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Top 15 Best Maxel Alternatives In 2022

Best and most demanding Maxel Alternative will be discuss in this article. For managing and downloading large files, such as ISO images of CDs or DVDs and files for software updates, Maxel is an easy-to-use download manager for Mac OS.

It makes use of Mac OS X’s built-in features, including background downloading, notification alerts, and access to download details.

Maxel uses ultra-fast multi-threading technology to manage multiple connections, so there are no download speed limitations and no need for proxy servers.

Copying a direct download link will automatically add your file to a torrent for you if you have such a link for a file.

Additionally, you can use its built-in browser to log into torrent websites and download files.

Top 15 best Maxel Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 best Maxel Alternatives are explained here.

1. Free Download Manager for Mac

Free Download Manager for Mac

A robust and feature-rich download manager and accelerator, Free Download Manager for Mac speeds up and secures your downloads.

It has all the necessary tools to control your downloads from beginning to end, including the ability to resume interrupted downloads and manage bandwidth.

Free Download Manager for Mac is the ideal tool for you if you are fed up with your Internet Service Provider’s slow download speeds or if you want to download multiple files at once.

All of your favourite online videos, songs, pictures, documents, and other files can be downloaded and managed.

This downloader stands out from the competition because it combines downloading, video playback, and file management into a single package and provides an exceptional level of control over the entire process.

It supports all widely used browsers, including Chrome, Safari, IE, Firefox, and a number of others.

Additionally, it supports additional protocols like HTTP, FTP, and P2P.

It can pick up where a broken or interrupted download left off.

The built-in recovery tool can also fix downloads that became damaged during transfer.

2. Progressive Downloader

Progressive Downloader

A multi-thread download manager called progressive downloader can quickly and effectively download any kind of file from the Internet.

Complete browser and protocol integration is included.

Additionally, it has an integrated FTP/SFTP-based browser for managing your resources.

By default, the entire file is downloaded before being put in a queue to be distributed to more threads.

Additionally, you can easily pause and resume downloads and take advantage of the ability to easily download any file type.

Because of this, Progressive Downloader is unquestionably among your best options for downloading.

You can manage & keep track of your downloads using the app’s straightforward interface.

Additionally, it has the ability to recognise errors, so you won’t need to worry about continuing your downloads because the software will handle that for you.

3. Motrix


Your HTTP, Torrent, and FTP downloads can be accelerated, scheduled, or monitored using Motrix, a compact, feature-rich download manager. Also check FMovies Alternative

It can schedule and resume downloads and increase your Internet download speed by up to 5 times.

This tool outperforms alternatives thanks to features like simple integration, simple use, and unlimited downloads.

The built-in support for torrent files is one of the best features of this open source downloader.

By simply clicking the magnet link, the torrent will begin to download. This is another Maxel alternative.

It has all the features of a typical torrent downloader, including the ability to update the tracker list and map NAT-PMP and UPnP ports, among others.

Concurrent downloads, download progress, complete notification, dark mode, system tray for quick notifications, and delete files without erasing them from the disc are additional noteworthy features.

plus a lot more.

4. iGetter


A fully functional download manager and accelerator, iGetter makes downloading quicker, safer, and simpler.

It’s one of the best tools for managing downloads, transferring files between locations, setting download priorities, and doing a lot more.

The programme includes a number of cutting-edge features, including an internet download manager, bandwidth control, resume support, acceleration support, smart scheduling support, and many others. This is another Maxel alternative.

iGetter enables you to resume broken downloads brought on by connection loss with retry logic, schedule your downloads, and download files more quickly thanks to intelligent dynamic file segmentation and multi-threading.

The next-generation browser downloader, iGetter, ensures that your time and bandwidth are used effectively by offering full integration with all the top browsers and a beautiful user interface.

Additionally, you can programme your files to download when there is little traffic.

When you want the tool to start downloading the queue, you can specify the time, exact date, or specific days of the week.

5. Folx GO +

Folx GO +

One of the top download managers for macOS is Folx GO +. This is another Maxel alternative.

