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Top 15 Best Kinect Sports Rivals Alternatives In 2022

Best and most popular kinect sports rival alternatives will be described in this article. The sports video game Kinect Sports Rivals was created by Rare and released by Microsoft Studios. It is a collection of sports simulators that includes many activities including tennis, bowling, soccer, rock climbing, and many mini-games. Real-time gameplay is available for every gaming event in every location. There are several playable symbols in the game, and each one has strengths and weaknesses of its own.

Enter the game world by picking one of the top characters. The game offers the player the prospect to finish the instructional level, which instructs him in the gameplay and the event’s goal, before beginning each level. Additionally, Kinect Sports Rivals includes a tonne of fun features like various settings, character customization options, upgrades, fun background music, an excellent game environment, easy controls, and stunning visual details.

Top 15 Best Kinect Sports Rivals Alternatives In 2022

Top 15 Best Kinect Sports Rivals Alternatives are explained here.

1. Tekken 7: Ultimate Tekken Bowl

Tekken 7

The downloadable content pack for the original Tekken 7 video game, created and released by Bandai Namco Entertainment, is titled Tekken 7: Ultimate Tekken Bowl. With the help of all the characters from Tekken 7, the DLC pack introduces a brand-new experience to the Tekken franchise. It offers every Tekken 7 character; pick one of them, enter the game environment, and display your bowling prowess. Also check torrents games net alternatives

This is another Kinect Sports Rivals alternative. This game has straightforward controls, excellent gameplay, and Ultra-HD graphic details. There are numerous modes included, including training and tournament games. The user competes against other online players from all over the world in tournament mode. The most astonishing feature of this pack is its character customization system, which lets players to alter their characters’ appearances by donning a variety of outfits like Blood Vengeance outwear and swimwear.

2.Elf Bowling

Elf Bowling

Elf Bowling is a single-player, sports, bowling, and fantasy-based video game created and released by NStorm Inc. In this common bowling game, the player takes on the role of Santa Claus and tries to knock down elves arranged like bowling pins. The player takes hold of the elf’s thong bathing suit and snaps it to move the elf forward. It features 100, 200, and 300 point zones, and if the player’s elf manages to reach the panel’s edge without tumbling into the water, they will receive 400 points. This is another Kinect Sports Rivals alternative.

There are different stages, and to get the most points on each level, the player must take the right aim and release the bowl at the proper moment. The elf only shows up once each round and at random. The game includes a number of additional levels where the player can score points by shooting penguins and balloons in order to make it more engaging. Elf Bowling is a wonderful game environment, straightforward controls, and lovely graphic details.

3. RocketBowl


Sports, single-player, and multiplayer video game RocketBowl was created by LargeAnimal and released by GarageGames. The objective of this game is to use a bowling ball to strike ten pins. It is a hybrid of bowling and miniature golf, with an open field as opposed to an enclosed lane with the other frame visible in the background. The player can bowl while removing the pins from another frame.

The game’s frames each feature green “money pins” that, when knocked over, pay out cash. It has coins all over the frame that distribute money as well. The game offers the partaker the possibility to buy additional goods, special abilities, and bowls after finishing each level successfully. There are various modes; each has its own challenges and rewards. RocketBowl is a fantastic game environment, straightforward controls, and breathtaking graphic details.

4. Wii Sports Club

Wii Sports Club

A fantasy-based, sports-themed, single-player, and multiplayer video game called Wii Sports Club was created by Bandai Namco Studios and released by Nintendo. Golf, boxing, bowling, tennis, and other sports are among the many mini-games and sporting events available in the game. It is a follow-up to the first Wii Sports game and includes a tonne of fresh features, improvements, and events to keep things fresh.

This game’s ability to let players join clubs that represent various parts of the world and compete online against other clubs’ members is what makes it so interesting and fun. To foster a stronger sense of community, the player is locked into his preferred club for 24 hours. Each gaming event has numerous levels so that you can have a full experience. Additionally, Wii Sports Club introduces a brand-new tournament mode in which the player takes part in every activity to win the trophy. The game features improved gameplay elements, easy controls, and breathtaking graphic aspects.

