobile fitness tracker applications, VeryFitPro allows you to easily track your daily physical activity and calorie burn. The app keeps track of your sleep duration, quality, depth of sleep, and minute movements while you’re dozing off. You can use it to track your daily steps, distance travelled, calorie intake, and the impact of running or walking.

This software has a heart monitor feature that tracks your heart rate frequency throughout the day. Numerous personal reminders, including WeChat, SMS, calls, exercise, wake-up, drinking water, and many others, are available to users. The VeryFitPro App is a health companion that assists you in managing your health and avoiding actions that are bad for it. Further, the app gives you the option to link your smartphone to HealthKit so that you may check your weekly or monthly health statistics.



The CT App Team has released the fitness companion app CT FIT, which assists you in tracking all of your daily activities, including exercise time, travel distance, and sleep time. You may instantly link your smartwatch or smart band to a smartphone using the app. You may monitor your heart rate while sleeping and working out. You can view data on calories burnt, light sleep, deep sleep, sleep quality, and heartbeat frequency using this app. Also check SportsPlays alternatives

Users can track their daily or monthly progress and fitness statistics as well as set daily goals. You can store your health and fitness information on your mobile device using the CT FIT App. Additionally, the app provides you with numerous alarms and reminders. The app enables HealthKit connectivity so you may access fitness statistics on your smartphone. An intuitive, quick, and simple app, CT FIT.

7. Amazfit GTS WatchFaces

Amazfit GTS WatchFaces

An software called Amazfit GTS WatchFaces gives you access to brand-new, exquisite watch faces for your cellphones. The software provides stunning watch faces for you to use in displaying information about your daily activities on your phone’s home screen. With only a swipe, you can obtain watch faces that have been categorised for the language translation. You may measure your fitness metrics with this app, including calories burned, travel distance, heart rate, sleep duration, and sleep quality information. This is another Happy Sports alternative.

Without creating an account, users can store their preferred watch faces on their mobile devices. You may sync your wearable smart bracelets with your smartphones using the Amazfit GTS WatchFaces App to continue precisely recording your everyday activities. More than thirty languages, including English, Portuguese, Italian, German, Polish, Bahasa Indonesia, Nederlands, Romana, Suomi, and others are supported by the app. The app is user-friendly, quick, straightforward, and intuitive.

8. Weather Black Premium Watch Face

Weather Black Premium Watch Face

One of the top mobile apps that offers digital watch faces is Weather Black Premium Watch Face. Using four separate dials, the app enables you to obtain the crucial data about the weather and weather forecasts. The primary dial, second dial, third dial, and fourth dial can all be used to obtain forecasts for the following 24 hours or five days as well as information on maximum and minimum temperatures for the current hour. You may use this app to display information about your daily activities and the weather prediction on the home screen of your smartphone in a variety of gorgeous watch faces.

Two potent weather sources, an open weather map, a dark sky, date format, weather forecasts, a daily activity tracker, a temperature unit, and numerous other features are among the amazing features of the Weather Black Premium Watch Face App. Additionally, users can manually input their areas to receive precise weather forecasts. The app is optimised for minimal power usage and is compatible with worn OS 2.0.

9. Primary Watch Face

Primary Watch Face

This is another Happy Sports alternative. An interactive smartphone app called Primary Watch Face gives you all the details about your daily schedule and the weather at a glance. You can customise your smartwatch’s appearance using the app’s gorgeous watch faces. You may instantly obtain information about your daily steps, travel distance, and weather forecast. The activity tracker, various modes, power usage graph, alarms, chronograph, wear OS complexities, and missed alerts are just a few of the incredible features included in this programme.

Your weekly or monthly activity statistics can be tracked. Your smartwatch’s primary watch face app shows the time, battery life, date, and day of the week in addition to letting you change the brightness. Additionally, the app is worn 2.0 compatible and battery-savingly optimised. In order to obtain accurate access to all pertinent information, users must log in using their fit account.

10. Tband


Shenzhen Mi Dun Technology Co.LtdTband .’s is one of the best smartphone apps available for tracking your fitness level rapidly. To record your daily activities, you can link your smartphone to a wearable bound bracelet. This software has a step counter feature that tracks your daily steps and distance travelled. You can monitor the frequency of your heartbeat all day long. You can use the app to track your sleep duration, heart rate while you sleep, and amount of deep sleep to better understand the quality of your sleep.

To help you track your health and fitness, the Tband App gives you details on your physical condition, blood pressure readings, sleep patterns, statistics exercise time, calories burnt, heart rate, mental health, and much more. Additionally, users can link this app to the HealthKit to gain access to all pertinent health-related data. Multiple languages, including English, Hindi, Italian, Russian, French, Chinese, and Spanish, are supported by the app.

