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15 best Winner Soccer Evolution Alternatives

Best and most Popular Winner Soccer Evolution alternative will be discussed in this article. TouchTao Mobile Gaming created and released Winner Soccer Evolution, a 3D, sports, action, simulation, competitive, and multi-player football game.

The most recent footballers from the 2014 FIFA World Cup are listed, along with information about their respective clubs. There are various game options, such as cup competitions, premier league games, and competitive matches. 2600 participants from all over the world make up up to 126 teams.

Regarding the quick movements and replayed functionality, you feel completely immersed in the game.

To choose the most compatible option, this video game has two different types of phases.

Using the arrow or the tools menu in the menu bar, you can change the settings.

Even though the soccer players occasionally display some pretty appalling skills, the action is still a lot of fun to watch and features decent colours and precise playability.

The game’s core components include different game modes, different operation skills, and a user-friendly interface.

Top 15 best Winner Soccer Evolution Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 best Winner Soccer Evolution Alternatives are explained here.

1. Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019

Konami created the single-player, sports, and management video game Pro Evolution Soccer 2019.

It is the eighteenth game in the PES series and offers interesting features along with the same gameplay as the previous one.

A soccer player’s responsibility as a manager and team leader is to guide the team to victory.

The player will be assisted in winning by the game’s numerous real-life soccer stars.

With the improved graphics the game offers, the player can see everything clearly with their own eyes.

With the help of this instalment, the player can relive soccer with some brand-new kits and skill traits. This is another Winner Soccer Evolution alternative. Also check Wii sports resort alternatives

Leagues and competitions exist, enabling the player to take part and do their best to win.

Newly designed kits, improved visuals, competitions, and official soccer stars are some of Pro Evolution Soccer 2019’s standout features.

2. Score! Match

Score! Match

For mobile platforms, First Touch Games has created the sports, single-player, and multiplayer game Match.

The player competes against numerous players from around the world in this soccer game by acting like a football athlete.

The player can assemble his dream team of superstars and compete against professional football players in the online mode.

The game also features PVP challenges, and participating in more leagues and tournaments will allow the player to advance his abilities.

It’s a cooperative game where the player must work with their teammates for better outcomes.

The player can use their own eyes to see everything thanks to HD graphics.

The players can lead their team anywhere on the field as they pass the ball and attempt a goal.

3. Axis Football 2016

Axis Football 2016

This is another Winner Soccer Evolution alternative. Sports, simulation, and football are all combined in Football 2016.

It features a variety of actual players and teams from around the world in both single-player and multiplayer modes.

You must choose your favourite team and then customise it by selecting the name of the team, the player uniforms, the team logo, and other options.

There are numerous game modes available, including Player vs. AI, Coach Mode, AI vs. AI, Player vs. Player, Franchise Mode, and more.

Pick your team, serve as captain for your nation, and work hard to beat numerous teams that compete against you in order to advance to the final.

As you advance in the contest, you can unlock new settings, teams, and players. You can also win over the crowd by giving your all during the match.

Travel the globe, compete against various teams, and rule the field of play to win glory.

Over a hundred animations, a redesigned user interface, cheerleaders, alluring sounds, new controls (dives, jukes, and spins), and other notable features are present in Axis Football 2016.

4. FIFA 15


For those who enjoy playing soccer video games, FIFA 15 is a fantastic title.

Both Single and Multiplayer modes are featured in the game, which was developed by EA Canada and released by EA Sports.

It introduces real-life athletes from some of the biggest teams worldwide.

This edition includes new features like The Concept Squad, where you can use the game’s database to build your ideal team.

The three new teams that can be played are Chelsea, Napoli, and Liverpool.

You must pick your favourite team, pick a captain, and enter the game world where you must defeat an opposing team by using your skills and scoring the point within the allotted time.

In single-player or multiplayer modes, you can direct your team in battles with artificial intelligence.

Travel the world, compete in front of enormous crowds in stadiums, and try to defend your team so that you can become the master by winning the game.

FIFA 15 is the multiple suitable game to play and enjoy because it has lovely sound, engaging gameplay, and fascinating visual details.

5. Score! Hero

Score! Hero

Hero is a single-player, sports and football simulation game that First Touch has published and developed. Also check first row sports alternatives

The game has more than 660 levels, and in order to receive various prizes and trophies, the player must finish them all.

This is another Winner Soccer Evolution alternative. The player must accomplish a number of objectives, attempt to switch clubs, represent his nation, and exert all of his efforts in an effort to win.

As a result, the game requires the player to participate in a variety of routine activities and complete a number of goals.

