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Top 15 Best Movie Maker Online Alternatives In 2022

Best movie maker online alternatives will be described in this article. An intuitive online video editor and maker is Movie Maker Online. To spice up your film, it offers tens of thousands of free stock images and music videos. The user interface was designed with novices in mind. To create a slideshow video out of it, you only need to select and include photographs and audio files. Files from your storage or the stock library can be selected.

One standout feature of Movie Maker Online is the ability to select from a variety of resolution presets, from 144p to HD 720p, as well as from a selection of social media presets, including TikTok and Instagram stories. the 16:9, 1:1, and 4:5 ratios. You can select the background colour scheme, video type, and movie time. It enables you to add filters and blur, as well as control their amount, edge, and intensity.

There are also some fundamental editing tools available, including the trim, stretch, watermark, mirror, speed, rotate, combine, and reverse tools as well as the transitions, text, and background editing tools. To cut your existing video, it has a separate video trimming tool. The tool doesn’t display obtrusive advertising or watermark videos in any way. Overall, Movie Maker Online is an excellent video editing programme for novices who need some fundamental features and functions.

Top 15 Best Movie Maker Online Alternatives In 2022

Top 15 Best Movie Maker Online Alternatives are explained here.

1. Film Maker Pro – Free Movie Maker & Video Editor

Film Maker Pro – Free Movie Maker & Video Editor

With the help of features in the Film Maker Pro – Free Movie Maker & Video Editor app from Cerdillac, you can easily edit your favourite videos using tools like trimming, splitting, cutting, and duplication. Also check Guess The Movie 

This is another Movie Maker Online alternative. The software offers customers more than 30 transactions that make it easy for users to modify videos by adding transitions between video clips. To move the text, sticker, or music buttons around on the videos tab, tap on them. Users can add their favourite tunes to videos or edit videos to lower the sound of a certain segment.

50 filters are available in the Film Maker Pro – Free Movie Maker & Video Editor software to assist users in producing Hollywood-styled videos straight on their smartphone. Additionally, you can crop videos to get the ideal aspect ratio as well as can down to quickly produce slow-motion videos.

2. Alive Movie Maker

Alive Movie Maker

Through the Alive Inc. app Alive Movie Maker, you may edit your videos and connect with a creative community. Through the in-app camera, you may record videos and edit them using slides. It includes stickers with a variety of themes, including motion, romance, and Christmas.

By touching on the desired sticker, you may apply it to your photos and videos. Additionally, it has top-notch video editing effects like star, show, candy pop, etc. Your films can include text that you can edit in terms of font, colour, size, texture, and design.

An intuitive tool called Movie Maker for YouTube & Instagram offers options for adding effects, music, and the ability to muffle the sound of the movie. Videos can also be cropped to include your favourite sections. Additionally, the ALIVE Movie Maker app has object effects that you can drag to add and adjust the timing and motion of.

3. Photo Video Maker With Music-Movie Maker

Photo Video Maker With Music-Movie Maker

An software called Photo Video Maker With Music-Movie Maker allows users to create videos with music and photographs. With all the essential features & tools needed to provide a proficient editing experience, it is a complete video editor and slideshow maker. The app’s inclusion of Text, Music, Effects, Frames, and Filters makes it a fully functional slideshow maker.

You must download the programme, install it on your mobile device, select photographs or videos, add filters, and play music in order to use its service. Press the “make” button, give it a final look, and then save it to your smartphone gallery. In order to receive immediate response, it also enables you to easily share it with others on social media networks. This is another Movie Maker Online alternative.

You can make an infinite number of slideshows and videos using Photo Video Maker With Music-Movie Maker by utilising all of its capabilities. The standout features include a live movie maker, the ability to produce and edit endless movies, editing tools, a variety of hilarious effects, video merging, video cutter, and video trimmer, as well as more than 100 free cool effects.

