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Top 11 Best HARDCORE MECHA Alternatives In 2022

Best and most Popular HARDCORE MECHA alternative will be discussed in this article. Action Adventure, Anime, Shooter, Sci-Fi, 7 Single-player video frolicking HARDCORE MECHA was put together by Rocket Punch. This version’s central idea is to put the player in the role of the protagonist, who is attempting to take control of the robot-like foes and utilise all available force, strong attacks, and combinations to destroy them.

Use a variety of weaponry, including laser guns, portable machine guns, and other cutting-edge weapons, make sure to win head-to-head matches, and strive to defeat each opponent while playing.

Get a robot suit, try shooting them all during the rail shooting competitions, get experience to become more than 50 mechas, follow the entire plot, and enter the campaign mode as well to finish up to 18 levels and 8 chapters.

Top 11 best HARDCORE MECHA Alternatives in 2022

Top 11 best HARDCORE MECHA Alternatives are explained here.

1. Tearaway Unfolded

Tearaway Unfolded

Platform, Action-Adventure, Fantasy, and Single-player video game Tearaway Unfolded is provided by Media Molecule.

The goal of this content is for you to take on the role of an adventurous character who must travel along a variety of paths, overcome a variety of obstacles, and assist other avatars while playing.

Numerous difficult objectives, side quests, and adversaries that are simple to control are also included in this game.

Follow the topic and oppose the opponents in the context, go to many places, and attempt to engage in epic adventures. This is another HARDCORE MECHA alternative. Also check Wii sports Club alternatives

This edition’s highlights include characters fashioned out of paper, hundreds of puzzles to solve, and new challenges for the player to overcome.

Additionally, it involves using platforming skills like jumping, rolling, running, and moving in all directions, encountering non-player characters, learning new animations while playing, and receiving appealing sound and eye-catching pictures in 3-dimensional animation.


A Battle Royale, Action-Adventure, Browser-Based, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game called was developed for online play.

In this season, you are placed on the battlefield and instructed to assume the role of a bean-like monster in order to defeat your opponents.

Start racing your opponents during the game, and aim to cross the finish line first by leaping over the obstacles. This is another HARDCORE MECHA alternative.

The platform-style action continues as you must begin flinging your opponents from great heights. Do whatever you like as prolonged as you don’t lose points.

You have a set number of lives that you can use to advance to the next round; if you fail to complete the stage, you lose the game and must restart it.

3. PK XD


Playkids Inc. has released the single-player, action-adventure, platform, and exploration video game PK XD.

This season, you and your pals are supposed to travel to various places, explore the cosmos together, and have fun while playing and chit-chatting.

Numerous quests must be completed in order to experience the best tour ever, embark on endless epic fun in a fantasy world, attempt to finish each mission, and design your own characters in the customization mode.

There are also many dream homes that may be constructed based on your preferences. You can renovate these homes, add some of your wishlist goods to them, and play minigames like arcade and puzzles in addition to taking part in epic challenges with your friends.

Start competing in different competitions, take part in the events, and collect as many bonus points as possible. You may also benefit from making in-game purchases.

4. Kamen Rider: Seigi no Keifu

Kamen Rider: Seigi no Keifu

Cavia is the developer of the action-adventure, platform, fighting, role-playing, and single-player video game Kamen Rider: Seigi no Keifu.

You will accept the role of a protagonist in this edition who must begin the campaign, engage in combat with the opposition, go on to the next challenge, finish dozens of missions, and be the first to put an end to this war.

Manage to move through numerous locations over the longplay, run into the brawlers, perform different combative techniques like punching and kicking, and deal the necessary damage to them to earn additional points.

There is an expansive environment to discover, interesting animations, a variety of fighters, and gameplay with a strong narrative component.

In order to move to the next challenge, get the most points, and enjoy exploring different locales including labs, schools, hospitals, and prisons, you must prevail in the boss battle that follows each level.

5. HiberWorld


HiberWorld is a single-player, adventure, platform, endless runner, and game that may be played online.

This edition’s subject is similar to that of a subway surfer; be sure to build new obstacles, avoid tracks, and run over them; attempt to avoid falling from the number of obstacles; and compete with your friends as well.

Manage the racing competitions against the opponents, participate in the online multiplayer mode, and alter your destiny by obtaining many points, bonuses, and accomplishments while playing the game.

The levels can also be customised, modifying maps is a bonus, and you can use the creation model to create your own stages. Also check Sea Race 3D

This is another HARDCORE MECHA alternative. There are countless entertaining hours of open-world settings, clumsy controls, and 3-dimensional interfaces with a fantastical feel.

It now has fantastic additions like multiplayer tournaments, friend chat, and a tonne of new missions, playgrounds, and shooting games.

