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Top 15 Best Alternatives In 2022

Best and most demanding Alternatives will be discuss in this article. The global audience can download files and material from many sources using, a file hosting downloader, and stream them immediately. It supports numerous download sites, including MegaUpload and Rapidshare, and is incredibly quick. The best feature is that it supports BitTorrent, which expands the range of content that can be downloaded. Everyone can use their account to instantly download content from all of the sites mentioned without having to wait. This is made possible by the blazing-fast downloader, which is designed to finish your task quickly.

The solution’s ability to automatically extract files gives you time to stream them rapidly over the website, which is another fantastic feature. You can encode them to play on mobile devices like the iPad and iPhone. The use of new and cutting-edge technologies enables the app to fetch data at incredible rates, and you can stream through UPNP-enabled devices like Xbox or Apple TV. To guarantee that the bandwidth is being used to its fullest, it is equipped with numerous GigE pipes.

Top 15 Best Alternatives in 2022

Top 15 Best Alternatives are explained here.

1. Searx


The best alternative to the standard method of surfing the internet is undoubtedly Searx, a metasearch engine that respects privacy. It was created by a specialised team and has all the essential components that set it apart from rival products.

It is crucial to note that, unlike other search engines, Searx does not provide tailored results. Even so, it will be helpful because it will fetch the website’s results that include the answer to your problems. Also check Torrents Alternatives

It provides its customers with a focused search engine where they may look for everything in the internet globe. It is simply one of the finest ways to find files and information for free, including photographs, audio, music, videos, movies, and much more. For improved results and the legitimacy of the data they were seeking, Searx provides both standard and sophisticated search options to its users. This is another alternative.

2. SearchFTPS


One of the top service providers of FTP files on the internet is SearchFTPS, also known as NAPALM FTP indexer. Using SearchFTPS is similar to using an internet-based advanced FTP indexer and search engine service provider.

Active people that regularly visit our platform to share what they have to share keep it running well. It is likely one of the biggest platforms online for looking for and downloading files and data from the most popular and anonymous FTP servers.

3. MegaDownload


MegaDownload is a simple tool for searching and downloading files from the top internet hosting providers. It provides information from the two top hosting services in the world, MegaUpload and RapidShare.

Other hosting platforms are also included in the search results, however MegaUpload and RapidShare consistently rank at the top. Downloading files via Usenet is a new service that MegaDownload recently introduced. By only allowing searches from the most popular platforms, this site has completely redesigned the search process.

MegaDownload doesn’t offer any irrelevant information, which is its key benefit when used for file searching and downloading. Because of this, it is presently ranked as one of the top providers of shared files on the internet. To ensure that you obtain the data you were looking for, you must use this platform for a thorough search.

4. DllDump


On the internet, free DLL files are available via DllDump. This website guarantees that consumers may explore, download the precise DLL file they need, and quickly solve their issues. It contains one of the greatest collections of online archives and data that is easily accessible for free download. In addition to DLL files, it is now also providing additional files, such as inf and ocx files, as well as a variety of other data. This is another alternative.

When you access the DllDump official website, you will notice well-organized tabs at the top of the screen, from which you can expand into the specific category containing your data to search for the desired file. Browse the list of files and free downloads. Regarding its services, there are absolutely no fees.

5. Entireweb


The foundation of Entireweb is the idea of data searching over the whole web directory. This website enables users to only obtain results from sites that are pertinent to their search. By doing this, it guarantees the accuracy of the data stored in its database. The process for locating anything via this website is in no way difficult.

A website called Entireweb provides search results from the many millions of webpages on the internet. The unified search bar is located in the page’s middle when you visit Entireweb’s official website.

The results from the appropriate websites will be displayed for you once you type the name of the file you are looking for. You also encounter the same mindset, just like Google. To acquire the file you were looking for, click on these links right now. That is how the entire web operates simply.

6. FilePursuit


The most advanced platform, FilePursuit, provides its users with the best file indexing and search capabilities available. You can search among the millions of records that are spread across numerous web servers across the world using the database of millions of links and complex search technology. This is another alternative. Also check BitTorrent Alternative

The fact that the FilePursuit database is regularly updated by its artificial intelligence system, which crawls through freely available online resources, is one of its best features. It is driven by a database of those servers, which contains a vast amount of data.

For the benefit of the readers’ knowledge, unlike Google and other search engines, FilePursuit does not store content on its platforms; instead, it provides links to files. FilePursuit’s user interface is simple, which facilitates organised data searching. Additionally, it guarantees the dependability of the links.

7. AIO Search

AIO Search

AIO Search is a versatile file-searching service that gives its users access to searches on search engines, file hosting websites, search engines, and streaming websites from a single location. AIO Search is a consolidated platform to do away with the need for using these platforms if you are addicted to finding multiple files from many data downloading offering platforms. For improved search, utilising AIO Search is exactly like using Google Search Engine.

