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Top 15 Best Torium Alternatives In 2022

Best and most demanding Torium alternative will be discussed in this article. Torium is a straightforward and understated torrent file downloader and uploader for people who only require the bare minimum of functionality. The user interface shows progress bars, file information, download and upload speeds, and remaining download time. It is useful for other torrent users if you choose to seed the file after downloading it. The speed of the file is unaffected because trackers are eventually automatically updated.

The limited options that Torium provides—which are not extremely adjustable—include storage management, network configurations, interface changes, and a few others. You can run it on a PC with very few resources because it isn’t resource-intensive. Developers can customise the software by accessing the source code because it is open-source.

Top 15 best Torium alternatives in 2022

Top 15 best Torium alternatives are explained here.

1. qBittorrent


A cross-platform P2P BitTorrent client with a C++ foundation, qBittorrent is free and open-source software. It is proposed as an alternative to uTorrent & has excellent search engine expansion integration. With this BitTorrent client, you may make requests for a range of files and multimedia while running several concurrent searches and category-specific search requests.

This is another Torium alternative. Both a web user interface & a Qt4 user interface are included in the software, which supports remote downloading of search results. Peer exchange, DHT, and full encryption are only a few of the extensions of BitTorrent that are supported. QBittorrent additionally supports UPnP and NAT-PMP port forwarding in addition to extensive RSS support, download filters, IP filtering, and IPv6 compliance.

Its operation is comparable to that of all the other top BitTorrent clients, but it offers a tonne of extra features that make it stand out from the crowd. Key features include the ability to download many torrents at once, an integrated RSS feed reader and downloader, incredibly low resource usage, control over files and torrent construction tools, etc.



Deluge is the most well-liked BitTorrent client for Windows, OS X, Linux, and Unix. It is a feature-rich resolution that operates libtorrent as its backend and provides a range of user interfaces, such as web and console. This BitTorrent client was developed using a client-server methodology, and one distinguishing characteristic of it is the daemon process, which manages all of the primary BitTorrent functions. Also check TorrentHounds Alternatives

The client tries to be both secure and lightweight, and the majority of Deluge’s functionality is available in plugin tools made by other developers. The user interfaces can always establish a remote connection from any platform, and the client can run on headless workstations.

Along with support for multiple operating systems including GNOME, XFCE, KDE, and others, it also has a wide variety of plugins, is speedy and simple, and is secure. Deluge is totally free software and is therefore subject to the GNU General Public License.

3. Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager

A free download manager called Free Download Manager divides downloaded files first before reassembling each divided part to complete the file. Additional functionalities include start, pause, resume, and stops. Thanks to the resume feature, users can pick up their file download where they left off. Its strongest point is that it can act as a file manager. Any downloaded file is immediately relocated to the right spot on this platform. For example, a song will be placed to the music folder.

Movies and video files will be put in the video folder by default, and software files will go in the software folder. To allow users to pick when their files are finished downloading or when they should be scheduled to download, Free Download Manager provides the options of complete, in progress, stop, and schedule when downloading multiple files.

4. Tixati


The peer-to-peer file-sharing application Tixati employs the BitTorrent protocol. With the help of the protocol, a swarm of peers can efficiently download large files. The most advantageous aspect of this software is that it employs sophisticated bandwidth registering for aggregate and per-transfer traffic, with separate catalogues for protocol and file bytes and numerous categories for outbound traffic for seeding and trading.

It comes with a tonne of innovative features that set it different from other applications of a same sort. For instance, peer connection encryption, extremely powerful peer choking, incredibly flexible bandwidth, the fastest downloads, more security, the ability to trade magnet lists, stream audio-video files, and access to private chat rooms with a simple, free interface. The software only works with Linux and Microsoft Windows. This is another Torium alternative.

5. PicoTorrent


You may look for, find, and download movies, games, and other content from the internet using the web application PicoTorrent, which combines a user-friendly interface with a P2P connection. You can get magnet URLs along with torrent files using this straightforward technique. You can instantly decompress this solution wherever you wish on your hard disc because it’s a gateway and doesn’t require setup. You should be conscious that there is no setting necessary and that the output directory is assigned to a device with appropriate free space.