This application’s primary goal is to give users the most convenient download experience possible.

The ease and effectiveness of downloading from any website or torrent site, including Kickass, The Pirate Bay, and others, is made possible by support for HTTP, FTP, BitTorrent, and Folx GO +.

It offers users a wide range of features, such as the ability to automatically resume interrupted downloads, sophisticated bandwidth scheduling, multi-threading for HTTP/FTP downloads, and more.

Additionally, it offers users extra features like a screen recorder, audio downloader, and video downloader.

Simply drag the link into the tool and click “Download” to download it.

You can download up to 300% faster with Folx GO.

Simple download pause and resume

Receive alerts when your downloads are finished,

You can add download links from your browser, email, or the app itself. An in-app library lets you keep track of what you’ve downloaded.

6. Download shuttle

Download shuttle

Fast downloads from the Internet to Mac are made possible by Download Shuttle, a download manager.

Downloads can be sped up, resumed, and organised.

Files can be efficiently managed, transferred, and synchronised with ease.

It can divide large downloads into a number of smaller chunks, alter the size of the file segment, schedule downloads, and more.

This is another Maxel alternative. Along with the ability to speed up downloads, it also has full media (video and image) support, multi-threaded and proxy download functionality, and browser integration that happens on autopilot.

Regardless of your internet provider or server location, it is the ideal app if you want to maximise your internet connection quickly.

The best alternative to other download managers that slow down your downloads by using too many resources or are unable to provide a true acceleration of the download is Download Shuttle because of its high speed and efficiency.

7. Turbo Download Manager

Turbo Download Manager

A multi-threading download manager programme solely dedicated to Internet file downloads is called Turbo Download Manager.

Multiple files can be downloaded simultaneously, and broken and interrupted downloads can be resumed.

Supporting HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, MMS, and RTSP protocols, as well as HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/1.0 persistent connections, it seamlessly integrates with Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. It can also recognise downloads that are already in progress and avoid wasting bandwidth by continuing to download them. Also check rainierland movies alternatives

Additionally, it has a potent built-in scheduler that enables you to plan downloads for any time of day or night, whether or not your PC is turned on.

By splitting files into several parallel connections, it can hasten your downloads.

A toolbar with buttons to pause and end downloads, change the window’s appearance, and access some fundamental settings is located at the top of the application window.

8. upToDate downloader

upToDate downloader

Anyone should be able to quickly learn how to use the intuitive user interface of upToDate downloader, a download manager programme that is simple to install and set up.

Despite having a tonne of sophisticated features, the programme is easy to use.

The number of concurrent downloads that begin after the download has begun is appropriate for the settings. This is another Maxel alternative.

Various details about each download process and the status of completed downloads are provided by the programme.

Each download also includes a sound signal at its conclusion.

The programme includes all of the features you would expect from a download manager application, including scheduling downloads, HTTPS/SSL support, automatic file verification, resume support, and advanced features like the ability to pause/resume downloads when you disconnect from your home or internet connection and download files simultaneously over multiple connections.

9. Advanced Download Manager

Advanced Download Manager

You can download files from the Internet utilizing Advanced Download Manager, a download manager.

The ability to pause and resume downloads is one of this software’s key features.

Multiple files can be downloaded simultaneously using this software.

It is intended to speed up your downloads, resume and restart downloads when they are paused due to a network issue or power outage, and do a lot more.

With the use of this tool, you can view comprehensive download details, keep an eye on network traffic, and get prompt notifications when a download is finished.

With full control over file properties, the ability to start and stop downloads, the ability to schedule downloads for any time you choose, and full compatibility with Internet Download Accelerator, Free Download Manager will let you manage every download from the very first one to the very last one.

10. flareGet


Multiple files can be downloaded simultaneously using the browser extension flareGet, a download manager.

This is another Maxel alternative. You can set file priorities, transfer URLs to your desktop for convenient access, pause, resume, and cancel your downloads, among other things.

It can pick up where it left off with broken or interrupted downloads.

Anyone who downloads movies, music, pictures, games, or any other kind of file from the Internet needs this tool.