6. TRON: Evolution – The Video Game

TRON: Evolution – The Video Game

Propaganda Games created the action-adventure, third-person perspective, single-player, and multiplayer video game Tron: Evolution.

This version features a fantastic role that travels to various locales, engages in competitive racing, and begins confronting opponents while playing.

Additionally, controls the exhilarating parkour stunts, begins cycling racing, and also ensures that adversaries are destroyed.

There are various game modes accessible, such as multiplayer where you may control the online players, update new weaponry, and eliminate everyone, and single-player story mode where you can see clearly to follow the supplied scenarios.

Along with simple controls, a 3-dimensional universe, and sci-fi adventures, the game also offers additional features such unlocked new tasks, resources, regular updates, and fresh missions.

7. Cookies VS Claus

Cookies VS Claus

Action-Adventure, Platform, Role-Playing, Combat, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game developed by Evil Tortilla is titled Paid 0 Cookies vs. Claus.

This game’s idea is quite similar to that of other brawler platformers, where defeating the adversaries needs the use of a combination of tools and tactics.

The task at hand is to assume the position of the cookie and attempt to defeat the adversaries throughout the battles, participate in PVP and player vs. AI combat, dodge enemy assaults, and keep your health up throughout the conflicts.

Take control of the bosses, gather all the memorabilia, boosts, and power-ups, hold off using the power until the very end, and explore the entire open area.

Complete the team with various cookies, form your squad, enter the first-person shooting contests, roam free, and go past all the difficult venues from a third-person vantage point.

8. Portal Runner

Portal Runner

The 3DO Company created the action-adventure, role-playing, platform, and single-player video game Portal Runner. This is another HARDCORE MECHA alternative.

The two great groups, Vikki and Brigitte Bleu, who each have unique characters and a variety of skills, face off against one another in battles and attempt to topple the other in the plot.

Follow the full tale, keep up the good job against the competition, and outduel your rivals in direct combat.

Explore the fairy world by taking on missions, using magic to try to destroy one, completing several goals, visiting other sites, and obtaining boosters.

In the lengthy run, there are innumerable places to explore, a wonderful colourful world, an open world, and hundreds of boosters are also available. These boost the scores and allow players to explore the entire world, including dungeons and forests, while also completing numerous challenges by utilising their platforming skills.

9. Ooga Booga

Ooga Booga

Platform, Online Multiplayer, Action-Adventure, Party, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game by Visual Concepts is called Ooga Booga. Also check PC Games 3DM alternative

As the Volcano Goddess in this content, it is your responsibility to set the strategy, go on the quests, make new islands, and guide the tribe.

The four races that fight for your order in the lengthy play are Twitchy, Fatty, Hottie, and Hoodoo. Each of these races has its own specialties and moves. There are also over four classes called Kahunas.

Play the game while you platform across the fantasy world, explore the open environment, perform numerous powers, collect a variety of goods, and meet the characters who are against you.

In addition to these elements, this edition has a number of features like unlocked challenges, 3D animations, simple controls, and captivating soundtracks.

10. CodeSpells


A platform, action-adventure, combat, magic, and single-player video game called CodeSpells was put together by Throughtstem.

This is another HARDCORE MECHA alternative. You are to take on the role of the wizard who sets out on adventures, encounters many types of enemies, and attempts to engage in epic battles with the opponents.

Be sure to take magic into account, cope with the epic adventures, begin your quests, employ a variety of powers, and defeat a lot of opponents.

There are many codes that can be cracked, and the outcomes are then switched on for you.

Navigate the character while playing through diverse environments such as deserts, mountain peaks, woodlands, and other dungeons. Throughout the version, decode numerous things to alter your avatar’s wardrobe, powers, talents, and special skills.

Participate in the boss battles, establish a record of defeating them, and take in the seductive graphics and third-person perspective.

11. Guardian’s Crusade

Guardian’s Crusade

The role-playing, action-adventure, platform, and single-player video game Guardian’s Crusade was created by Tamsoft. This is another HARDCORE MECHA alternative.

Through this content, you will interact with the fictional world of Orgo while taking on the character of a little kid who will participate in the games alongside a fairy buddy.

In the meanwhile, you can also transport letters from one town to another, interact with strange personalities, and try to discover the entire open world.

Use a variety of weapons, such as the sword, to dash foes, look for treasure, and attempt to move around in different environments.

The usage of platforming abilities is also a plus. The gameplay features a story mode that lets you contend with bosses, creatures, and other monsters to solve a range of challenges.

On the other hand, there are also other distinguishing features like the open-world, third-person perspective, simple controls with vibrant avatars, and the serene audio system.


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