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Top 12 Best Waifu Collector Alternatives In 2022

Best and most demanding Waifu Collector alternative will be discussed in this article. Digital Walfus offers Waifu Collector, a card, management, visual novel, dating sim, and single-player video game. You must take on the role of the main character in this version in order to advance to the next stage and experience the epic card gathering battles.

While waiting, grab the best cards with the strongest characters, assemble your deck, and keep playing. There is also a hint of a dating sim here, and it is also possible to use trading cards. A captivating storyline, anime-style characters, and simple-to-learn gameplay with the most real-time effects are all actively played during the visit. Other elements include tens of thousands of cards with several male and female characters, both new and old, strategic gameplay, and exhilarating music.

Top 12 Best Waifu Collector Alternatives in 2022

Top 12 Best Waifu Collector Alternatives are explained here.

1. Shuffle Cats

Shuffle Cats

The King’s video game Shuffle Cats is an Adventure, Strategy, Management, Card, Single-player, and Multiplayer title. In this version, you must begin a campaign to develop a deck of cards using comparable names, numbers, and symbols. As you build your deck, be sure to aim for as many points as possible. Play different games like Regal Rummy against expert internet players or compete solely against computer AI. This is another Waifu Collector alternative. Also check AnimeDLR Alternative

There are multiple levels with varying degrees of difficulty, numerous difficult objectives, a full set of 52 cards, and simple rules are also accessible. Pick one card during the game and plan your move. If there is no move left, challenge the opponents by skipping your turn. Deal with the best cards you have and strive to win the battle to get the highest achievement awards and open new stages.

2. Faeria: Strategy Card Game

Faeria: Strategy Card Game

The action, strategy, and role-playing card game Faeria was created by Abrakam SA for one player. You must construct the cards to ensure your victory in the independent game, which is placed on the battlefield in various locales. This card genre is set to put your abilities and tactics to the test in a variety of areas that call for you to roam about the field to defeat your adversaries. As you progress through the game’s tasks, your goal is to conquer adversaries once you’ve defeated them in battle.

You can also play a variety of tasks in high definition 3D to increase your excitement. Attack the adversaries in this strategy game by using your wits. Make sure to track down and eradicate every evil and corruption from this realm. Making allies or foes is your choice, and the choice you make will determine what action you will take next. Up to forty additional cards can be found in this game. In this game, which is loaded with captivating graphics and great sounds, you can employ those cards to win a combat.

3. Agricola


In the board, strategy, card, deck-building, single-player, and multiplayer game Agricola, you must begin playing the tactical adventure game on a tabletop, come up with plans, and defeat your friends. There are a number of playing cards with various characters, a collection of blocks, and a map to explore. Building the deck, coming up with original moves, pulling pranks on your buddies, and choosing to win are the must-do tasks here. This is another Waifu Collector alternative.

Its components include hundreds of rounds, a wide range of characters, drag-and-drop gameplay styles, and a simple set of rules. In addition to them, dozens of other players may challenge them and succeed in winning the wager.

4. Lost Portal CCG

Lost Portal CCG

Game developer Michael Camilli created the Card Battler, Deck-Building, Strategy, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game Lost Portal CCG. As you assemble your deck and begin the games, you must come up with a number of moves to use against your opponents.

This is another Waifu Collector alternative. In the long run, you should be able to defeat your rivals, seize the cards, and summon a variety of characters in various game modes, such as PVP fight, where your goal is to exterminate your foes. There is also an online multiplayer mode accessible. There are many players involved in the gameplay, and you must eliminate your opponents as well as cope with a variety of characters, including magicians, monsters, fighters, knights, and other arbitrary foes. It gains more than 80 opponents, 33 new cards, 270 discoverable cards, 15 dungeons, and 5 towns. Also check Summon Princess Anime AFK Alternative

5. Creature Card Idle

Creature Card Idle

Action-Adventure, Card, Management, Single-player, and Multiplayer video game Creature Card Idle was created by Fordesoft. You must engage in the deck-building situations, manage the battles against various opponents, and slay all the monsters in this edition. In the long run, you’ll need to gather several cards with distinctive monsters and creatures, call demonic powers with them, and bring them all to their knees.

You must select the best strategies, buy many iconic avatars with special capabilities, fighting prowess, and a variety of combos, and use other resources to defeat the monsters while playing. Complete the main missions to unlock a tonne of new challenges, enjoy the epic boss fights, earn the top rewards, and use the resources at your disposal to build up your deck.

6. Lost in the Dungeon

Lost in the Dungeon

Eggon Srl is the owner of the single-player, action-adventure, card, Dungeon Crawler, and strategy video game Lost in the Dungeon. In this version, you must participate in an adventure and attempt to survive the most challenging circumstances. You can adopt the character of a warrior or change into a thief or a mage. You must also attempt to explore the world and gather the wits necessary to visit various dungeons and gather items. This is another Waifu Collector alternative.

In the long run, interact with a variety of adversaries and allies, begin fight with the opponents, escape the setting such as scary dungeons, find out the treasure and other updated collectible items such as armour, gold coins, treasure chests, and overcome the problems. Utilize a variety of weapons, hone your skills, gather a tonne of cards, epic loot, and epic loot while you wait. You might get point-and-click controls, frequent updates, the ability to build a deck, and the ability to create strategies that could lead to success in other qualities.