AIO Search initially offered its services as a torrent file provider, but over time it also expanded to supply data from other websites. Visitors to AIO Search can use a variety of search tools. Visitors can search for files from specialised file hosting services, torrent websites, or streaming websites in addition to the general search. When you find what you were looking for despite having too many features, functions, and options, it will undoubtedly improve your day.

8. SearchFiles


A premium level file search engine by the name of SearchFiles receives its data from the top shared file servers in the globe. Data at SearchFiles is gathered from a variety of sources, including Mediafire, Mega, Uploaded, Uptobox, and more.

In order to help you easily find the file you need without travelling to the service provider’s official website, it is now also providing an extension for Google Chrome.

The website’s designers kept the user interface incredibly straightforward and easy to use so that the file locating method could be customised. You only require to provide the file name that you are looking for. Following that, a large number of results are displayed on your screen with download links for the data. If you want the print result, you can switch to other search alternatives.

9. FindFiles


FindFiles is an online platform where users may search for specific files related to any topic from only dedicated and specialised hosting servers. On this website, customers can freely download the data they need for their devices from a library of hundreds of files and download URLs. This is another alternative.

Visitors to FindFiles can use both a basic and sophisticated search engine. They can rapidly search through the many files thanks to it. In comparison to the other data it provides, its database of software and programmes is significantly more important.

FindFiles specialises in finding software and mirrors on a large scale. The best alternative to employ when there is no urgent solution provider, despite its database not being as substantial as that of the other platforms.

10. FileMare


The world’s top FTP servers’ files and data are hosted by FileMare, a feature-rich file search engine. It is one of the multiple significant ways to look for pictures, sound, music, video, books, software, games, updates, cracks, and much more.

Searching on FileMare is identical to searching on Google, with the exception that it will only provide results from specific platforms. When you perform a search for a game, FileMare will provide the results from the servers hosting game files. That is how it streamlines and makes visitors’ searches more concise.

One of FileMare’s best features is that it indexes data from anonymous FTP servers, so you’ll never feel like you’re receiving malicious data. The dependability of the links that FileMare displays on its platform is guaranteed. One of the best resources for finding what you’re looking for is FileMare.


One of the top websites for sharing files online is It gathers all data provided by third parties, then hosts references and links to these platforms on its websites.

Millions of files are indexed in the database of this giant shared files offering platform, and thousands of files become part of this platform. Uploaded, Rapidgator, Mediafire, Mega, and a few others are the main sources of the shared data. This is another alternative.

Searching through the database is distinct from searching online or through the Google Search Engine. You can download the desired file from these websites by following the links that only provides.

12. TraDownload


TraDownload is a platform for uploading and downloading shared files from the internet in a two-way fashion. Users of this platform can search for and share data, as well as share their own data. Additionally, the files that it obtains from various file hosting platforms are included in its database.

The top file hosting services like Mega, 4shared, Uploaded, and many others currently support TraDownload. In addition to data uploading and downloading, it offers a wide range of services.

From this location, one can access streams, audio and video files, and much more from the top global storage platforms. TraDownload is a great tool for looking for shared files of any kind across all popular file-hosting services. Since TraDownload now includes an MP3 converter, users can convert their files from the top video streaming and sharing services.

13. Limefiles


A unique website for finding resources is Limefiles. It also gathers the metadata for each file, including the file name, size, description, download URL, and other information, in addition to hosting the files and data on its servers.

It has functions like a torrent metasearch engine and downloader and file hosting. Similar to Google Search Engine, this user-friendly file search engine enables users to locate various types of files and data on the internet, including images, files, archives, documents, audio, videos, and other types of files and data. This is another alternative.

It regularly updates with new sources and links from which its users can quickly find the information they need. It hosts no files or data on its servers, just for the readers’ information. It merely gathers the metadata for each link that is accessible.

14. Daleya


With the help of the platform Daleya, users from all over the world can quickly find presentations, jobs, videos, and many other crucial resources. The platform is simple to use, and its best asset is that it provides all the good stuff without charging any fees. You can start free material exploration on the website using any device, including a PC, smartphone, or tablet. This is another alternative. Also check ScrapeTorrent Alternatives

By entering their information in the provided form, job seekers and the unemployed can instantly search for openings in their neighbourhood. The website is extremely secure and doesn’t divulge the data that users submit to outside parties. The app is unique in that it provides a wide range of helpful resources to everyone without expecting payment in return.

15. SearchShared


Rapidshare Search Shared Files is in charge of overseeing SearchShared. SearchShared, which provides a huge selection of databases and links, is frequently cited as one of the best Megaupload alternatives. This is another alternative.

Without a doubt, this search engine is the ideal replacement for many file hosting and storage servers. SearchShared is a recommended platform if you want to enjoy accurate and reliable searching that is comparable to Google Search Engine searching.

Many file-sharing servers collaborate with SearchShared. Its database is growing rapidly because of this. It provides two different types of searches: independent searches across all file-sharing servers and searches for anything from a particular file-sharing server. One of the simplest ways to search shared file servers online is with SearchShared.


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