The player can use a variety of accessories and other elements to give his Hero a special feel and appearance.

The game allows for strategic play and overcoming some challenging obstacles.

The player may participate in various games where the winning goal must be scored even in the waning seconds.

The game offers a variety of real-life experiences and allows the player to take the necessary steps to earn various rewards.

6. NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17 is a basketball simulation game for single-player and multiplayer play developed by Visual Concepts and distributed by 2K Sports.

It is a fantastic eighteenth instalment in the NBA 2K series that, like earlier games in the series, focuses on basketball-related elements.

MyCareer, MyLeague, MyGM, MyTeam, and other new modes are included in the game.

There are numerous teams available to play, including the 2016 United States basketball team, Toronto Raptors, Philadelphia, and more.

Choose your favourite team, then enter the world where you must win new trophies by dominating a series of one-on-one matches against AI or other players in order to advance your team.

In various competitions, you can lead your team and use your strategies to defeat rival teams.

Chris Webber, David Aldridge and the Doris Burke, Kevin Harlan, and other real-life commentators can be heard in the game.

NBA 2K17 is a gorgeous game to play and enjoy, with captivating playfields, first-rate mechanics, easy controls, up to fifty officially licenced songs, and detailed graphics.

7. Pro Evoluton Soccer 2017

Pro Evoluton Soccer 2017

The sports video game Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 was created by PES Productions and released by Konami. It is also known as Winning Eleven 2017 in some Asian countries.

In addition to other thrilling content, it is the sixteenth instalment in the long-running Pro Evolution Soccer series and features official kits, club logos, player faces, and realistic stadiums.

Real touch ball controls, passing, and goalkeeping strategies are all introduced in the game.

You can choose your team at the start of the game and compete against artificial intelligence (AI) in single-player mode or other players in multiplayer mode. Also check

Every playable team has special strengths and weaknesses of its own.

To become a master, you must win many games against various teams while travelling the globe to various locations and competing in enormous stadiums.

This is another Winner Soccer Evolution alternative. Other characters and teams can be unlocked in the game as you gain experience, and you can improve your skills and strength by spending points.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 is the most suitable game to play and enjoy thanks to its excellent gameplay, thrilling setting, and fantastic audio.

8. Sega Soccer Slam

Sega Soccer Slam

Sega published Black Box Games’ single-player and multiplayer soccer video game, “0 Sega Soccer Slam,” which combines both single-player and multiplayer modes.

The game includes a variety of game modes, including Exhibition, Practice, Quest, Tourney, Challenge, etc. It also includes two minigames, such as Brawl and Hot Potato.

Teams like Team Toxic, Team Volta, Team Subzero, Team Spirit, and others are available to play, as well as the three additional teams that can be unlocked in the Challenge mode: Team Love, Team Robo, and Team Ohm.

You can choose your team in the game and enter the playground to engage in one-on-one competition with AI teams or other players’ teams.

Teach your players how to shoot, volley, deke, pass, and other skills.

Your players can kick and punch each other in the game to get around penalties, free kicks, corner kicks, and throw-ins. Also check Wii sports Club alternatives

Different skills, advantages, and disadvantages are offered by each character and team.

For those who enjoy playing soccer video games, Sega Soccer Slam is the best option.

9. FIFA Street

FIFA StreetAction, sports, soccer, single-player, and multiplayer video game FIFA Street was created by EA Canada and released by EA Sports.

The game is set in a realistic setting and emphasises fast-paced gameplay with small teams of five to six players. It also introduces two new game modes, such as futsal and panna.

This is another Winner Soccer Evolution alternative. Like in earlier games, skill moves are a key component of gameplay.

It features real players from up to 3,000 teams in the biggest leagues in the world, with exciting venues from Amsterdam to Rio de Janeiro’s beaches.

There is also a World Tour mode where you can completely customise your team, down to the team crest and uniform.

You must first compete against and win over the AI teams in order to advance in the system.

Use your points to improve your players’ passing, shooting, and goalkeeping skills.

FIFA Street is the best soccer game available thanks to improved gameplay, captivating sound design, and addictive mechanics.

10. Ultimate Soccer – Football

Ultimate Soccer - Football

Football is a single-player, sports, strategy, immersive, realistic, addictive, and simulation game created by Rage Games and released by Mouse Games.

With quick gameplay, more accurate dynamics, a fantastic setting, and a tonne of replayability, it is the most straightforward soccer entertainment available.

assemble the best team on the continent, then lead the players to a significant trophy or the Football World Cup victory.

