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Top15 Best Movietracker App Alternatives In 2022

Best movie tracker App alternatives will be described in this article. You can keep track of the movies you’ve seen or plan to see using the Movietracker App. You may create your own personal movie list, organise your collection, and use filters like ratings, actors, and genre to find movies in the catalogue. With the Movietracker App, you can access a wealth of information about any actor and obtain data about your personal list. Look through 1,000,000 persons in the drama and cinema industries and 500,000 films.

Additionally, it notifies you of recently released and upcoming movies. You may monitor every piece of information with the help of the Movietracker App, including movie runtime, genre, longest film, release date, total number of films, and much more. As it indexes the movies on the local drive, a noteworthy advantage is that you can view the data offline. There are no registration requirements or advertisements in the app.

Top15 Best Movietracker App Alternatives in 2022

Top15 Best Movietracker App Alternatives in 2022 are explained here.

1. Personal Video Database

Personal Video Database

This is another Movietracker App alternative. A TV programme and movie cataloger with many possibilities to change the quantity and appearance of the data about your films is called Personal Video Database. We can select from a variety of templates and add details such as a summary, actors, cast, director, and the IMDB release date. The programme also comes with numerous graphical options that make it more appealing. You can easily search them and categorise them according to various parameters to learn more about your video library.

Advanced web search features are available with Personal Video Database, including searching for specific movies directly from the interface, checking folders for new paths, looking for movies that have been deleted from your hard drive, and re-indexing functions to keep searches current. Additionally, it offers rapid views of particular categories via the options on the Filters tab, such as which movies have posters or which are available on hard discs or portable devices. You can add recurring borrowers and keep track of how long they keep borrowed things with the Loans Manager tool.

2. Delicious Library

Delicious Library

With the help of the digital asset management tool Delicious Library, you can organise and manage your digital library of CDs, video games, movies, and books. It enables you to compile an exhaustive inventory, share it with others, and receive comprehensive suggestions based on your collection preferences. Simply hold a barcode up to your webcam, and a 3D model of the item will instantly appear on your digital shelves. The things can be rated, lent out, or enjoyed for immediate download while you take in the detailed content. To provide intelligent recommendations, it combines your ratings, wishlist, and friend’s collections.

The toolbar with several display options and the status bar with the various item categories are both included in the app’s main window. The library has three views: a list view, a wooden shelf that can be zoomed in and out, and a statistics page where you can check the different kinds of objects on the shelf and their prices.

3. Filmotech


For the management of your digital assets, including DVDs, movies, Blu-ray, CDs, DivX, VHS, and more, try Filmotech. For publishing, automatic retrieving, a cover printing feature, statistics, and loan systems, it includes MySQL and PHP functionality. By inputting the details regarding the title, you can store a completely new item in the database. As the tool automatically downloads the information from the internet, it eliminates the burden of manually entering the myriad of information about each movie. This is another Movietracker App alternative.

The genre, summary, countries, year, duration, rating, actors, directors, and comments may all be seen and edited. Additionally, you are permitted to import and export posters and manage media data (e.g., disc type, edition, languages, subtitles, trailer, and link to movie). Overall, Filmotech is a complete application for managing your collection, classifying your movies, and creating print covers.

4. MyMovieRack


Your personalised list of movies, video games, and other digital assets can be saved and organised on the MyMovieRack platform. You can choose your next TV show or movie with MyMovieRack in a few simple steps. You can find everything you need on the interface, including the statistics and search bar as well as the library and index. Additionally, it provides recommendations and tips for streaming well-liked, trending, or rated movies. Additionally, you have access to the options on the Filters page, which allow you to quickly browse particular categories such movies with posters or those that are on hard drives or detachable media.

Advanced web search features are available in MyMovieRack, including searching for specific movies directly from the UI, checking folders for path changes, looking for movies that have been deleted from your hard drive, and re-indexing functions to keep searches current.

5. Stuff Organizer

Stuff Organizer

This is another Movietracker App alternative. An open-source catalogue programme called Stuff Organizer can help you arrange your digital possessions, including software, movies, games, eBooks, and video games. Any file or folder on your computer can be recorded with the stuff Organizer application. When you continually know where your files are, you won’t have to worry about looking for them in an emergency.

To make it simpler to view the produced files, it also supports unpacking zip, rar, and iso files. Stuff Organizer also has sorting and filtering features that make it easy to locate the precise file you’re looking for in a search result. Tags, NFO file content support, getting a description from the web, and Intelligent Category Selector are further capabilities (ICS).

6. Eax Movie Catalog

Eax Movie Catalog

With the help of the practical organiser Eax Movie Catalog, you can construct a fully configurable catalogue of your digital media library, including movies, TV series, ebooks, video games, documentaries, and various CDs and DVDs. The seamless connection with numerous online video data resource platforms, including IMDB, Amazon, Netflix, and many others, is one standout feature of Eax Movie Catalog. With the benefit of this tool, you can automatically extract all the information needed to build a new database record. This is another Movietracker App alternative.

Additionally, it comes with other tools like a loan manager, script editor, statistics section, and many others that enable you to write scripts that are completely configurable and get information from various online movie databases.


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