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Top 15 Best Resilio Sync Alternative In 2022

Best and most Popular Resilio Sync alternative will be discussed in this article. Resilio Sync, originally known as BitTorrent Sync, is a P2P-based files sync programme that offers a quick and easy way to sync and transfer files. With simple and convenient file Sync and sharing locations, the software enables you to sync all of your data in a dependable and strong manner. You may use BitTorrent Sync on any mobile or desktop environment thanks to its wide range of compatibility. You can securely sync up one or more folders and share data to friends and relatives in private.

The days of difficult data transmission are over; BitTorrent Sync’s automated technique makes it possible to sync folders from laptops, mobile devices, and NAS. If you add a sync folder to one, all connected devices will automatically have access to it. There are many features available, including camera backup, bandwidth use control, data encryption, access from anywhere, full OS support, access permission management, selective Sync, and more to add.

Top 15 best Resilio Sync Alternative in 2022

Top 15 best Resilio Sync Alternative are explained here.

1. Syncthing


A free and open-source P2P (Peer-to-Peer) file synchronisation programme called Syncthing allows users to transfer files between local network devices and remote devices over the internet. It is a cross-platform programme, so you may use it on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and BSD, among other operating systems. Also check Free to Try alternative

This app’s built-in data protection and safety mechanism is one of its strongest features, setting it apart from competitors. Every communication is encrypted with full forward secrecy using the TLS protocol to ensure that no one can ever access your data.

The source code for Syncthing is open-source software, and it is accessible on GitHub. Another notable feature is the Web GUI, which is extremely straightforward and simple to use, allows you to synchronise as many folders as you need, is lightweight, and operates on numerous systems.

2. Rsync


A small, open-source programme called Rsync offers quick incremental file transfers with a variety of features that you may use from the console. It can do quick file synchronizations and is built on a powerful differencing technique. RSync can only be used from the command line. Because of this, it can be a little challenging to use for individuals who are unfamiliar with the console. This is another Resilio Sync alternative.

The programme has a comprehensive array of settings that may be used to alter the file transfer procedure, is capable of changing the file system and directory trees, enabling remote shell connections, and more.

You can use SSH or RSH as the transport mechanism, and the trial runs let you test it out without making any changes. Furthermore, Rsync may require a set checksum block size and manage sparse files. A limit and minimum file size can be set by the user, and all unnecessary files can be automatically eliminated from the destination directory. The program’s ability to do incremental transfers quickly and with backup features is one of its strongest features.

3. Aspera Sync

Aspera Sync

One of the most effective file synchronisation solutions, Aspera Sync was created to address the performance and scalability issues with traditional synchronisation technologies. It may be scaled up and out for maximum speed replication as well as synchronisation over WANs for the greatest file sizes and most significant data file stores of today.

Just like the majority of the top synchronisation products, it also includes backup and recovery options so that businesses may swiftly restore crucial information or entire sites in the event of a crisis. However, sluggish transfer speeds between the primary and backup sites, which result in incomplete backups and lengthen recovery times, might undermine all these regulations.

Aspera Sync has two-way synchronisation as part of its comprehensiveness and includes cutting-edge technologies that set it apart from competing products. Remote synchronisation, real-time synchronisation, file archiving, server relocation, and many other features are among its other standout features.

 4. GoodSync


GoodSync is a software programme for data backup and synchronisation that offers centralised management and reporting capabilities for companies of all sizes. The software enables real-time and automated synchronisation that ensures the ability to read, edit, and save the document in a quick and secure manner from any place, increasing operational efficiency and data security. The software also ensures full data redundancy and ease of recovery.

In contrast to the majority of the top data backup and synchronisation programmes, GoodSync also provides web access and restoration features that let you use the service whenever you want online. The programme is really straightforward and simple to use. You must first download and install it on your computer, then create a task, pick the source and destination directories, and select your automation settings.

The most notable attributes of GoodSync are backup planning, remote access, local server options, data synchronisation, remote document access, disaster recovery, notifications and activity dashboard, among others. The fact that this platform can be used on mobile devices, which have additional capabilities and tools, is another important aspect of it.