7. Fable Fortune

Fable Fortune

Flaming Fowl Studios created the strategy, collectible card, single-player, and multiplayer video game Fable Fortune. Your goal in this adventure is to master the card game by deceiving your opponents, facing powerful bosses in turn-based combat, and winning the game. Obtain some unique cards with a variety of characters, including gladiators, wolves, warriors, commanders, warlords, and riders.

This is another Waifu Collector alternative. The must-do duties include creating a deck of different cards, coming up with novel attack combinations when facing opponents, and destroying them in PVP battles. You should also engage in PVE combats to connect with the action and engage in exciting conflicts. A variety of characters, thousands of cards, hundreds of challenges, three-dimensional animation, real-time effects when launching combinations, and more are all included in the gaming features.

8. Marvel Trading Card Game

Marvel Trading Card Game

Vicious Cycle Softwares created the strategy, collectible card, single-player, and multiplayer video game Marvel Trading Card Game. While playing the single-player part of this adventure, you must select a superhero or supervillain, abide by the rules, and successfully accomplish a number of challenges. Start the game with a deck of cards, then deal out various cards with various characters on them.

It will be your turn to draw a card, which can be arranged in up to six rows. Each card features unique abilities, fighting techniques, and technical creatures that you must defeat with the special manoeuvres. The gameplay elements include role-playing options, point-and-click controls, special sound effects, and a story-rich experience.

9. Card Crushers: Multiplayer Monster Battle CCG

Card Crushers: Multiplayer Monster Battle CCG

A strategy, collectible card, single-player, and multiplayer role-playing game called Card Crushers: Multiplayer Monster Battle CCG was created by Noxplay for mobile devices. There are many strong cards available in the game’s dark fantasy setting, and each one has unique abilities that can be used while playing. Your ultimate objective in building a deck before the game begins is to select your preferred cards and use them on the table to call forth monsters and eliminate adversarial players. This is another Waifu Collector alternative.

As soon as the game begins, you take ownership of well-known heroes. In the campaign and PvP online arena, defeat strong bosses and take loot from treasure boxes. You can see daily missions on your screen from time to time, and fulfilling them will earn you fantastic rewards.

Try to give your heroes particular abilities so they can evolve outside of battle in order to get new skills, heal your squad, and deal more damage. Numerous notable features are present in Card Crushers: Multiplayer Monster Battle CCG, including Daily Login Bonus, Beautiful Hand-painted Art, Daily Quests, Online PvP, and more.

10. Brawl of Ages

Brawl of Ages

BNA Studios’ Brawl of Ages is an action-adventure, card, strategy, deck-building, single-player, and multiplayer video game. The game’s gameplay immerses you in war scenarios with a special card-building element; your goal is to become the strongest character by recruiting fearsome monsters for your clan and destroying all of your foes in order to win. Also check anime trakr alternatives

You must take action during your turn, plan ahead, and engage in the great war fight in turn-based combat. You can utilise different cards to summon monsters that could aid you in defeating your opponents. Each of the factions has a number of cards, each of which contains unique monsters, demons, and characters as well as powerful war strategies and skills. Enjoy the isometric top-down gameplay, earn different rewards by taking out the targets, and go on.

11. Card Quest

Card Quest

Card Quest is a single-player video game with an adventure-based, strategy, role-playing, and card-based gameplay that was created by WinterSpring Games and released by Black Shell Media. It is a dungeon crawling game with a fantastic blend of card battle and role-playing.

This is another Waifu Collector alternative. The player can build his or her character with the available classes before entering the game’s realm. The player can use the battle cards and abilities of each character class to vanquish various foes. There are many dungeons in the game, and in each one the player can explore the expansive area, find secret goods, and engage in combat with the formidable creatures to advance.

The game includes boss levels where the player can engage in combat with the formidable creatures that must be beaten in order to advance to the subsequent levels, adding difficulty to the game. The primary features of Card Quest include more than 90 distinct foes, up to 25 bosses to defeat, strong, the ability to gather things, the ability to unlock new character classes, and much more.

12. Castle Crush: Epic Battle

Castle Crush: Epic Battle

A strategy, collectible card, single-player, and multiplayer video game called Castle Crush: Epic Battle was developed and released by Fun Games. One of the best Clash Royale alternatives, it allows players to build a strong deck and use their deployed troops to defeat every rival castle. In the game, there are more than 40 different nations to choose from, and each one has its own own heroes and resources. This is another Waifu Collector alternative.

The player can choose his soldiers and enter the game world at the beginning. The player’s first objectives are to build his castle with the available resources, train teams, and conquer rival players’ planets. The game has a variety of cooperative and competitive modes that let you win medals and advance in the world rankings. After making progress, the player will be able to access a variety of legendary and magical cards that will aid him in fending off dangerous enemy creatures.

A dual epic fight, free daily cards, collectible new troops, magical shortcuts, earning trophies, and an online leaderboard are just a few of the game’s essential elements. It is an engaging Card Strategy game for players of all ages with fantastic mechanics and lovely visual features.


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