5. Action Bowling 2

Action Bowling 2

Tribal City Interactive’s Action Bowling 2 is a sports bowling simulation. It is a follow-up to the most well-known bowling video game, Action Bowling, and it adds a better physics engine. With crazy curve strokes and intense pin action, it replicates all the subtleties of a competitive bowling match. The game’s basic gameplay is identical to its prior game in that it allows the player to take precise aim and knock all of the bowling pins over. Also check Skateboarding Alternatives

This is another Kinect Sports Rivals alternative. In order to demonstrate his skills to the fullest, the player in Action Bowling 2 can compete against friends or players from about the globe in a multiplayer mode. The Action Bowling series’ trademark bespoke bowls, lifelike 3D simulation, and stunningly realistic visuals are included in the game, which offers a variety of distinctive bowling alleys.

6. Galaxy Bowling

Galaxy Bowling

Winterlight developed and released Galaxy Bowling, a 3D first-person, sports, bowling, single-player, and multiplayer video game. On his mobile device, he can play a realistic bowling game that provides a fun bowling experience. More than eleven different game modes are included in the game, including as free play, classic mode, 100 pin challenge, and tournament. Every one has its own challenges.

The player’s primary purpose in this play is to roll the ball with one finger and strike the bowling pins to score. The player has two shots in each level to knock out all the pins, but he gets a huge prize if he knocks them out in one go, which he can use to unlock additional levels and accomplishments.

The game has a multiplayer component that lets the user test his skills against friends or other players from across the world to make it more fun. Major innovations in Galaxy Bowling include an online scoreboard, additional variations, over twenty different themes, and intuitive swap controls. The game offers a distinct gaming environment with lively background music and Ultra-HD graphics.

7.Black Market Bowling

Black Market Bowling

A third-person bowling simulation called Black Market Bowling was created by Midas Interactive Entertainment and released by Black Market Games. A diverse ensemble of eccentric characters, including a schoolgirl named Pearl, the melancholy Lvan the Giant, and the endearing grandma Edna, among others, are featured in this thrilling bowling game that transports the player to the lanes.

The game features three distinct game methods, including difficult mode, Match Play, and Shootout pits. Each game mode has a number of levels, and each new level presents a greater challenge than the one before it. The goal of the game is to use your bowl to knock down all of the bowling pins in two shots, much as in other Bowling video games.

Black Market Bowling is a great bowling game with lots of action and real-time gameplay that allows players to immerse themselves in the difficult game world. The game has excellent mechanics, slick controls, and exciting background music. Do give it a go.

8.Polar Bowler

Polar Bowler

Sports, bowling, single-player, and multiplayer video game Polar Bowler was created by WildTangent for Nintendo DS, iOS, Windows, and other platforms. The player’s plan in this game is to throw PB down a ten-pin bowling lane and knock over as numerous pins as possible to rack up the most points. The game consists of a number of competitions, and the player’s goal in each one is the same: to knock the pins out. This is another Kinect Sports Rivals alternative.

Similar to other Bowling video games, it provides power-ups to aid the player in achieving his goal. The player will receive rewards for completing each level, which they can use to buy new power-ups and upgrades to make the game more engaging. Polar Bowler has a better game environment, easy controls, and relaxing background music.

9. Zombie Bowl-O-Rama

Zombie Bowl-O-Rama

Video game developer MumboJumbo created Zombie Bowl-O-Rama as a sports, single-player, and multiplayer title. Invading zombies have taken over the world’s roads. It is now the player’s responsibility to eliminate every zome and clear the pathways. The player must select one of the many playable characters to enter the difficult realm and use his ball to defeat the voracious zombies.

The gameplay is comparable to that of a video game in which the player uses his bowling prowess to defeat zombies. There are various stages in Zombie Bowl-O-Rama, and each one presents a different set of gameplay obstacles. The player must gather all the power-ups and other things during gaming in order to accomplish his goals.

10. Sports Champions 2

Sports Champions 2

An addictive, sports-themed, single-player, and multiplayer video game called Sports Champions 2 was developed by San Diego Studios and released by Sony Computer Entertainment. It is a follow-up to Sports Champions and adds new features including bowling, skiing, tennis, boxing, and more. Anyone can compete in this sequel, which is one of its best features. There are optional practise stages that the player can complete prior to each event, however there are no events with customizable difficulty. New game modes are introduced, including free play, career, classic, arcade, tournament, etc.

