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To 15 Best LinkTo Sports Alternatives In 2022

Best and most demanding alternatives of linkTo sports will be described in this article. You may connect your smartwatch to your smartphone using the LinkTo Sports app to access all of your statistics at once. Users can plan their workouts by viewing the weather and the highest and lowest temperatures in their current GPS position on the home screen. You can share your accomplishments with other users through a variety of media by viewing the total number of usage days.

To receive notifications for text messages, incoming calls, and other social networking apps directly on your smartwatch, the app has capabilities that let users enable or disable notifications from the settings section.

The LinkTo Sports app provides a heart rate graph based on most current heart rate measurements. To see your progress, you can evaluate your sleep, exercise, and health statistics using graphs.

To 15 Best LinkTo Sports Alternatives In 2022

To 15 Best LinkTo Sports Alternatives are explained here.

1. Fundo Wear

Fundo Wear

A fitness app called Fundo Wear enables users to control their wearables directly from their smartphone. Through Bluetooth, you can synchronise messages, make voice calls, and send and receive messages. Users may track their calories, steps, and distance with just one swipe on the home screen.

The app has a side panel that you may use to access the areas for home, health, navigation, settings, objectives, and data synchronisation. You can obtain a detailed data view of your daily calorie consumption, distance travelled, and step count. In the health area, users can examine their most recent heartbeat monitoring. This is another LinkTo Sports alternative. Also check Ultimate Tennis

The Fundo Wear app is available in many different languages, including English, French, German, and many others. Your doctor can receive information about your fitness and health via email or on a number of other social media sites.

2. FunDo Pro

FunDo Pro

You can read all of your messages on your smartwatch with the FunDo Pro software, ensuring that you never miss anything. It has an instinctive user interface with buttons for quick access to settings, profiles, analyses, and reports. The app has functions that allow users to quickly track their heart rate, sleep duration, and number of steps.

A graphic chart lets you see the full breakdown of total steps, fitness accomplishments, and distance. With just one tap, customers may see their fitness data from the previous month, the previous six months, or even the previous year. The FunDo Pro app lets you personalise the app’s appearance by using a choice of different themes and background colours. Your fitness trainer can receive your data and analysis in order to receive professional advice.

3. iTouch SW2

iTouch SW2

AX Technologies’ iTouch SW2 fitness software has features that make it easier for you to transfer data across your smartwatches and smartphones. You can set exercise objectives to increase your step count, burn calories, or travel a certain distance on foot. Users can monitor their fitness activity both at rest and while working out.

To increase your exercises, the app allows you to view the prior fitness target accomplishment percentage. Users can change their gender, height, weight, birthday, and unit of measurements in the profile section so that they can receive data based on their current fitness level.

The iTouch SW2 software has functionality to instantly find and connect to all nearby Bluetooth peripherals. You can synchronise data for later use and read weather reports for both the past and the days to come.

4. FundoBracelet


You can easily manage your health statistics, such as exercise, workouts, heart rate, and sleep duration, with the FundoBracelet app. To exchange information with their fitness trainer, users can track and record their caloric intake as well as how many calories they burn while exercising. The Fundo Bracelet app has functions that enable you learn about incoming voice calls and text messages. This is another LinkTo Sports alternative.

Your data can be synchronised on a cloud server so that all of your smart devices can access it. From the settings page, users can enable or disable push notifications and reminders. You can set up and track your fitness with the FundoBracelet app’s capabilities, and you can also get inspirational quotations to help you reach your fitness objectives. Users can access accurate analysis and the percentage of workout time directly on their mobile devices thanks to this.

5. FlagFit


With the FlagFit app, you can keep track of your daily activity and share the information with your trainer or doctor to get advise from professionals. The distance walked, calories burned, and achievements unlocked are all displayed in the steps area. A visual pie chart lets you see your current steps and desired steps.

With the use of an on-screen widget, the app’s capabilities allow you to track and monitor your sleeping patterns by keeping track of how much time you spend in deep sleep, light sleep, awake, and total sleep. By keeping track of their minimum, average, maximum, and current heart rates, users can also monitor their heart rate. With just one swipe, the FlagFit app’s settings area allows you to adjust your weight, height, and gender and receive a thorough analysis of your health.

6. ZeRound2


Users of the MyKronoz app ZeRound2 can choose from a wide variety of watch interface designs to personalise their watch face. A built-in sleep tracker allows you to keep tabs on your daily activities and sleep patterns. Voice commands enable users to carry out a wide range of operations. With the app’s functionality, you can get notifications for calls, texts, and other social media sites on your wrist.

This is another LinkTo Sports alternative. Users can use the pause, stop, next, and previous buttons to control the playback of music. You can create daily fitness objectives, track your progress toward them, and get regular activity reminders. Users can examine their exercise and sleep data on a visual pie chart in the dashboard portion of the zeRound2 app.

7. WoFit


WoFit is a smartphone application that enables you keep track of your daily exercise data, including steps taken, distance travelled, and calories burned. Users can add daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly filters to view the study of their fitness. You may analyse health and fitness data using the charts on the main screen. Also check Happy Sports Alternatives

You can use the app to view sleep data that has been recorded depending on sleep patterns including deep sleep, light sleep, and wake-up times. It enables users to back up their data to a cloud server, where it can then be restored and accessed from any smart device. With the WoFit app, you can set alarms, stopwatches, countdown timers, event reminders, and call reminders for your smartwatches. Additionally, it allows users to receive, mute, and hang up calls.