After the programme has started, you will see a simple interface where you can look at the list of torrents and other useful data like the size, status, expected download time, and peer for each file from the main windows. You may add its torrent files from the file menu and download them rapidly, making it significantly more powerful than all other comparable platforms. Based on your tastes, a smart recommendation algorithm will all recommend the best games, movies, and applications. Other common characteristics of PicoTorrent include a simple user interface, daily updates with new connections, explore categories and search boxes, etc.

6. BitTorrent


The most well-known torrent client, BitTorrent, shares files via the BitTorrent protocol. It allows users to look for, share, download, and upload a variety of media files, including songs, movies, software, documents, and other file types. Users can download several files from various peers at once using the software.

The user interface (UI) shows details regarding each upload and download, such as upload and download speed, file name, size, speed, and progress. Checking overall utilisation is possible using both tabular and graphical modes. Through BitTorrent or from the torrent sites, fresh torrent and magnet files can be added. Also check Torrents Alternatives

It has a user-friendly interface and a tonne of other functions, like remote control and scheduling that makes it possible to set different bandwidth restrictions at different times of the day. The bandwidth limiter, data transfer quote limiter, download scheduler, IP blocklist, proxy support, and other state-of-the-art features are only a few of its standout features.

7. BiglyBT


BiglyBT is an open-source BitTorrent client that allows users to download and upload torrent files. It is software that is both open-source and packed with functions. If you want to use torrent software free of adverts, this is the best option. The BiglyBT Android app is ad-free and has identical functionality to the BiglyBT PC version. Using this software, which functions as a remote control for your phone, tablet, and Chromebook, you can also instantly transfer movies and music to your TV with Android TV compatibility.

This is another Torium alternative. Combining all the seeders into one swarm so that you may download stuff more quickly is one of this software’s main features. The timeline’s neat features include labelling and organising torrent files. It has every prerequisite for a torrent, including Mainline DHT, Vuze DHT, UPnP, uTP, PEX, UDP Tracker, and end-to-end file encryption.

8. rTorrent


Users may use rTorrent, a text-based BitTorrent client, to distribute torrent files downloaded from the internet. The ncurses and libTorrent libraries, which are unique to Unix, were used in its construction. It was designed for excellent performance and has error-free coding. Despite the absence of a graphical user interface, direct text-based commands could still be sent, as already mentioned. Because of its antiquity and lack of development, it does not offer many features including IPv6 Internet Protocol, proxy server connections for secure downloads, seeding, web trackers, UPnP, and integration with daemon tools. Sequential download options weren’t offered.

Some key abilities include downloading from magnet links, super seeding, selecting which files to download, and giving your specific files priority. Since there were no search engines, utilities, or other obtrusive features, the application was clean and free of bloatware. The only OS systems that supported rTorrent were Windows and Linux.

9. Nicotine+


You can share torrent files with Nicotine+, a torrent client for Soulseek, via the Peer-to-Peer file exchange network. A file-sharing programme that aims to be plainer and simpler while yet giving powerful capabilities, it serves as a substitute for Complex Soulseek. It was initially created to spread music, though users can exchange other types of media. There is a search bar, downloads section, and uploads tab, along with all the other necessary navigational tools. It provides private chat, chatrooms, and buddy lists in addition to features that are unusual in other P2P file-sharing platforms. The download and upload speeds are also shown, along with the region and IP address of the currently downloaded files.

Nicotine+’s source code is open-source and accessible to everyone. Although Nicotine+ does not directly collect any user data, one drawback of open source software is that third-party servers may do so without the user’s knowledge. The programme works on Windows and macOS systems.

10. Libtorrent


Libtorrent, a BitTorrent client, can be used to send torrent files via a P2P connection. It is a basic version of BitTorrent without bloatware that puts reliability and performance before graphics. The software is simple to use, but it has all the technical features required for P2P and torrent exchange. This software’s main goals are low CPU and memory utilisation, as well as ease of use. Since Libtorrent is licenced software, you are free to use its library in your projects without obtaining a licence, but you must give the author credit. This is another Torium alternative.