Additionally, the tool works with almost every browser, including Opera, Safari, Chrome, and others.

Additionally, it enables you to change the transfer rate and view the status of the download procedure right now.

It has many features, including support for FTP, HTTP, Torrents, scheduler, auto-redial on broken downloads, resuming stopped, finished, cancelled, and failed downloads, power management to limit download speed.

11. JDownloader


Users can download any file they desire using JDownloader, an open-source downloader.

Users of this downloader will find it simple to match the downloader’s structure to their internet connection and enjoy the fastest possible download speeds.

Users can start, resume, pause, and stop the download using this programme, just like with the majority of downloaders.

This is another Maxel alternative. It is also likely to download multiple files at once.

The best of all is that users can simply schedule their downloads to save bandwidth on a constrained internet connection.

Without even slowing down the regular browsing speed, it improves the downloading speed as well.

Every time the internet connection reconnects if there is a dynamic IP address connection problem in the system, this tool will re-align itself.

12. Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager

The all-purpose download manager Internet Download Manager can be used to download any kind of file or data from the internet.

It enables users to download their preferred movies, songs, and video content from all popular video sharing and streaming websites.

The best application for downloading from the internet, offering quicker and safer downloading, has emerged as a result of its versatile features and functions.

The download speed can be increased by up to 5 times.

IDM offers you the special capability of unbroken downloading.

If the internet connection drops or the computer shuts down unintentionally while downloading, it would resume the download without difficulty rather than starting it over from scratch.

This is another Maxel alternative. To ensure that its users receive the fastest download speeds and the most effective performance from the Internet Download Manager, it also supports a variety of proxy servers, cookies, FTP, and HTTP protocols.

Most of the most recent browsers’ most recent versions are incompatibile with it.

13. Internet Download Accelerator

Internet Download Accelerator

A high-quality downloader that serves as both an accelerator and a downloader simultaneously is Internet Download Accelerator. Also check yesmovies alternatives

It is a versatile download manager that also significantly accelerates the downloading speed for each download.

The tool’s ability to resume broken downloads and start, pause, and stop with a single click is its best feature.

Additionally, it allows users to download any video or other media files by simply pasting the URLs into the Internet Download Accelerator rather than downloading them directly from any website.

Instead, the file will be downloaded straight from the website.

Another benefit is that it works with almost every web browser, both old and new, including Netscape, Yandex Browser, and Safari.

All file and data types can be downloaded from any website using Internet Download Accelerator. This is another Maxel alternative.

To download files as quickly as possible, use this downloader and accelerator to get music, audio, videos, movies, compressed files, doc files, and a lot more.

14. Download Accelerator Manager

Download Accelerator Manager

Users of Download Accelerator Manager can download internet files and web media files from well-known video hosting websites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. It is a flexible and incredibly quick downloader.

It can track audio and video content coming from a website.

It works with all popular web browsers.

It is quick, dependable, and easy to use.

Subject to the bandwidth being available on the user’s internet connection, this even has the capacity to offer users 100% speeds.

This is another Maxel alternative. Speed and time management are its two primary areas of specialisation.

Most individuals who download files from the internet do so by first breaking them down into smaller pieces, which are then gradually put back together to download the entire file.

However, this instance does not fit that description because it uses dynamic file segmentation and does not involve file part assembly.

15. Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus is a multifunctional programme that enables file downloading and download speed acceleration in one installation.

The best feature, out of many, is that it enables users to view all of the file’s details before downloading it.

By using this feature, users can avoid wasting time downloading the wrong file.

Additionally, a system exists for watching any video or movie’s downloaded segment.

Instead of waiting for the entire file to download, you can play a portion of any video or movie that you are downloading. This is another Maxel alternative.

Users of Download Accelerator Plus can play their audio and video files as soon as the download process begins thanks to the video preview feature.

The users can even check the file preview while downloading the video to make sure they are downloading the desired content.

This tool also features pause & resume options, Download Accelerator Plus link checker system, filtration of a file from antiviruses before downloading, mirror sites speed booster, and video conversion system.


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