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Top 15 Best SportsQwizz Alternatives In 2022

Best and most authentic SportsQwizz Alternatives will be discussed in this article. Gameapp SportsWizz Tech’s SportsQwizz: Online Quiz is a single-player game that offers features to assist you in providing answers to questions about various sports so you can learn new facts about your favourite sport. Users can “like” a quiz, and it displays how many questions are in each quiz overall.

With the SportsQwizz: A Thrilling Sports Quiz Game app, you may select your favourite sport to follow live events and receive updated quizzes with scores and other facts at a glance. Each time a user shares a question on social media, they have the chance to win in-app rewards.

A sporting quiz, SportsQwizz The quiz, duel, contest, prophesies, cash, stats, search, filters, and settings sections may all be accessed from the main screen of the trivia app thanks to its features. To participate in a duel, users can invite their friends and relatives.

Top 15 Best SportsQwizz Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best SportsQwizz Alternatives in 2022 are explained here.

1. Fan Quiz for NHL

Fan Quiz for NHL

Users of the NHL app can challenge their coworkers to a trivia game to see how much they know about various sports by using the Fan Quiz feature. You can adjust the time limit in the options menu and remove players from the game with a single tap. This is another SportsQwizz alternative.

Fan Quiz for NHL – Multiplayer hockey trivia app has features that allow players to take quizzes and select the winning response to advance in the game. You can tackle every question without wasting time because it displays the number of current questions, the total number of questions, and the total time allotted for the quiz.

In the multiplayer mode of the NHL app, Fan Quiz offers elements to assist users in viewing both their own score and the score of the competition. When you tap on the intended response, the appropriate choice appears in green.

2. Logo USA Sports Quiz

Logo USA Sports Quiz

The Logo USA Sports Quiz app has features that require you to simply recognise the logos of numerous sports teams from throughout the US. Users can check the statistics of the best players and improve their accuracy to rise to the top of the scoreboard.

The app offers a training mode where you may practise for the actual trivia quiz and access the scoring menu to see all of your scores going back to day one at a glance. Users have the option of changing their name on the leaderboard and displaying it to their friends. Also check Ultimate sports Quiz Alternatives

The Logo USA Sports Quiz app has a simple UI that displays the total number of questions, the total number of correct answers, and the total number of incorrect answers. To continue on to the following question, users can tap on the desired choice from the available options.

3. Soccer Quiz 2019

Soccer Quiz 2019

By selecting the correct response to the offered questions, users of the Soccer Quiz 2019 app can gain new information about all the important national and international football events. Additionally, you can use coins to purchase additional trivia tests, and each round’s total cost is displayed.

Additionally, the app offers a store section where users may make in-app purchases to add extra coins, and they can spend those money to purchase hints for challenging problems. You can either complete the level and go to the next one by providing the correct answers to every question, or you can play the same level repeatedly to get better.

This is another SportsQwizz alternative. The Soccer Quiz 2019 app creates questions based on categories so users may learn about soccer step-by-step. Users can unlock more and more categories by using in-app cash and by successfully completing the assigned levels.

4.Soccer Quiz 2020 (Football Quiz)

Soccer Quiz 2020

With the trivia app Soccer Quiz 2020 (Football Quiz), created by Peaksel, you can answer fun questions about football while also viewing flashcards to learn intriguing trivia. To receive a certificate of accomplishment, users must finish all the levels.

Football quiz: Soccer Trivia has features that allow you to ask a question of your friends and family members via a variety of social media apps in order to receive the right response from them. Users can store their certificates for subsequent viewing on the phone’s internal storage.

The Football Quiz: Trivia Questions and Answers app has features that let you use lives and a tip to acquire the appropriate answer in order to bypass a challenging question. After each successful quiz level, a humorous fact is displayed, and users can copy the content to share it with other users.

5.Diamond Sports Trivia

Diamond Sports Trivia

The Diamond Sports Trivia app offers a wide variety of quizzes covering many sports and categories, allowing users to demonstrate their support for their home nation and favourite sports team. There is a quiz on it that covers a variety of international sports, such as football, basketball, boxing, etc.

To encourage users to become the ultimate game legend, the app contains a way for users to view the total number of completed and failed levels from the home screen. Each question’s correct or incorrect response is indicated with an on-screen message.

The home screen of the Diamond Sports Trivia app displays the titles of every sport that is offered, allowing users to choose their preferred sport and begin the quiz while they are on the go. For added enjoyment, you can modify the colours and backdrop theme in the settings menu.

6.Millionaire Soccer Quiz

Millionaire Soccer Quiz

Quiz & Trivia Games’ Millionaire Soccer Quiz is an app for soccer aficionados that lets users take a football quiz to learn about football teams, global events, players, and much more. To save some time, you can alternatively skip the previous question and move on to the next. This is another SportsQwizz alternative.

In order to gain awards, the app has features that allow users to tap on the correct response after reading the question from the screen. It also displays the total number of questions at the current level. You can acquire more achievements by completing more levels, which are displayed in the stats area.

The Millionaire Soccer Quiz app offers options to assist users in asking their family members for the proper response or in sharing it with the community. The in-app currency can be used to purchase tips to help you find the right response to a challenging topic.

7.Football quiz: Guess the player

Football quiz

Football quiz: Guess the player app develops elements that allow you to achieve your learning objectives. Users can examine the icons and names of each player’s most recent and present clubs, along with the clubs’ respective playing histories.

With the help of the Football Quiz app’s classic mode, you may recognise images of more than 200 different players and type their names onto the screen. By purchasing in-app coins, users can receive suggestions on where to discover the name and the proper spelling of the name.

On the home screen of the Football Quiz: Guess the Player app, there is a language menu that allows you to switch between the available languages, including German, Spanish, French, Italian, and many more. Users can tap on a club’s image to explore it in more detail and save it to their collection.