With its straightforward controls, slick animations, and wild moves, it is the best portable football game.

To take your position and shoot the goal, move and slide your player across the opposition.

The administration system can be used to manage every aspect of the club, including trading in the used goods market and coaching your athletes to improve their skills and advance their careers.

The game’s main attributes include 3D graphics, top-notch sound effects, formations, career mode, and friendly World Cup mode.

11. Head Football

Head Football

Laliga created and released Free 0 Head Football, a multi-player, sports, action, strategy, simulation, and addictive game.

This is another Winner Soccer Evolution alternative. Choose your preferred football player from the real clubs, unleash your devastating strikes, and take your sports team to the top of the global standings.

Gain thousands of strikes with the huge head of your player to become the best king and star of your sports fantasy team.

You can complete your own football player and play against him on any team you want using a great player generator.

He should be advanced because he is a real team player.

Enjoy playing football to its fullest while playing a variety of games.

Play with all of your favourite teams while competing with hundreds of other players in this thrilling soccer match.

Now all you hold to do is specify your enormous soccer player, enter the stadium, showcase your skills, and engage in intense competition.

The game’s standout features include the Character Editor, Incredible Special Shots, Special Missions, Friendly Mode, and Player Customization.

12. Football Master

Football Master

Gala Sports has created and released the multi-player, sports, action, strategy, simulation, and addictive game Football Master.

By building your team from the ground up into a winner through coaching, screening, and participation in truly engaging competitions and international tournaments, you can gain notoriety as a renowned professional soccer director.

Field Manager is a game made specifically for mobile devices that lets you start your career as a football player right now.

A state-of-the-art AI gaming code base incorporates the entire game-playing activity and promises excellent skills and more realistic gameplay.

Due to legitimate licences from football pioneers and the top clubs on the Continent, you can now hire well-known attacking players, attacking midfielders, comprehensive, and goalkeepers.

You can now watch live sports events from anywhere, at any time, around the world.

The game’s standout features include stunning 3D matches, world-class graphical performance, exciting and competitive leagues, and global football masters.

13. Winner Soccer Evo Elite

Winner Soccer Evo Elite

TouchTao Mobile Gaming created and released Free 0 Winner Soccer Evo Elite, a 3D sports, action, strategy, simulation, and multiplayer game.

There are several options available.

600 athletes are competing in up to 32 squads.

It includes details on the 2018 World Cup’s most recent professional athletes as well as the clubs.

This is another Winner Soccer Evolution alternative. With the help of the quick gestures and replaying ability, you can feel like you are a full member of the team.

You can choose to play pickup games with other international players or take part in full competitions.

To properly balance your club’s most important players, you can select from a variety of challenge categories and create your own squad combinations.

Then, you can make various combinations, substitute athletes, and do a lot of other things.

It is an excellent football game with stunning visuals and okey action.

Significant features of the game include the Virtual Cross Pad, Training Modes, and Automatic Combination Skills.

14. Soccer Cup 2022

Soccer Cup 2022

Inlogic Software created and released the action, strategy, simulation, offline, and single-player game Free 0 Soccer Cup 2022.

The most respectable authentic representation of any soccer match that anyone has ever witnessed or experienced.

It is a completely free online platform, so you can practise football games wherever you want.

There is no other sporting event that compares to winning the international soccer cup in terms of enjoyment and passion for the game.

This game will feature a variety of sporting events and game modes, but none of them will compare to the first one in terms of quality; you will have complete control over every action made on the field.

Realistic player motions that mimic fundamental football tactics give a mobile smartphone the authentic feeling of a football game.

Numerous notable features of the game include its realistic environment, free offline playability, variety of play modes, and user-friendly interface.

15. Puppet Soccer – Football

Puppet Soccer - Football

Nox Games created and released Free 0 Puppet Soccer – Football, an action, strategy, addictive, competitive, simulation, and multi-player game.

Players engage in one-on-one competitions in this miniature football game.

During every battle, you have the option to momentarily upgrade your character to raise the height of the enemy and lower the reach of your goal in order—

For immediate benefits like quick boosts and the ability to block your rival, target energy.

Perform contests in the future to earn rewards, upgrade your gear, and amass more player decks. This is another Winner Soccer Evolution alternative.

You like to enhance your player’s overall qualities because as the game goes on, the opponents get stronger.

Visit the workshop and reward yourself by mixing decks to create a better player.

To increase the amount of money you make, build lots of structures in the arena.

Real-time gameplay, customizable teams, incredible actions, and realistic strategies are just a few of the game’s features.


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