This is another Kinect Sports Rivals alternative. Each delivers a game that is instantly fun and realistic, allowing the player to apply true sporting strategies to win. Every game action takes place in the brand-new 3D setting, which ups the intrigue factor. Multiple playable characters, character customization choices, upgrades, achievements, updated game mechanics, improved settings, and breathtaking graphic detail are all key components of Sports Champions 2. Also check new torrent game alternatives

11. AMF Bowling 2004

AMF Bowling 2004

The single-player, multiplayer, third-person bowling simulation game AMF Bowling 2004 was created by Mud Duck Productions and released by Crave Entertainment. The game offers a real-time gaming experience by utilising some genuine players and seven authorised blowing alleys. Accuracy, spins, and power are marked down using the customary three-click system.

This game’s character customization feature is fantastic because it lets the player design their own bowler. The essential components of AMF Bowling 2004 include numerous improvements, numerous game styles, two tournaments, and two balls. AMF Bowling 2004 is a fun bowling game for players of all ages thanks to its amazing game mechanics, easy controls, and stunning graphic features.

12. Elf Bowling: Hawaiian Vacation

Elf Bowling

First-person, sports, single-player, and multiplayer video game Elf Bowling: Hawaiian Vacation was developed by MumboJumbo LLC and released by Hot Lava Games. It is a follow-up to the video game Elf Bowling and offers a similar gameplay experience with many new features and improvements. This is another Kinect Sports Rivals alternative.

The game adds new benefits that will benefit the player, such as boosting the ball’s size, giving it superpowers, and reducing the size of the gutters, as well as filthy tricks to use against his rivals. The game’s narrative advances, and the player controls a more knowledgeable character. The player can follow the story in the game until they are defeated in two out of the three events or reach the conclusion of the plot.

The player can use the large rewards from each completed level to improve his character’s skills and open up new powers. The game mechanics of Elf Bowling: Hawaiian Vacation have been improved, and the controls and graphic aspects are flawless. Please provide it a try; you’ll love it.

13.Ten Pin Alley 2

Ten Pin Alley 2

A ten-pin bowling simulation game called Ten Pin Alley 2 was developed by Pronto Games and released by XS Games. It is a follow-up to the video game Ten Pin Alley and offers improved gameplay mechanics, better graphics, and a tonne of new features.

The gameplay is very similar to the first game, where the player’s objective is to knock down every pin in two strokes. Two additional game modes, including Practice mode and Tournament mode, are available in Ten Pin Alley 2.

For a small price, the player can compete against the top bowlers in the world in Tournament mode. Additionally, it offers brand-new characters and settings that up the intrigue level of the game. In comparison to other bowling video games, Ten Pin Alley 2 is among the best.

14.Strike Force Bowling

Strike Force Bowling

This is another Kinect Sports Rivals alternative. The single-player and multiplayer bowling simulation game Strike Force Bowling was created by Lab Rats and released by Crave Entertainment Inc. The player’s goal in this competition is to use a ball to knock down a set of 10 pins that are arranged in a triangle form. The score is based on how many pins are knocked down on each bowl after the player’s two shots. If two shots are taken, the bowler will additionally receive a doubled score for his subsequent bowl as compensation for hitting all 10 pins down.

The game is set in more than eight different locations, such a tropical island, a pirate ship, ancient Egypt, etc., to keep things interesting. It is a fun game that provides a wholly real-time experience to fully immerse players in the imaginative gaming universe. Numerous game modes, a tonne of upgrades, a variety of characters and character customization options, amazing game mechanics, lively background music, and stunning visual elements are just a few of Strike Force Bowling’s standout features. For all bowling game enthusiasts, Strike Force Bowling is a fun game.

15. The Flintstones: Bedrock Bowling

The Flintstones

Action, bowling, and single-player video game The Flintstones: Bedrock Bowling are produced by Ubisoft. The player’s goal in this match is to knock out the pins positioned around the level. There are numerous playable characters in it, including Mr. Slate, The Great Gazoo, and Fred Flintstone. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Select one of these to enter the game environment, where the player can walk from right to left and left to right to remove all the pins. This is another Kinect Sports Rivals alternative.

Be careful, the game world is filled with perilous wild animals and obstacles that must be avoided in order to advance. The primary features of The Flintstones: Bedrock Bowling include things like collecting stuff, extra levels, improvements, and unlocking new characters and locales, among other things. The game features straightforward controls, excellent gaming mechanics, and stunning graphic details.


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