5. Synkron



This is another Resilio Sync alternative. A free all-in-one programme called Synkron is designed to synchronise files and directories so that users can access the most recent version of their data. It has all the essential features and tools that make it a complete solution for everyone, and it is also straightforward and simple to use. This software’s features go beyond only file synchronisation. Additionally, it encompasses numerous intricate procedures like adding, removing, or establishing filters, among others. All of these features are useful when numerous people are using the same computer and creating multiple revisions of the same file.

After completing the registration procedure, you can efficiently use Synkron’s service without any restrictions after a brief installation process. Files that have been deleted or modified can be recovered fast and safely. Users should examine the multi-sync feature’s capacity to synchronise many pieces of data simultaneously. Scheduling and viewing, both of which are integrated elements, are additional helpful functions.

The user can fine-tune every synchronisation so that he gets the precise outcome he needs. With distinct tabs for each procedure so that all the actions can be inspected independently, Synkron has an instinctive user interface that is simple to learn. There are numerous versions of the solution that you can utilise, and every new one comes with a tonne of upgrades and new features.

6. Syncovery


The best file synchronisation and backup programme, called Syncovery, is advised for both individual and business users. It is an all-in-one solution with a wealth of capabilities that includes all the essential components needed to create a whole experience on a single platform. The fact that Syncovery provides cloud storage and online backup is one of its strongest features. All of the data is compressed and encrypted before being uploaded to the data center’s servers.

You can choose nearly any storage with the aid of this platform because the majority of online storage can be accessed using common internet protocols. Real-time synchronisation in Syncovery keeps track of changed folders and copies new files after a very brief delay. It is comparatively easy to use and powerful when compared to the majority of the top backup and file synchronisation programmes.

No special knowledge is required to use its service, install it on your computer, and take use of all capabilities without any restrictions. In a brand-new feature from Syncovery, you can now establish profile groups by giving your profiles names like Backup Home, Backup Office, etc. The solution’s primary features include block-level copying, news, real-time sync, file synchronisation, testimonials, and an intuitive user interface.

7. DirSync Pro

DirSync Pro

The most effective tool for synchronising and backing up your files is called DirSync Pro. It makes the process as simple as possible. It includes a wide range of preset and adjustable choices and has a straightforward, intuitive design that makes it easy to get around. The solution provides a graphical user interface that enables users to control and execute various synchronisation operations with ease. This is another Resilio Sync alternative.

However, FTP synchronisation is not currently supported by DirSync Pro, which only enables local folder-to-folder synchronisation. Additionally, it makes it simple to synchronise and compare the information of multiple directories. It is primarily capable of doing incremental backups of various sizes. Also check kinect sports rival alternatives

It is more powerful and has a user-friendly interface that makes it easier for you to customise many of the parameters you require when compared to all other similar synchronisation solutions. This is also very adaptable for running in batches and may be used via the command line. Additionally, DirSync Pro has a powerful scheduling engine that enables you to easily schedule synchronisation events on a variety of timescales, including minutely, daily, weekly, and monthly.

8. bvckup 2

bvckup 2

A robust, feature-rich application that backs up data is Bvckup 2. To back up your files, you can keep your documents copied to the folders that sync with your computer. It is more powerful, syncs quickly, and is trustworthy when compared to programmes of a similar nature. You can always access large folders and files since they are not compressed.

The application gives you the option to choose between real-time updates, scheduled upgrades to save your files, and manual updates. Bvckup 2 is asynchronous because numerous copying requests are active at once.

The app’s interface is extremely outstanding, and using it, creating profiles, and taking advantage of all of its capabilities without any restrictions don’t require any IT expertise. Real-time backups, scheduled and manual backup, multi-core processing, delta copying, move/rename detection, device tracking, archiving, email reporting and alerts, among other capabilities, are some of Bvckup 2’s most notable features. There are three distinct price plans for this commercial programme.

9. Allway Sync

Allway Sync

The all-in-one backup and file synchronisation software solution Allway Sync allows users to backup and synchronise files to the same or separate hard drives, various media, or a different remote server. It synchronises data using a cutting-edge synchronisation technique and supports data compression and encryption, providing a comprehensive solution for all types of users.

Allway Sync is pretty straightforward and provides a user interface that is really simple to use with unfailing reliability when compared to all the other software solutions of a similar nature. It is a free sync programme that is free of spyware, malware, and adware. This software can be set up on as many PCs as you require. This software solution allows you to sync folders and data.