8. FlagFit 2.0

FlagFit 2.0

With just one tap, users of the FlagFit 2.0 app may track a variety of exercises like jogging, swimming, jumping rope, and other routines. To check daily targets and your current progress, tap on an exercise. Your steps, sleep duration, current heart rate, and blood pressure are displayed on the main screen. You can use the app’s capabilities to view your daily high and low blood pressure readings.

You can easily track and convert your consumed and burned calories thanks to the built-in pedometer. Through several social media sites, the FlagFit 2.0 app provides features that enable users to share their health, sports, and sleep statistics with their friends and family. It has any user-friendly interface with buttons for the home, smart, and profile sections.

9. Glory Fit

Glory Fit

Glory Fit is a smart wear fitness app that allows you to access statistical analysis of all your health-related data. The temperature, total steps, total distance, and calories burned are all displayed on the home screen. You may show your most active hours on a timeline as well as the proportion of your current steps that correspond to your goal. This is another LinkTo Sports alternative.

The software has elements that enable you to track and keep track of a range of workouts, such as running, cycling, skipping, swimming, etc. More than one smartwatch can be added and managed simultaneously by users.

You can use the start button on the Glory Fit app to immediately begin counting your steps and calories. A built-in calendar is available for users to view the entire month’s activities at a glance. From the details menu, you can also see a timeline of your workouts.

10. Comfit


Users of the Comfit app can obtain accurate data from smartwatches and other wearables directly on their smartphones. You may keep track of the types and quantity of your sleep for daily, weekly, and monthly statistical analysis. There is no need to fear because users can also access weather reports and outside temperature information.

The app has timeline capabilities that allow you to examine the amount of steps, workout time, workout distance, and calories burned during each exercise session. It has a simple layout with buttons that provide you access to the status, sports, and profile sections.

You may receive text messages, incoming calls, and other notifications from numerous social media networks directly on your wearables thanks to Comfit app’s features. Users of the software can store their data on a cloud server and view it from all of their devices.

11. WeLoop


This is another LinkTo Sports alternative. You can log your activities on the WeLoop app to keep track of your progress toward fitness. Once you begin exercising, you can quickly see your average speed, time, number of calories burned, distance, and fastest speed. Users can also keep track of their walking, cycling, or running workouts using distinct laps. Don’t lose track of your training because the mini-map tells you the route.

It offers a Today feature that tracks your daily movement, distance travelled, heart rate, and various workout sessions. Users can examine their best day, best week, and best month by logging into their profile and viewing their weekly step objective. If you need inspiration to keep exercising, you may also view your longest fitness streak.

The device menu in the WeLoop app allows users to easily set reminders, alarms, enable or disable push, activate do not disturb mode, and control notifications.

12. Orunning


Users can transfer information from their smartwatches to the screen of their mobile phone using the Orunning app. You can hit the calendar icon to display active days by month, and you can tap the desired day to quickly access activity statistics. Users can see cadence, pace, and distance statistics as graphs to obtain a sense of their typical speed and cadence.

The today’s menu offers users a summary of all their actions along with their duration, number of calories burned, and distance travelled. By touching on the prior buttons, users can also view numbers for other days. This is another LinkTo Sports alternative.

With the Orunning app, you can check weekly, daily, and monthly reports to track your progress and see how many calories you’ve burned. Users can observe both the starting point and the endpoint of their entire exercise journey on a map.

13. Informer


The Informer app is a news app developed by Informer.rs that offers tools to assist you in accessing all the local, state, and international news directly on the screen of your mobile device. You may access the most recent news based on categories and titles like sports, politics, international, and many more by clicking a button on the main screen. Also check Tap Sports Baseball 2016 Alternatives

This is another LinkTo Sports alternative. Push notifications can be enabled or disabled by users with a single swipe in the settings area. With only one tap, you may open the side panel and get the video news. You can use it to read your daily horoscope and gain insight into what is in store for you.

The Informer app provides precise weather reports for numerous cities across the world, along with information on humidity, wind speed, sunrise, and sunset times. Users can examine the exchange rates for a number of other currencies, such as the euro, dollar, Swedish krona, and others.

14. ZeFit4


ZeFit4 is a smartphone activity tracker app that offers features to make it easier for you to get workout tracking information. It gives users daily calorie, distance, and workout time targets so they may maintain their fitness. The app allows you to check your smartwatch’s battery life. This is another LinkTo Sports alternative.

You can use the app to reach pre-added step goals or establish your own objectives while getting statistics on your wrist. Users can enable or disable notifications for their smartwatches for things like eating, sleeping, meetings, bills, and medications in the reminders area.

Users of the ZeFit4 app can choose watch faces from a choice of both horizontal and vertical themes. From the dashboard, you can see your wake-up time, sleep duration, deep sleep duration, and the percentage of goals that have been attained.

15. ZeTime


ZeTime is an app that allows users to create exercise objectives and track their accomplishments via wearables. By choosing from a variety of faces in the app, you can alter the themes and faces of your smartwatches. It gives customers access to remote control tools so they may take pictures, manage music playback, and locate their smartphone. This is another LinkTo Sports alternative.

You may access the dashboard, objectives, reminders, and settings area via the buttons on the home screen. By pressing the plus or minus buttons or manually aligning the hours hand with a red dot, users can calibrate the time.

You may set and manage personal, meeting, water, and wake-up reminders for your smartwatches using the ZeTime app’s features. Users can examine their daily, weekly, and monthly objectives for steps, calories burned, and distance by visiting the goals area.


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