11. Notify & Fitness Amazfit

Notify & Fitness Amazfit

One of the greatest mobile apps, Notify & Fitness for Amazfit, has a heart monitor and a comprehensive workout tracker that let you track your workouts and heart rate throughout the day. You don’t require to put much effort into keeping track of your everyday activities including exercise time, total steps, sleep time, and calories burned. With the help of this app, you may display stunning widgets on your smartphone or wearable smart bracelet to show off important data. Users can set alarms to remind them to go to bed, take a power nap, wake up, and exercise. This is another Happy Sports alternative.

Along with contact name, WhatsApp message, and caller name capabilities, it also allows text display. Excellent features of the Notify & Fitness for Amazfit App include maps, workout sessions, button custom actions, widgets, personalised reminders, anti-loss phone features, a heart rate monitor, a steps counter, and many more. The software also helps a wide range of languages, including Catalan, German, Spanish, English, French, Hungarian, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Indonesian, and many more. Also check SonyLIV Tv shows and sports alternatives

12. Weight tracker and BMI Calculator

Weight tracker and BMI Calculator

You can effortlessly keep track of the evaluation of your body weight and body mass index with the help of the weight tracker and BMI Calculator apps. You can create weight-related goals on the app, which will help you achieve your target weight quickly and effectively. Without making any preliminary preparations, you input your daily measurements and keep tabs on your daily development. This programme enables you to create your own unit measurements and log daily information regarding calories, ideas, diets, and goals. It provides alarms and reminders to make sure you remember to log your important data each day.

This is another Happy Sports alternative. Impressive features of the weight tracker, BMI Calculator include weight tracker, weight monitor, daily weight register functionality, simple day-to-day navigation, evaluation chart, custom unit measure, upload photographs, BMI calculator, preview BMI ranges, and many more. Users can also add their age and gender to the equation for a more precise BMI estimation. Using the four-digit PIN code, the app enables you to save and protect your data.

13. Alert Bridge for Amazfit & Mi Band

Alert Bridge for Amazfit & Mi Band

An incredible mobile application called Alert Bridge for Amazfit & Mi Band enables Bluetooth pairing between your smartphone and Mi Band so you can read notifications and messages on your wearable smart bracelet. You can easily keep way of your daily activities using the app, including the distance travelled, number of steps taken, and amount of exercise you get in. It allows you to change the face of messages and substitute smilies for their text equivalents.

You may control several apps, as well as modify their icons and styles, all without making any previous preparations. In order to make it easier for you to read messages and notifications, Alert Bridge for Amazfit & Mi Band replaces Ukrainian letters with intelligible analogues. Additionally, you may manually link your device to a smartphone so that the phone notifies your Amazfit GTS, Mi Band 3, Mi Band 4, and Amazfit Cor devices.

14. Alpina Smartwatch

Alpina Smartwatch

A fitness companion app called Alpina Smartwatch allows you to sync and preserve data from your Alpina timepiece, such as workouts and daily activities. You can use the app to watch your sleep and activity patterns and set objectives to keep up your level of fitness and health. It includes a dynamic coach feature that keeps track of your actions and gives you helpful advice to motivate you to perform better so that you can accomplish your goals.

This is another Happy Sports alternative. Altitude, barometer, GPS, compass, UV indicator, temperature, and weather prediction are just a few of the essential features offered by the programme. Impressive features on the Alpina Smartwatch App include an activity tracker, a dynamic coach, a sleep monitor, and smart alarms. The programme also notifies you when there are new calls, SMS messages, and emails. It encourages users to establish daily goals in order to keep up their level of fitness.

15. Feisar Watch Face

Feisar Watch Face

Theya’s interactive mobile app Feisar Watch Face offers you a selection of lovely watch faces and clock widgets for your smartphone. You may track your daily activities and heartbeat frequency with the app. For your smartphone and watch, you can pick eye-catching colours to make them look fantastic. Users have the option to share their preset with friends as well as store it with all of its associated colours, features, data, and backdrops. This is another Happy Sports alternative.

Excellent features found in the Feisar Watch Face App include clock widgets, design colours, battery life on mobile devices, weather updates, heartbeat frequency, unread SMS, missed calls, presets, and many more. This programme lets you choose your title in place of FEISER and gives a gorgeous background with vibrant colours. By pressing a widget, users can see their weekly or monthly fitness statistics. Additionally, you have the option of saving or erasing previously saved fitness or preset data.


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