This is another Resilio Sync alternative. The basic features of Allway Sync include file modification and detections, cutting-edge algorithms, directory synchronisation, support for more than 30 languages, and remote synchronisation, among others.

10. Liuxz Sync Now

Liuxz Sync Now

Although Liuxz Sync Now has several advantages, it isn’t as versatile as other sync software. Clients that want constant synchronizations throughout a system or across hard drives will find it most helpful.

Overall performance was appreciated, as were the simple UI and rapid match-up timings. The user interface of Liuxz Sync Now is simple and will feel natural to anyone who has ever used a word processor, online browser, or other critical tool like pressure programming. On the top of the display, a toolbar with key capabilities is visible.

With only one mouse click, you may access planned adjustments, continuous synchronises, and an information log. You should select source documents/organizers and a goal envelope for PC and hard disc sync.

11. RoboMirror


An all-in-one GUI front-end called RoboMirror is renowned for having a Windows-ready command-line tool called Robocopy.exe. The software makes RoboCopy more approachable, and users don’t need to put in a lot of time working because of the user-friendly GUI designed with general flexibility in mind. You have the option to let RoboMirror shut down the system as soon as the queue process is completed, and it is giving you the ability to add more mirror operations to the queue for batch processing. This is another Resilio Sync alternative. Also check goodPaper Wallpaper alternative

The software’s most potent synchronisation of the two direct trees, both locally and across the network, adds significantly to its value. A variety of capabilities are available, including controlling mirror tasks, two-way synchronisation, expanded NTFS properties, omitting files and folders, scheduling backups, running simulations, logging and task histories, and more.

12. Rsync Client

Rsync Client

An effective file manager to quickly transfer large amounts of data between all accessible hard discs and folders is Rsync Client – Pro Edition. To access your data on other smart devices, you can synchronise it on a cloud server.

Users can use the options menu that appears when they left-click on a file or folder to alter the file’s name, format, or delete it from the list to free up space for more files to be saved. To protect all of your data from illegal access, the programme allows you to generate a password or a secure SSH private key.

The user-friendly design of the Rsync Client – Pro Edition programme allows users to apply filters and sort the list of available files in accordance with their preferences. You can follow the advancement of files being uploaded or downloaded because it displays all currently running processes.

13. FreeFileSync


FreeFileSync is open-source software compatible with many different operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. This enables you to compare files and folders side-by-side in order to see how much space is being taken up by each, and then remove the larger file.

This is another Resilio Sync alternative. You can choose the source folder and the target folder with the aid of FreeFileSync, which will then transfer the necessary data to level off the sizes of both files. Additionally, users can remove as many files as they wish by adding them to the Recycle bin.

You can choose a directory to quickly see all the folders that are accessible, and you can arrange the folder list by size to see the largest items at the top of the list. It has a two-way synchronisation capability that allows data to be sent and received between two folders simultaneously.

14. Déjà Dup

Déjà Dup

Déjà Dup is a straightforward backup application that assists users in preventing the loss of their most crucial data by copying it to a file and storing the file on other hard drives or cloud servers for future restoration. A file that was unintentionally deleted can be recovered by looking for it in the backup.

From the home screen, users can tap the button to back up their files or to have them immediately restored from a recent backup file. It enables you to encrypt your backup files so that they are safe from any threats to privacy or illegal access.

Déjà Dup has developed capabilities that allow you to compress backup files in order to minimise their size and store more backups on the same hard drive without running out of space. According to your routine, you can choose which files, folders, and times to set a backup for.

15. SyncBack


A programme called SyncBack aids users in synchronising, recovering, and backing up the data. Mission-critical businesses, including law enforcement agencies and government departments, employ the software to save crucial data. It allows users to backup practically everything, including emails, music files, and images, and to transfer their items from one portable device to another. This is another Resilio Sync alternative.

A management system that comes with SyncBack enables users to simply and securely monitor and manage remote backups. Users of the solution are able to preserve older backup versions even after purchasing a new one. Users can inspect the software’s scripting to see how it operates.

SyncBack provides centralised management, SBMS integration, and powerful compression and encryption services with parallel compression. This premium platform supports all storage and software types and offers quick incremental backups.


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