4. Movie Maker

Movie Maker

By using the fantastic tool known as Movie Maker, users may make, edit, and share their video experiences with their friends. It was developed by KK Keyboard Studios Inc. It is a straightforward yet effective video editing programme that provides all the expert tools, effects, filters, and other features needed to enhance your film.

One of the greatest solutions for individuals who wish to transform their video clips into stunning movies with captivating music tracks, preserve their work, and share it with friends is Movie Maker. Additionally, it has strong photo editing tools that let you put together a slideshow of images and audio.

You just need to read through all of the instructions that explain how to use the programme before you start editing. The essential features of the Movie Maker app include the ability to quickly trim and edit video clips, add background music, select a movie, music track, and photo, share content directly to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, export HD video files, and much more.

5. Easy Photo Movie Maker

Easy Photo Movie Maker

With the help of the fantastic programme Easy Photo Movie Maker, users from all over the world can create stunning slideshows, digital albums, DVD movies, digital collages, and other media from their digital photos. The programme also enables you to stream all of your works to PCs, TVs, and the internet. Also check Antsmovies Alternatives

With the app, you can easily manage everything, make picture movies like a pro, and give your digital photographs life. Easy Photo Movie Maker is a quick, entertaining, and simple to use programme that runs on Windows 7, XP, and Vista. It is a fantastic scrapbooking programme that enables you to create masterpieces out of your ordinary photos.

This is another Movie Maker Online alternative. Additionally, you can add the music, subtitles, and customised digital photo effects that you choose. You may directly share your masterpieces with your loved ones after finishing them or post them on Facebook or other social media. Easy Photo Movie Maker is brilliantly made to be simple enough to use for everyone in the family and friends.

6. Windows Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker

You may quickly create edited films from your photos and recordings using Windows Movie Maker. To tell your tale, add improvements, motions, sound, and subtitles. Give the movies to friends and family. Windows Movie Maker is a powerful and user-friendly movie editing and creation product designed for the most recent versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Windows XP and Vista are compatible with the outdated form. Impacts, motions, titles/credits, soundtrack, schedule depiction, and Auto Movie are only a few of the components that are included in Windows Movie Maker. Using XML code, new effects and movements can be made, and current ones can be modified.

Additionally, Windows Movie Maker functions as a simple sound track editing application. With the benefit of Windows Movie Maker, you may provide soundtracks important effects like blurring in or darkening. Then, rather of being a video record, the soundtracks can be swapped.

7. Windows Live Movie Maker

Windows Live Movie Maker

Windows Live Movie Maker puts a unique motion picture studio at your fingertips and is designed for the developing videographer. Quickly import your video into Movie Maker from your PC or camera, and use the professional editing options or a reworked theme to accurately adjust, calibrate, and customise your film as needed.

The programme features music, titles, and credits. You may also browse a variety of effects, including as skillet, activity, zoom, and move effects. Once finished, share your video with your loved ones on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other social media platforms for informal communication. Additionally, you may email them the link so they can benefit from your favourite advanced memories as well. This is another Movie Maker Online alternative.

Windows Media Video (WMV), Windows Media, DV-AVI, Microsoft Recorded TV Show, 3GP, 3GPP, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, Motion JPEG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, Bitmap, and PNG are examples of picture and video documents that support bolstering. Customers running Windows 7 can also view QuickTime MOV, QT recordings, AVCHD, and MPEG-4 video collections.

8. Magisto Video Editor & Maker

Magisto Video Editor & Maker

A music slideshow, movie, and video collage maker are all features of Magisto Video Editor & Maker. You may easily clip the crucial part of the video using the trim feature, and you can also apply effects to your films. It also includes authorised soundtracks and music that you can use in your videos.

The drag and drop process allows you to include photos in collages and slideshows. Additionally, it has a feed with user-submitted videos. Additionally, you can include a watermark in the video with your website or brand.

Magisto – Music and Video Editor You can easily make, edit, and share videos using the Slideshow Maker app. You can mute the noises in the video or add text and other files using the app’s features.

9. Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip is an app that enables users to professionally record, edit, and distribute videos on the social networks of their choice. The on-board camera can record flawless footage in high definition. With the drag and drop feature, users may quickly arrange videos, audios, and images.

Additionally, users of the programme can crop, trim, modify audio, enhance colour, and add titles to videos. It allows users to add effects, transitions, voiceovers, and other features to videos. This adaptable tool offers the ability to edit videos with 3 music tracks and 4 video tracks.

This is another Movie Maker Online alternative. Additionally, the built-in templates in the Adobe Premiere Rush — Video Editor programme can be customised in terms of colour, size, and font. Users may view the data on all of their devices thanks to the app’s seamless data synchronisation.

10. Overvideo


You can edit your videos with Overvideo and include text and soundtracks. With the app, you can quickly edit videos by choosing the video to edit, adding text to the video, and sharing the edited video with friends and family. Also check Eax movie catalog alternatives

You can cut, edit, adjust, and do other things with the movie using the timeline capabilities. The text might also appear and vanish within the video. You can select from a combination of fashionable fonts in the programme, change the text’s size and colour, and personalise its typeface.

Before saving the altered video, you can also watch it. The user-friendly interface has buttons to start a new project and to see a preview of the edited film. Additionally, there are buttons to share videos and add more items to the timeline.

11. Quik


GoPro developed the free video and photo editing programme Quik – Free Video Editor for Photos, Clips, and Music. With only a few clicks, you can make beautiful films with this simple to use programme. You can use the app to select an image or a video clip, and then Quik will quickly discover a priceless moment.

Stunning transitions and effects may be added with precision, and everything can be timed to the rhythm of the music. One of the most fascinating and pleasant features of this software is the customisation feature, which enables you to construct your own story using text, music, and a variety of exciting multimedia elements. This is another Movie Maker Online alternative.

It is a sophisticated editing tool that provides numerous additional possibilities to enhance your image or video, including hundreds of filters, effects, and other features.

12. Video Editor Splice

Video Editor Splice

With the help of the video editor Splice, you may trim clips and give them effects. You can tap to alter the video, and it automatically syncs videos with music or tunes. You can alter the background colours of your films and add various filters. You may use the app to provide videos titles and text overlays.

Additionally, you can alter the orientation of films and edit photographs and videos to the appropriate size. A variety of transitions are available, and the speed of transitions can be altered. You can also add custom sound effects or narration to videos using the built-in voice recorder.

Many transitions are available in Splice – Video Editor & Maker, including swipe down, crossfade, blur, and swipe across, among others. The user interface has buttons for trimming, adding effects, and selecting the pace of videos. With the benefit of this video editor, you can make and share slo-mo videos with ease.

13. VideoGrade


This is another Movie Maker Online alternative. You may edit and control the colour gradation of videos with the simple-to-use colour editor VideoGrade. It includes premium filters and effects that let you manipulate films in ways you’ve never seen before. Additionally, it enables you to fix video flaws like poor lighting, incorrect colours, etc.

Using the app, you can take screenshots of individual video frames while you’re editing a video. The video can be downloaded in HD or in a variety of different resolutions. It has a wide range of features, including tools for adjusting video’s exposure, contrast, and colour temperature.

You may sharpen films, brighten them, rotate pictures, and even change their orientation from landscape to portrait. If you wish to unlock extra features, you can do so by making in-app payments on the paid version of the app.

14. LapseIt


It is a time-lapse camera that you can use to edit videos and record time-lapse footage. It has post-capture options for modifying videos, including video cutting, effect application, music addition, and rendering.

To improve the video, the software also offers top-notch effects like vibrant colours, vintage cinema, and monochrome, among others. You can add your songs to a time-lapse video and take the music out of videos using the music option. This is another Movie Maker Online alternative.

You can alter the capture parameters for the LapseIt app, including the number of frames each interval, resolution, brightness level, shutter sound, and time scale, among others. The information menu offers choices for changing the orientation of videos as well as information about videos.


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