Access to the BitTorrent library, the DHT mechanism, support for IPv6’s internet protocol, peer-to-peer networking, HTTP seeding, tracker addition, and local peer discovery are just a few of the software’s noteworthy features. Additionally, you can download personal torrents. Also check ScrapeTorrent Alternatives

11. LIII BitTorrent client

LIII BitTorrent client

LIII BitTorrent Client is a free programme that enables the sharing of torrent files. With the aim of utilising the fewest hardware resources (CPU and RAM) and the most efficient downloading and uploading method, this software is simple and easy to use. You could favour this software over other torrent solutions because of its ease of use, user-friendly user interface, and accessible functionality. The file is promptly added to the download queue thanks to the magnet URL fetching that is enabled by this. Despite having an outdated graphical user interface, this software nonetheless enhances PC performance in a number of ways.

The programme might not be the most powerful in contrast to its rivals like BitTorrent or its clients, but it provides a pleasant user experience when performing Peer-to-Peer exchange tasks.

12. Vuze


This is another Torium alternative. Vuze, also known as Azureus, is a free BitTorrent client that is used for file transfers that adhere to the BitTorrent protocol. It was produced using Java and the Azureus Engine. Along with BitTorrent, users of the website have access to original DVDs and high-quality video content for browsing, publishing, and exchanging. All of the information is presented utilising a variety of categories and channels.

The website also gives users the option to publish unique content they’ve created and monetize it. Because it is a simple and user-friendly piece of software, you can access it whenever you want, anywhere in the world. One can engage in decentralised communication, content searching, talk with friends, share torrents, browse and download high-quality content, post one’s own content, and export media directories to external devices, to name a few.

Vuze is the only tool that allows torrents to be accessed on P2P and vice versa thanks to an I2P network plugin. The anti-virus protection, playable video game streaming, and lack of annoying adverts on this platform may allow you to get more usage out of your downloads. Music videos, movies, TV series, and video games are among the most popular types.

13. FrostWire


The most advanced open-source and free BitTorrent client since its September 2004 launch is FrostWire. It has all the necessary features and is comparable to LimeWire, but it also has a few novel tools that set it apart from the competition. A sophisticated download manager, a music player, a media library, etc. are some examples. Another is a precise built-in torrent search. All these features are combined into a single, free application, allowing you to download movies, music, and videos straight to your smartphone without any size or speed constraints.

When you’re not online, you can still listen to your music by creating playlists. The speed with which this method downloads using the decentralised P2P file-sharing torrent network is a key component. involves breaking the content up into smaller chunks and downloading it all at once from many sources.

This is another Torium alternative. You can download any kind of media file, including full songs in high definition and entire albums of music. Despite being more geared toward audio and video than other comparable torrent solutions, it also lets you download other kinds of data. Additional features offered by FrostWire include an integrated torrent search, one-tap downloading, a media browser, and choices for file storage. FrostWire is an excellent open-source BitTorrent client for both mobile and web platforms.

14. Halite


Halite is one of the top free BitTorrent clients and is based on the well-known libtorrent library. The proper operation of C++ applications depends on the Boost libraries, portable C++ source libraries. Customers who wish to download different file formats, such as audio, video, and images, can do so using a platform that is especially made for them.

It is a straightforward but practical BitTorrent client that is simple to use and has a tiny memory footprint, a simple interface, and ease of use. The programmes’ main features include file selection, magnet URI support, controlled torrent queue, tracker editing, and file creation. It offers communication chances similar to those offered by other platforms of a such nature, but with some novel features that make it stand out from the competitors.

15. KTorrent


The most well-known BitTorrent tool, KTorrent, was developed by KDE and allows you to download any type of file via the BitTorrent protocol. You can execute numerous torrents at once thanks to its additional features, which make it a feature-rich BitTorrent client. Its performance is identical to that of other BitTorrent apps, but its unique user interface and a profusion of extra features make it stand out from the crowd. This is another Torium alternative.

The primary capabilities of KTorrent include global and per-torrent speed limits, previewing particular file types, importing partially or fully downloaded files, selective downloading for multi-file torrents, support for UDP trackers, and many other features. Along with its built-in functionality, KTorrent also offers a few plugins that make it superior to rival programmes.


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