8.American Football Quiz

American Football Quiz

On their mobile phone screen, football league enthusiasts can learn interesting facts about American football, players, and all the major leagues with the help of the American Football Quiz app. You can unlock all the sets by completing ever-increasing levels, and you can take the quiz as many times as you like. Also check +100000 anime wallpaper alternative

Users of the app can disable music from the home screen and buy in-app items to get rid of all the intrusive adverts. Using coins, you can purchase hints, and you can also replenish your coin supply in the shop.

The American Football Quiz app has features that allow users to view the whole collection of all the quiz sets that are currently accessible. It also displays the total number of levels in each set. To test other users’ knowledge, you can post the quiz on a variety of social media platforms.

9. SportsQwizz Pro

SportsQwizz Pro

With the SportsQwizz Pro – Sports Trivia Contest app, you can take advantage of the chance to participate in sports competitions by simply testing your knowledge of your preferred sports for the chance to win a variety of prizes. Users simply tap on the desired response, and it will display the right response in green.

With the help of the SportsQwizz Pro app’s features, you can examine all recently established contests from the main screen along with their titles and expiration dates. Users can take part in an increasing number of competitions to boost their chances of winning more money and discovering new information.

With the help of the SportsQwizz Pro – Play Contests, Win Prizes app, you can browse the leaderboard section to see how well your friends and family members are doing overall. You can also use filters to view performance based on your preferences.

10. Super Quiz Soccer 2020

Super Quiz Soccer 2020

This is another SportsQwizz alternative. The Super Quiz Soccer 2020 app has features that allow users to identify a football team or player simply by looking at the picture on the screen. Emojis can also be used to write the name of a professional soccer team.

The app offers tools to assist users in getting a comprehensive list of all quizzes that are available, including both completed and unfinished questions. To correctly predict the price of a well-known football player, you may also look at the playing number, the icon of the current club, the former club’s icon, and the price.

Users of the Super Quiz Soccer 2020 app have the ability to use the undo feature to undo all modifications, as well as the redo button to bring back characters that were inadvertently deleted. Before moving on to the next query, you can remove characters and check your response by tapping the tick icon.

11. Football Quiz by mifthi

Football Quiz by Mifthi's

Football Quiz is a trivia game by mifthi that offers tools to help you experience your favourite sport in its entirety by answering multiple-choice questions to climb the leaderboard and compete against users from around the world.

To avoid any penalties, you can read the rules in the app before completing the quiz. You can also share the rules with other participants to assist them. From the options section, users can modify the font size and turn off the music and other sounds.

With the help of the Football Quiz app’s features, you can check details about each quiz, including the total questions, stage number, highest score, overall life, and your current score. Users can win cups by successfully finishing each quiz with a high score. They can also examine other players’ best scores to push themselves to the top of the scoreboard.

12.Football Quiz: Who Am I?

Football Quiz: Who Am I?

Who Am I in the Football Quiz? Users of the app can examine information about a football player on the screen of their mobile phone and write on the screen to reveal the player’s real name. To help you guess the right name, it displays information on teams, players, teammates, managers, and accomplishments. This is another SportsQwizz alternative.

The Football Quiz app offers a variety of various quiz packs that users can use to test their sports knowledge and broaden it by just playing quizzes based on their current skill level.

Who Am I in the Football Quiz? users can examine the total number of questions in each pack, the title of each pack, the number of finished questions, and the percentage of completed questions using capabilities provided by the app. To improve your chances of winning the game, you can look at clues before answering a question.

13. Football Quiz – Test Your Soccer Trivia Knowledge

Football Quiz

Football Test Your Soccer Knowledge By reading fresh facts about the game while taking short quizzes, the Trivia Knowledge app has elements that allow you to advance your understanding of football.

With the help of the Football Quiz app’s features, you can choose the desired set of questions to begin the quiz. It also displays the number of current questions, the total points in the current set, the total time, and the total number of questions. You can skip a challenging question to move on to the next one and save time.

Football Test Your Soccer Knowledge You can finish a quiz on the Trivia Knowledge app and read more about the facts by answering all the questions correctly. Emoji are used to denote the right response, and users can alter the backdrop colour for extra amusement.

14. 5000+ Trivia Games Quizzes & Questions

5000+ Trivia Games Quizzes & Questions

This is another SportsQwizz alternative. By taking general knowledge quizzes on a variety of subjects, including history, politics, animals, plants, art, and science, users of the 5000+ Trivia Games Quizzes & Questions app can inundate their minds with information. In order to never run out of questions, you can also regularly refresh the library of trivia quizzes. Also check SportsQWizz Pro Alternatives

Users of the app have access to a large database of more than 5000 different trivia questions organised into more than 40 different categories, and they can swiftly respond to a question to earn bonus points.

The 5000+ Trivia Games Quizzes & Questions app has features that allow users to check details about the current quiz, including the name of the category, overall score, and remaining time before the bonus expires. To unlock achievements, you can finish a quiz on the desired subject or category. You can then show off your accomplishments to other players to inspire them.

15. Guess The Team – Football Quiz 2020

Guess The Team

You may demonstrate your football expertise by answering trivia questions about more than 125 different national and international football teams and leagues with the Guess The Team – Football Quiz 2020 app. After reading the team’s information, users can use the phone’s keyboard to enter their responses.

With the help of the tools in the Guess The Team app, you can acquire hints for a challenging trivia question, such as the names of every team member and the team’s league level. This is another SportsQwizz alternative.

With the help of the Guess The Team – Football Quiz 2020 app’s features, you can examine the total amount of hints in your account as well as the level indicator at the top of the screen. With a single tap, users can correct the list of trivia questions, and it also displays the flag of each player’s nation.


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